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9/21/2021 2:24:00 AM

COVID-19 has now killed about as many Americans as the 1918-19 Spanish flu pandemic did — approximately 675,000.

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People are dead and many of those deaths could have been prevented….but freedom 😢 ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS. US average pop. growth 1908-17 = 1.73%, 1918 pop. growth = -0.06%. Difference= 1.79%. 1917 pop.=103,268,000 so 1.79% population reduction means Spanish Flu mortality = 1,848,497, equivalent to 6 MILLION of today's population. Cov= WHOLE ORDER OF MAGNITUDE LOWER

The population is of course way larger now, so percentage-wise it’s much lower number “We pretty much shut it down coming in from China.” And sadly, not many seem to care. grinningbamE With NO end in sight for you. Considering the population increase since 1920, we're doing alright. I blame covid restrictions.

40% of the deaths are in nursing homes. Most of the people are obese. The average age of death was equivalent to the average life expectancy. It is basically a cold for the vast majority of the globe. Get in shape, take vitamin D and eat primarily plant-based. It’s a bio weapon. Even if you believe the numbers you’re ignoring Absolute versus Relative values. NPR is a joke. The vaccine is a bio weapon. It is clearly linked to myocarditis which is heart damage in thromboembolism which is blood clotting.

And somehow I don't know anyone who has died of fact I don't know anyone who knows anyone who's died from covid! I heard the population, according to the censes, was one third of what it is today. And I heard a man who dies in a motor cycle crash testing positive for cv is counted as a covid death..

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesMrs lethica001 i really appreciate your all your efforts with the little startup of R4000 with all joy over me after withdrawing R17,850 you can check my media for testimony i told you i will recommend everyone in South Africa to trade with your team you're the best thank you That seems like a lot of work. Maybe I'll see if someone's live streaming it The legal notion that planting a flag was an act of establishing sovereignty quickly stuck and became accepted worldwide.

Are we to believe that in 100yrs we have made NO advancements in medical science? We landed on the moon, we ride in autonomous vehicles, yet we are defenseless against a flu? Someone is being lied to. What! discussion or identification of the steady growth in avg life expectancy last century in comparing death rates? Wow! It's news from The Associated Press with a taste of not-so-great journalism.

So sad that it had to come to this. Scary to think that there are so many doubters still out there. False equivalency as the US population is 300+% larger. 100% of people who believe this don't understand how PCR works. We have considerably more humans incubating the virus than in those days, increasing the likelihood a super lethal variant will develop.

We will never be out done by ourselves, it's time to dig in and make it worse. The difference is we have a vaccine and they didn’t More Deaths (MURDERS) than WW1 , WW2 and Vietnam .....Combined ..By Far Lots of folks are all bent out of shape over the comparison between the pandemics. Not at all concerned about 675,000 people who have died. Arguing over crap like this is how we have ended up here.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesNature will force us into submission sooner than we realize. UN are the devils good luck

And most of those people died because we did not have antibiotics to treat the bacterial pneumonia That occurred as a secondary infection. Completely avoidable in 2021 wnywxguy Not accurate! Data proves otherwise. And we have had a vaccine for a year. Just relax, cowgirl. US population was about 100 million then, so COVID19 has “only” killed a third, proportionately. Moreover, COVID has disproportionately killed older types — who would not have even existed in those days because life expectancy then was mid 50’s. Try again.

The plague killed 75–200 million people in Eurasia and North Africa. Just sayin.’ Very helpful information, NPR. What other useless facts do you have for us today? NoMorePublicFundingForNPR What in tarnation are them there folks wearing over their cotton picking mouths? Well I never! There was around a third of the population in America in 1918.

Queue the 'this is misleading' and 'you lie' and 'well, actually....' bullshit in three, two, one...

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDoesn’t matter which party you side with this is just wrong. Put this auto transaction on a voting ballot let the cotizens decide its fate. A perpetual legacy, one Not stopped by Rahm Emanuel. They have no conscience. Where do they get these people? Are they grown?

When is someone going to shove this down China’s neck and hold them accountable But not even close when adjusted for population. thanks republicans Misleading

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesHumanity - come see this I am praying 🙏 Good news so far just posted

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthanks Truth hurts Chess-On-Chess crime is the best crime.

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