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10/28/2021 12:58:00 PM

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, who has battled Stage 4 cancer and multiple sclerosis, urged his viewers to get vaccinated after testing positive for breakthrough COVID. Now he's getting death threats.

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Fine to disagree. Stop with death threats. That is not not not ok. People ur sick leave him alone!!!! Ignorant people he was vaccinated!!! Mind ur own business and worry about ur selves It’s hardly surprising. Fox went well out of their way to agitate and spread inflammatory rhetoric and blatant disinformation. And they’re only just now realizing that they created a monster? 🙄

Where are people like BretBaier marthamaccallum HARRISFAULKNER BillHemmer DanaPerino ShannonBream? Why are they not calling this out? Is this the only move the Q-ackers have? The insanity of the right in regard to the vaccine is just flabbergasting. Somehow, becoming infected with a potentially lethal virus is supposed to be freedom and preventing that infection and its spread to others is tyranny. These people are just incredibly stupid.

I'll be shocked if Fox employees who are actually rational people don't go on strike next. People who watch FOX news are already stupid. Tell them something that goes against the narrative and they lose their shit. Stupid people with stupid opinions. maggieNYT Good old fox viewers 🤷‍♀️ TRUMPLICANS Oh well. He was one of the Frankensteins that built the monster.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicessome kind of heroic observational astronomy with the xray spectrum, extraordinary 28 million light years away is amazing.

maggieNYT They made this bed… tough to walk back months of propaganda and incitement. What would you expect? They're Fox News viewers, already amped up. The Deplorables are called that for a reason. They don't have empathy even for their own. It's SAD! Because FoxNews is the most destructive threat to democracy, decency, and logic in this country

NPR, go find some real news to focus on. How about China’s new missile program. Well, fox crowds... Fox viewers are so Christian Wtf He and his network helped create this angry mob. Nobody should be surprised. Soooo, for the last year and a half he just took the Fox News attitude that it was all a hoax till it affected him, hmmmmmmm

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesTiny Covid Concert No. So good!!!

They turn on each other quickly, that can’t be a good thing. Play with wolves and you’re gonna get got He’s been apart of FoxNews for a long time. The fact that viewers are being their, vile, hate-filled selves means what? 🤷🏽‍♀️ maggieNYT Kind of an LOL honestly. When you work for bad actors and further their agenda, you’re always going to get burned.

'those' people have soo much anger. They are threatening death to everyone. If you work in trash don’t be surprised it smells like garbage How quickly the cult mob turns on their own. Muhammad Qasim says: 'In my dreams, I have seen many things pertaining to the false Messiah and today I’m going to combine them to present a comprehensive narrative of what I have witnessed regarding MASIH AD-DAJJAL (THE ANTICHRIST).'

What did he expect? How easily they devour their own

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicestake me with you VEEGER! Isn't science amazing! V'GER ?

The olde version: 'you reap what you sow.' Today's version: 'you fucked around, you found out.' You take a bunch of easily-angered, permanently enraged people and feed them conspiracy theories 24/7, well, gosh, what did he think would happen? We're watching fascism take over the GOP. And I am being told the way to get these people back to reality is to be nice! I just don’t see how that works.

When you are part of the system that has created the monster, it’s karma when the monster comes back at you. Kinda makes sense why Conservative politicians and pundits are just doubling down. If they break with the script the base threaten them and it ain't like liberals or progressives are standing by with open arms... but that's what you get when your court crazy.

maggieNYT Raise crows and they will peck your eyes out! Oh. maggieNYT Stay strong our trusted AP business, news worthy commentary to TeamCavuto

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSo much for an infrastructure plan. Thank you GOP. I hope this kind of 'progress' puts an end to your good for nothing party. The physical infrastructure bills will not pass minus the human infrastructure one. They both go together like a horse & carriage. U don't get one w/o the other. Progressives r playing hardball just like Repubs. If Sinema & Manchin won't budge, then neither bill will get passed! Send them home, Say no to Biden

maggieNYT These people are crazy maggieNYT So he’s a victim of the Fox propaganda machine -himself … it is what it is Perfectly normal maggieNYT That took courage on Cavuto part considering the type of audience FOX draws FOX promotes this behavior, it is to be expected from their followers. Color me shocked… (And excuse me, my sympathy switch must be broken…)

TuckerCarlson seanhannity FoxNews

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NPR Cookie Consent and Choiceshow was the U.S. not smart enough to get in on this? That’s a good thing. Everyone get what they want. People move to UK get their freedom. People stay in HK finally get their peaceful life back!!! As a HKer, I say this article is full of BS. Many, if not most, of these families left bc they: participated in violent riots, had children who rioted, provided financial or logistical support to riots, and/or believe in Western supremacy.