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11/30/2021 1:04:00 PM

Hanukkah is not Jewish Christmas. Here's the story of the holiday and what it means for those who celebrate.

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This is NOT why you say it is. Chanukah has nothing to do with this. This is not the story of Chanukah. You can't just make up a character and say he's the hero of Chanukah the way St. Nicholas was turned into Santa Claus. It doesn't work that way. Shame on you. 'Hanukkah is not Jewish Christmas.' NPR needs to run stories like this because their audience is historically and culturally illiterate.

Have a Merry Christmas NPR Calling Hanukah “Jewish Christmas” is like calling Canada Day “Canada‘s Independence Day.” Pure ignorance. Yes it is It is though. They're both bullshit I entrusted Dennismayson9 with my money since I took rush of investing my money with he platform, and since then I've recovered all I lost to scams. Get in touch with Dennismayson9 and get a good mentorship and safe trading.

It is a Jewish festival and custom, it can't be a Christmas because there is no Christ in it. Which Christmas itself is a pagan holiday and Jesus was most likely born in spring. Well fuck, I didn't think it was.. how dumb do u think ppl are? to stupid people it is. so why disturb them.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesIf it's not cause for panic and it's likely already in the U.S.... why implement the travel ban? Why not simply strengthen vaccine, testing and quarantine protocols for all incoming international visitors? The take away is unchanging. Get vaccinated. 1st world must vaccinate 3rd. There’s no amount of shutdown that can keep up with microscopic virus. So, don’t panic, it’s a cautionary pause.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

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