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9/28/2021 9:05:00 AM

'I was wrong.' Republican Rep. Liz Cheney has expressed regret over her earlier opposition to same-sex marriage, a position she took 8 years ago that led to a public falling out with her sister Mary, who is gay and married.

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Man builds rotating house so his wife has better views - CNN Video

Vojin Kusic from Srbac in Bosnia-Herzegovina says his wife was undecided about the view she wanted to see from their window, so he came up with a solution - a rotating house.

Must be coming up on an election year for her… Realizing she was wrong after the GOP took her out? Now, that is shameless. Headline: Meghan McCain and family sign up for Affordable Care Act Hmmm, no sh*t. Good for her,even President Obama said he evolved on this issue. Riiiiiiight.... I'm sure she is a changed and repentant sinner. Too dumb.

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She was against gay marriage. Then her gay sister got married. Then she was for it. Because then it affected HER. She is against abortion. And always will be. Unless her daughter is raped. Because then it will affect HER. Yep..its a new PelosiProduction gay marriage was a hard fought battle, not supportive where the religious folks from both GOP & DEMS, California voters rejected it at the polls too. My point, she changed for political reasons, not for understanding love is love TruthRuth

Once people learn that gays and lesbians are like straight people and wanting legal protections hets take for granted (like the legal right to be by the bedside of a dying wife/husband; or even insurance), they understand marriage isn't JUST a right between a man and woman.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesgood luck i just wish scientists would stop with the bullshit and just publish what you're doing right now. we dont need cock teases

Translation: I am thinking about running for prez but she is an outlier in rep party. less reps, including her, voted for the equality act this year than the last time passed. It's going to take like 100 years for Christians to realize it is proven lgbt are who they are, not a choice, stop attacking them.

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So? She remains anti-abortion and lockstep Republican. I don’t understand why people would be against gay marriage. You can be straight and support hay marriage, just like you can be pro-choice but not have an abortion. I guess better late than never

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