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9/28/2021 10:05:00 AM

Details of North Korea's launch are being analyzed by South Korean and U.S. authorities. Japan's Prime Minister Suga said North Korea fired 'what could be a ballistic missile' and that his government stepped up its vigilance and surveillance.

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GOP congressman ends floor speech with 'Let's go, Brandon' As regional tensions rise, Japan's ground troops hold their first military drills in decades Royal Caribbean announces nine-month world cruise Read more: NPR »

Hubble Finds Evidence of Water Vapor in One Hemisphere of Europa

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope observations of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa have revealed the presence of persistent water vapor – but, mysteriously, only in one hemisphere.

Why do we allow making so much damage to our oceans, why don’t they hit their land instead!!!!!😤😡 Analyze these.🌰🌰 Gish darned pesky North Koreans. Who is going to clean up all the stuff they periodically shoot into the sea?

South Korea urges North to restore hotlines for any talksSouth Korea is urging North Korea to restore dormant communication hotlines, a day after the North repeated an offer to open conditional talks nice NK KIM might be running out of food. So he wants to restore temporary communications. COVID-19 vaccines profits in 2021 Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, AstraZeneca

UK says it has seen ships breaching North Korea sanctionsBritain said on Sunday it had collected evidence of multiple ships from various nationalities apparently breaching United Nations sanctions against North Korea which ban the sale of fuel to the country. UK, go tell your US master!

Video shows fireball shooting over North Carolina at 32,000 mphThe meteor broke apart 28 miles above the state and was reported by 148 eyewitnesses.

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Footprints Place Humans In North America Thousands Of Years Before Previously KnownFootprints discovered in White Sands National Park in New Mexico prove that humans lived in North America between 21,000 and 23,000 years ago Amazing 'Before the last Ice Age' Well, all I can say is (1) that's pretty neat, and (2) thank goodness for that little bit of ClimateChange

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