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10/22/2021 7:00:00 PM

Virginia, a state President Biden won by 10 points in 2020, has trended Democratic in recent years. This year's governor's race between Democrat McAuliffe and Republican Youngkin is close, according to Democrats and Republicans involved in the election.

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Every Ingredient In Recipe Substituted To Avoid Trip To Store Biden administration expected to announce diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics this week October COVID Death Rate In Reddest Tenth Of Nation Six Times Higher Than Bluest: Report Read more: NPR »

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Biden has done nothing he said he would do. My party is killing this country and I am deeply ashamed. He said he would not divide us. Nothing has been done to help the average american since he took office Vote McAuliffe. 🌊🌊🌊 Do better I always wonder - is the race really looking that close? Or are the Dem and GOP people telling us it’s close to try to ensure voter turnout? Big difference. Honest question. I feel like both sides have reason to lie.

nice didn't ned to be. neoliberals die hard McAuliffe... Virginia are you kidding.?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSome people are determined to “teach” that racism that’s directed toward Caucasians is not only socially acceptable, but an efficacious educational policy. Stop the indoctrination of students now!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThe focus from media and government on popping out kids really has ramped up lately. Not every one should feel socially pressured to have children. People are people. Not a resource to replenish. Republicans call us 'host bodies' and articles like this call us 'birthing persons'. Why the reluctance to call us women and moms? The republicans do it because they want to devalue and ignore the burden on and sacrifices by women, why does NPR do this? My birth plan, ×2, was keep me alive and get baby out safely. Whatever that took and in that order. Easy, peasy (no pun intended).

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesVery disappointing Disappointed and PISSED❗️

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicestamarakeithNPR 🖕 tamarakeithNPR Pitching for the grifters team, NPR tamarakeithNPR why is anyone giving her a platform now. I love npr I do. But giving SG a voice. No thanks.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThis is the beauty of the free market!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesShe’s definitely not walking the talk regarding supporting mental health of others 😓 This is called, 'cutting your nose off to spite your face' That'll show her!?!