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10/17/2021 9:54:00 PM

Three men will go on trial starting Monday for the death of Ahmaud Arbery. In Georgia and across the country, the trial is being seen as a test of how much progress has been made in the fight for racial justice.

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In the fight for racial justice‽! Wow!! I have lived in Atlanta for over 30 plus years and I have witnessed more racism come from black Americans towards white Americans than the other way around. Move on already. I'm so sick of this false Black Lives Matter movement keep going The trial of three men charged with murdering Ahmaud Arbery begins Monday. Please remember that it’s the McMichael/Bryan trial, not the Arbery trial...... This country has a peculiar fixation with placing black people on trial after they have been murdered...

What a disgusting racebaiting headline. If you see a trial as a 'test for progress' and anything other than a guilty verdict is faiilure then you dont understand how the justice system works. Sadly he was killed. Its tragic, but you never ever ever try to remove a gun from someone and expect a different outcome.

'How much progress has been made' i.e. 'either this trial goes my way or there will be another string of 6 months worth of burning, looting, and vandalism'. Joggers After an attempt to cover up these murders by local officials … it’s good to see the state and federal law enforcement agencies prosecuting the bigots who murdered this man for daring to jog in a “white neighborhood”.

Trial? This is a slow walk to justice, which will be very lenient and overturned on appeal. African Americans have rather patiently suffered 450 years of slavery, abuse and discrimination. White America, seeing a black man as president for eight years, loses its mind and decides to destroy democracy.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choiceswe don’t care put it back TYFYS 👏 From now on, when I post something potentially embarrassing or controversial, I’m going to misspell something on purpose. That way if sentiment gets bad enough I can scrub it. I love journalism! Am I doing it right?

It should be seen as a test of our entire judicial system and the reality of ethics as a whole. And considering how the suspects have already been treated this far, with extreme bias and handling them with kid freaking gloves, we already failed. Miserably.

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NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAmerica's answer to all problems, highest value, greatest good over all other things-war & money. What has the US assessed as the value of Afghani family? No criminal charge, no real accountability as if a dollar & disingenuous apology makes all right as we arm the next drone. Meanwhile, the survivors of the 13 American military folk that where sacrificed to insure a narrative PresidentPuppet demand,while refusing advice at every point by the Military experts, those family's get a life without their loved ones and a capped survivor benefit. Yeah, because money always makes up for losing a loved one 🙄

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NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices