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9/28/2021 5:57:00 PM

Rome has been invaded by Gauls, Visigoths and vandals over the centuries. Now it's facing a new menace: entire families of rubbish-greedy wild boars. 'I am afraid of walking on the sidewalk,' one grandmother said.

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Man Only Has Himself To Blame For What’s In Targeted Banner Ad Chicago wins first WNBA title with 80-74 win over Phoenix Buttigieg says US supply chain issues will 'certainly' continue into 2022 Read more: NPR »

Former U.S. President Clinton making progress but will remain in hospital

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will remain overnight in a Southern California hospital following a urological infection, but he has continued to make 'excellent progress' and is expected to be discharged on Sunday, his spokesman said in a statement on Saturday.

The sack of rome 2021 This little piggy went to the market, This little piggy stayed home, This little piggy had roast beef, This little piggy had none, And this little piggy cried wee wee wee all the way to nonnas asking for more food! I see Shakira was not wrong for going after them boars 🐗 😅 Lower case 'vandals'? Like, just kids with spray cans or?

Based boars my suggestion is they should get some jeeps and some light machine guns and some dudes, and definitely not google what happened when Australia tried that with emus. Laws Of Manu are eternal and can not be altered. I would have a read if I were you! The evil are reborn into evil conditions and into birds too! Epic Ancient Laws! Manu is the Father of Mankind!

Also known as Italians Hmm, I thought the Boar Wars were in South Africa? PattyArquette You know if wild pigs can get into your garbage, you have a garbage problem!! What's next rats?! Plague? I hope they're eating some of the cats.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesUmm. Can I sue NPR and eBay foe pain and suffering from this story? Lol. LilSloanRanger are the Mew. So I don’t feel like it’s as rare as people think. What a waste i remember when Billy Beer hit $10,000/six pack. Currently on eBay: $29 for a six pack. Beanie Babies went nuts and now i've seen them in trash cans.

cool .ElGranSenglar ElPerroEnLlamas There's good eating on one of them. roastpork Cc: drmistercody SomeMoreNews They tired of humans fucking Shit up This looks like a job for Lady Eboshi! 'We're afraid to walk down the sidewalks!' - Italian grannies 'We're afraid of running out of AR ammo shooting them all out of helicopters.' - Texas grannies

Maybe their government should make the trash literally everywhere a priority? Are the garbage collectors on strike? Take away their food source and they will stay in the countryside. Hunt them there (not in the city streets) to reduce their numbers. Ompinway Imetay!!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWhy would you send Afghans there? Those people have been hating and killing their neighbors for thousands of years! You can't have nice country with immigrants from alien cultures. There's a small, cohesive ethnic group that pushes this on countries to socially and economically rot them from within Build a wall Europe.

jasonisbell no longer just a question for rural America They have no pikes? Time for Carboarnara STEWest Open up travel for free to Texas red necks, but only allow infertile hookers in the area til they’re gone. It’ll be handled in no time. SomeMoreNews

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesA lot of individuals depend on the price of a crypto to go up before they make profit, well I am happy I’m not in this category anymore all because of mariacrypty , I make profit regularly from coin pump and trading , contact her for a life changing opportunity. I feel impressed with the wonderful work well done mariacrypty ,I took a risk to give a try of investing $2,000 with her pumps and I received a payouts of $15,000 in 21 days thanks you so much mariacrypty That's some serious bs. You commit a crime and serve your time then you why shouldn't be allowed to vote once you're out!? 😑

NPR Cookie Consent and Choiceshorrible Oldest Marxist Party-alles klar. Does that mean that the Nazis are returning?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesLifeKit good LifeKit I'm going to go through masturbation withdrawal when I have to return to the office... LifeKit what isn’t a systemic issue now

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