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10/24/2021 8:55:00 AM

As Congress haggles over the size and scope of Biden's proposals to transform the social safety net, advocates for equity are worried that the final product may leave out too many who need help.

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Indian government's plan to ban cryptocurrencies leads to heavy selling-investors

Plans by the Indian government for a new bill that would bar most private cryptocurrencies has triggered heavy selling in the country's digital currency markets, as investors look to exit positions despite the losses, said traders and investors.

no need to worry. it will. Good things never happen for CITIZENS because of the REPUBLICANS AND NOW TRUMPIANS - THEY see to 1% of the population - the rich. Welfare nation Consequences of electing centrists are very predictable results. It’s well past the time to worry and now time to plan for building on progressive representation

That’s not a bug that’s a feature. It’s what Manchin and Sinema were paid to do by their corporate masters. it’s what Republicans got Democrats to do in the post 2008 economic crash, made the recovery longer & slower. Now they bought two Dem senators so they can do it again. Democrats will always help people. But they will never help enough. They will always sacrifice.

So, u must have chosen this pic to create a lot of clicks…I expect more of u, npr. Pls put this pic in its content or others will for u…u r consciously creating conflict. Listen up people. Stop comparing yourself to multi billionaires. You are not owed anything. The government is not going to give you anymore money. If you want to better yourself you need to get off your butt and go out and earn it like the rest of us.

How about all the working people “adopt” at least one non working person to support and give money to so things are more “ equitable”. You're right. We should print more money so the price of everything quadruples and no one has to go to work and we all sit home in our safety nets. GET REAL and read a history book. Open borders and a giant welfare state. What could go wrong?

As long as Moscow Mitch is in the Senate and republicans in general feel the need to placate the trumpenfuhrer nothing will get done to help the American people

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicescovidplacenta Look it up, not pretty. Good. Why would you give your baby an experiment?

Always gonna be something I've been told on multiple occasions that the hand signal he's don't right now is a sign of white supremacy. Should he be investigated and impeached from office for being a white supremacist? 💔😭 Failed poverty creating Social programs all started by Democrats currently consume approximately 2/3 of our federal budget & every one of them is soon on its way to bankruptcy. I think we've seen quite enough of Democrats trying to 'transform' social programs.

You mean advocates for racism and exclusion? I think you mean advocates for racism and exclusion. Manchin deserves a large share of the blame for the disastrous cuts. Progress takes time. With lots of love and patience we lift everyone up and leave no person behind. This has never been an all of nothing situation despite the rhetoric.

Biden’s infrastructure - a Swiss cheese of a life’s worth of personal allegiances and Manchin centrisities - won’t survive this kind of unbalanced treatment on the other path. ⚖️ DefundTheMedia

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesnice Congratulations, Bajans 🎉

👌 disgusting symbol of hate being used by our own president Are we Taxing Fairly for the 'MADISON MINORITY', Joe? Putin is SLAMMING THE 'Madison Minority'! The Madison Minority Includes the Russian Peasant that PUTIN 'Today'! Continues to Push Out of his Majority! No deal. white power sing! Joe, the Internet Age makes it even MORE DIFFICULT to Break the Back of MONOPOLIES! Monopoly leaders of the CURRENT AGE think you Don't have the GUTS to Tell The Story! They may be right!

Well I guess it’s okay again. This is where democrats always fail. They won’t stick together. Those who need help are the people who can no longer afford to heat their homes, who will suffer under the Inflation Tax that accompanies Multi-Trillion Dollar Spending bills. The Democrats are now the enemies of the working class.

We can always take a train ride. We won’t be able to see or hear but that’s just minor glitch. Biden’s infrastructure plan is crap. We can always do better. Tell the GOP to let more throughNext go around.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWhat a tragedy! My heart goes to her Halyna's family. good 🕯

Hyperinflation is coming Joe Biden doesn't know have anything approaching an interest in equality for everyone. The guy's an American politician and that means there's no credibility whatsoever. 🤣LoL. Damn. Biden throwing out the white power hand sign . SMH. thanks

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NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThe fact that guns that are able to do this are used on movie sets is just wrong. It's a movie. It can be made of rubber and look reaslistic. We have enough we are able to do in post now that we don't need anything close to being a real gun in an actor's hand on a movie set. ok liberals, tell us it’s the gun’s fault good

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesHe was arrested this morning. Welcome to Texas. The state full of weapons and racists good