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9/23/2021 6:35:00 PM

Home appraisers are more likely to undervalue homes in Black and Latino areas than those in white ones, a new report by Freddie Mac has found.

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ever hear of Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills or Downey, CA? Star Island, FL? pretty sure affluent neighborhoods with predominently black or hispanic populations get higher valuations. because of money, not racism. quitcher stoopid race-baiting! castrocountry Why some latino & black homeowners are putting up 'fake photos' of white families in their homes to make it seem as if homeowners are white. Smart move on their part...

“a NEW report”….This has been a problem for a very long time. Lots of deeds have clauses on them regarding race and allowing whites only to purchase in certain areas. Not sure if they still hold legal weight but the words are still on many many deeds Trying to figure out how to express my dismay for taking this long to say what people already knew

Absolutely Of course systemicracism MAKE THEM RENTALS... FIRST, THEY WHINE BECAUSE THE CAN'T AFFORD THE HOUSES, THEN THEY WHINE BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO CHEAP...............UGGGGH! Not new... Thought everyone knew that by now

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSlave master syndrome came to roost...the ugliness of America colonial pass and even present, despite claims of been independent. “whirling long reins” Whirling, NPR? Is that what we’re calling it now? The image is so telling about where we are as a nation! Have we not grown at all since the wild west? This image says so much! I hope people know how to read this.

It’s based on market value, crime statistics, and location; however, npr wold like you to believe that the kkk is in charge of the housing market. It’s a sickness. Not new info, this has literally been discussed on various documentaries, tv shows like Adam Ruins Everything and Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Maybe some field research needs to be done by touring those neighborhoods and comparing everything including the demographics. This includes schools and the crime statistics. Sometimes it’s just the location of a building like one too close to railroad tracks or an odd lot size. Unclear if the report controlled for class e.g. average neighborhood property value or avg. household income. They don't mention any class-related words in the source article so not a good sign that they did.

NO SHIT!! REALLY!! This article is backwards. What it really should be about is how overpriced modest homes are in certain areas. A two bedroom/one bath home, with neighbors butt to gut, shouldn't cost $350,000+. That's just a fact of life, real estate is location location location ........ it's just people's perception so just accept it.

This is only news if you ain't black or latino. John Oliver did a great piece on this a looooong time ago. Who's surprised? I'm thinking if poor neighborhoods jump on this quick, educate our people, encourage them to be the captains of their soul with God's guidance, homes would be affordable, neighborhood beautiful/healthy/growing! Can't put value on that! Who could ask for more?

Weird twist, but if they did the opposite, you'd be crying they were trying to gentrify the area. It seems like a never ending cycle of 'Lets exploit black and brown people for talking points, no matter what it is.'

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDamn! This calls for a strongly worded letter of condemnation! Who would have thought? 🧐 You mean those nice people who assassinate little girls for going to school?

This just in… Ummm, because of crime maybe No fucking way?! Shocking News! NPR releases another news report which doesn't use 'Latinx'! But why do this? Is there an actual benefit to this or does it just hurt black and brown people? different neighborhoods have different prices, wow No surprise to anyone, except possibly the MSM that has wrapped itself in PunditRacism

To the surprise of literal no one I wish they would appraise other homes lower. They only appraise high so they can grab more taxes. Whaaaattttt!!!! SHOCKING!!!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesYou've cut unemployment and millions still refuse to go back to work..... Interesting. Answer- start ramping up to make these missing parts. Paying a living wage and give benefits and see how fast you’re able to employ the masses .

This no news of course they would 🇺🇸

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAm so grateful to Mrs anna because I was able to withdraw my profit of $48000 without stress..Whatsapp +1 /5/5/1/8/0/0/2/1/4/7 His disappearance is likey an admission of guilt You don't say!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWHO THE .... IS bts? whatever i still got a cd player listening to old school music that made sense. Thank you for mentioning their moving and uplifting remarks. Young people of many nations follow the path they set of personal improvement and also of the world around them. Inspired youth worldwide have undertaken charitable activities on their own because of their leadership.💜

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSwiftOnSecurity The toys will be made from corn but the apple pies will still be made with potatoes Happy meal toys more healthy than the meal