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9/28/2021 9:52:00 PM

Top Pentagon officials stated publicly for the first time during a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee that they personally believed it would be a mistake to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan.

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No major injuries after plane runs off Texas runway, burns

Authorities say no one was seriously hurt when an airplane bound for Boston ran off a runway and burned near Houston

that's a misleading lede. Gen. Milley in hearing: 'The end-state probably would’ve been the same” no matter when we left.' But POTUS said that wasn’t true Trusting someone that had 20 years to get a job done, and failing, to get another chance is the definition of stupid They couldn’t win the war, so they were ok throwing trillions more dollars and countless more lives just to keep playing war. They know this was never going to end. Maybe they should be looked at weirdly for wanting to do the same thing that hasn’t worked in the 20 yrs of trying?

They only had two decades to prepare. Give them more time Afghanistan has something that both Putin and the USA want very badly. What is it? A mineral? A strategic location? Gold? Silver? Do you mean the thing that Cadet Bonespurs started when he surrendered to the Taliban? Ignorance is bliss! Afghani’s 1st duty is to Islam, 2nd to clan & country never to imperialists of other religions! Taliban is radical BUT they are Islamic &Afghani! Alexander the Great learned this B.C. yet thousands of years later we still don’t get it! This was always a loser!

Geez. Guess all those natural resources will now go to China and Russia

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesI entrusted Dennismayson7 with my money since I took rush of investing my money with he platform, and since then I've recovered all I lost to scams. Get in touch with Dennismayson7 and get a good mentorship and safe trading. nice Shit... 'Last two years'? It's only the last 2 yrs people have woken the fuck up to the crap as a majority Music from the 70s has been acting like prophecy for this crap and that's not even counting the various books and movies

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesUmm. Can I sue NPR and eBay foe pain and suffering from this story? Lol. LilSloanRanger are the Mew. So I don’t feel like it’s as rare as people think. What a waste i remember when Billy Beer hit $10,000/six pack. Currently on eBay: $29 for a six pack. Beanie Babies went nuts and now i've seen them in trash cans.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWhy would you send Afghans there? Those people have been hating and killing their neighbors for thousands of years! You can't have nice country with immigrants from alien cultures. There's a small, cohesive ethnic group that pushes this on countries to socially and economically rot them from within Build a wall Europe.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choiceshorrible Oldest Marxist Party-alles klar. Does that mean that the Nazis are returning?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesLifeKit good LifeKit I'm going to go through masturbation withdrawal when I have to return to the office... LifeKit what isn’t a systemic issue now

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