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9/28/2021 11:41:00 PM

Some African researchers believe the scientific community questions the caliber of their work — a hurdle they face when trying to get published. So one team decided to create a scientific journal of their own.

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Embrassed Moments ! Celebrities are Caught on Camera Like This

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Sunshield Successfully Deploys on NASA’s Next Flagship Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope team has fully deployed the spacecraft’s 70-foot sunshield, a key milestone in preparing it for science operations.

👏👏👏 That is great 👍 Even Science gets the Woke bug This is how you own and control the narrative . Be your own story teller and content creator ! This is awesome but also African Mainstream medial. KatiKoster NimiHoffmann and discus, tall might have heard of this. tash too. Did you read the article? One study “showed identical abstracts of research papers to English medical professionals, months apart, but would change the country of origin. Abstracts linked to high-income countries were regarded more highly.”

NewBlackMan ICYMI Did they get the idea from RandPaul ? He couldn't pass the hurdles to become board certified. So he started his own.... I'm subscribing for the bald head gold articles. I’m sure the caliber of their work is questioned - either through implicit bias or explicit racism. This is a good idea.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

Reparations for Descendants of Chattel Slaves in the US Isn't this just segregation with extra steps

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NPR Cookie Consent and Choices