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9/22/2021 8:44:00 AM

Flooding kills more Americans than nearly any other weather hazard — and that risk is increasing with climate change. Here are experts' tips for staying safe in flash floods.

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Record 2-tonne sunfish found off the coast of Ceuta

Marine biologist Enrique Ostale could not believe his eyes when he saw the enormous sunfish tangled in the nets of a tuna-fishing boat off the Mediterranean coast of Ceuta earlier this month.

Texas paved over their prairies and wetlands, so when it rains, there’s no natural way for the ground to absorb the water. Of course they would have flooding. The entire western half of this country laughing at your flood advice Covid feels like a weather hazard.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesUmmmm every day of my life who cares our world is an illusion we’re all gonna die anyway Yes, that's why we live in a corrupt oligopoly run by mediocre people - Do you want to do stuff? That's for the 18th Century, I'm trying to take pictures of my food.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesgood luck Cool…another empty threat from the short guy More proof that its a good idea

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWho cares rn? 🤨 nice WTF? An economist? Are we crowd-sourcing parenting advice instead of listening to people who understand child behavior?

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthanks Leading For English Y Do you need to represent your business through amazing Flyers? Click:

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesPlease stop talking about boosters. They are a distraction from the real issues. It’s not the 3rd shot that matters, it’s the first.