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10/28/2021 4:32:00 AM

Cigarette sales increased last year during the pandemic for the first time in two decades, with tobacco companies beefing up their spending on ads and promotion, according to a new Federal Trade Commission report.

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If tobacco sales went up so did these States budgets..don't forget, when there are less smokers that means less money for the State. theydonotcareaboutyourhealth You left out the effect of this moral panic about vaping and the bans because if it. Happy to discuss the actual science (not hysteria and moral panic driven drivel) if you'd like.... PS the UK will be giving vapes to people who wish to smoke. With flavors even.

TobaccoFreeKids Marijuana is a gateway drug to tobacco says science out of University of Washington - no one listened to that warning five years ago - they are also using both. I blame people and their inability to cope with anything without a vice. Stress. Can you do a report on the increase or decrease of sexual activity during the pandemic to now?

The human animal is weak. Truly. Yes, increase smoking during a pandemic where the virus literally fills your tissues with mucous & destroys it at the same time. Brilliant minds!! When people are doing nothing, smoking can be a time-killer. they didn't get any of my money. How does one afford to smoke? Even at 7.50 a pack, that's $75 a carton. $225.00 month if you smoke a pack a day. Quit and invest that $

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSo very true. One problem is people using the ED instead of going to urgent care or their PCP. In America, it all boils down to insurance. The only place open 24/7 and mandated to treat regardless of insurance is the ED. The only place not allowed to discriminate is being overwhelmed.

Where are the weed commercials? That's why another cig tax is in the reconciliation bill. Democrats are special people. They raise the cig tax to pay for their pet projects while trying to force people to quit. It's a brilliant strategy. When Obama raised the cig tax it was to pay for the expansion of chip.

Don't blame the pandemic, blame incredibly stupid people. The fact that the tobacco industry still exists is stunning. After decades of deception and untold deaths and disability from its products, these corporate monsters are still at it, still profiting from selling addiction, disease, disability, and death.

Smoked for 15 years, quit in 2013 and never looked back! Cigarette sales increasing during a pandemic involving a respiratory illness makes perfect sense. Geez. We're all f*cked. Thanks to the war against vaping! Great work nanny state! Time to make them illegal. Just so I’m clear… the tobacco industry would spend more money on ads to convince us we need to die faster🙃 what is this the 1840s 🤷🏽‍♀️

Quarentine is exactly what I needed to quit smoking. Not going out to bars, being around smokers at work, not driving by a gas station constantly. It helps to have the ability to just stay locked down for several weeks.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices.... He's dead. How about they do their job for the living instead? Yay drug addict Ridiculous

Let’s Go Brandon I don’t care how much they “stepped up” their advertising. I’m not smoking. When will we start treating sugar & caffeine companies that market and sell their products to kids the same way we treat tobacco companies? Childhood obesity and diabetes is at a crisis point and the companies that sell these products face zero scrutiny tax or regulation wise

I'm sure the tobacco lobby paying up Congress to go after e-Cigarettes had nothing to do with it Started smoking again when 7/11 brought in lucky strikes For those who prefer a much slower death. how is this legal but weed isn't ? (it's a rhetorical question.) Not me, I'm a quitter It still kills you. I don't want that vaccine who knows the long term effects, can I have a pack of Newports please

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesFacebook is proper guilty. Truth finally coming out after how many years? badreporting DefundTheMedia DefundtheBBC DefundTheNPR DefundThePolice The algorithms are definitely a problem. Stop pushing ads and introducing people. Index things. We kind of like finding our own way…

😪😠😡🤬 Cigarette Cos: Making America Sicker, Again. I quit in 2020 just before the pandemic and have not picked it back up. I feel so much better. This makes total sense. Things are messed up and uncertain. 'Hey, the world's a mess so I'll start doing something that will make it worse.' Yep. Sounds about right.

But everyone is dying of Covid. Hmmmm Gasp I actually quit smoking last year. It was hard as hell to do, too. 🤢🤮

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesgood We need vaccinated maybe our science programs in schools are an issue. Trump policies that exacerbated the nursing shortage we're in today: - Cut funding for Health and Human Services and Education departments - Killed rule designed to protect healthcare workers in a pandemic - Cut the number of visas for foreign nurses

My new twitterheaderphoto! Thank you 🙏 Heh….sheeple.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthanks Another race baiting survey, nice If it's got a feature about a minority in it - you will definatly see it on NPR.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesLFG So what the difference going to be? What could possibly go wrong?