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9/18/2021 7:17:00 AM

Three tourists were arrested after allegedly beating a 22-year-old NYC restaurant hostess who asked them for proof of vaccination. The hostess had to be taken to the hospital.

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Absolutely, completely heartbreaking!!!!! 💔💔💔 An emotionally mature person would’ve taken their business elsewhere. No need for fisticuffs. Definitely racist : Vaccine ID rules disproportionally affect PoC, especially black Americans, by *design*. Why is supporting such a systemically racist policy?

I say ban this whole group from NYC permanently. Things like this have got to stop. You can't go at this with half measures. Without seeing any video or anything that might've escalated this all we can rely on is facts. No vaccine, no entry in NYC. That's it and nothing else. You hit someone, you get arrested, that's it. Any other variable is merely speculation.

Everyone that commented in this thread is racist. We need to ban all tourists. First what Republicans say were peaceful tourists on Jan 6th suddenly turned into a violent insurrection mob, now these tourists violently attacked this woman. No more tourists! In Texas they would have been shot 🤬🔫 Papers papers . Where the hell we living that people can ask for this shit..

The “alleged” prefix is going to become more and more relevant as the technical proficiency to produce altered photos and videos is enhanced. In this case PBS is simply following broadcast protocols designed to protect themselves and the protagonist of a story.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choiceserinoverbey This can't be true. erinoverbey good luck erinoverbey Are you kidding me? How much you wanna bet I can find at least 20, easily? Or... Do you just wanna pay me 3 bucks per source I provide?

Which Country did they hail from ? Why would you use a picture of a guy with his mask under his nose in this picture? Argh. We're broken 😢 When decent people react to Jim Crow laws oppressing them. She also forgot to bring napkins Of course from Texas. Why show these two? They're not the suspects. Very sloppy work NPR.

Glad they were caught and arrested. Just showed my vaccination proof at a restaurant today. These people are behaving like infants. So asking for something that has no bearing on if someone is infected and contagious results in violence. Shocking I know, she shouldn’t be put into that situation and they should be in jail.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choiceshorrible LOL!... what a drag

Texans are an embarrassment. mexico do you want them? And it looks like they're MAGA types: 'Police arrested three women — 21-year-old Tyonnie Keshay Rankin, 44-year-old Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin and 49-year-old Sally Rechelle Lewis...' Allegedly my a$$! Jesus fucking christ. Please put these people in jail for years.

When we have video, allegedly becomes a cruel joke. Misleading photo Hopefully there was room at the hospital, and not filled with antivaxxers And they wonder where “deplorable” carne from. Some days I think it’d be beneficial to round up the trash and drop them off somewhere in the south pacific & they can have their own covidy Australia, snake flag and all Or just let TX secede.

The three Texan women are wild animals, and should be caged.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthis is terrible news Well, that was a waste of money! Two from California.

Allegedly? Try definitely. 'Alledgely'? Which part? The reason the hostess was attacked? 'Cause we know she was attacked. We should bring back flogging in some cases and exile. jesus christ i hope they're not rich enough to avoid all consequences This is shameful. These persons need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Can not let this kind of behavior be excused.

Why is it when White dudes assault someone the media tags them as “alleged” but when it’s a Black it’s never “alleged”, just “guilty”? What have I been saying for over a year? Americans have become arrogant rude inconsiderate angry toddlers who throw a tantrum when we don’t get our way I feel awful for this employee but she will need to file a Workers Compensation claim. This will only increase costs for the employer. Cheaper to contract Security Co

It was either Texas or Florida Man. lol, media shows pic of white dude when it was 3 black hoes involved

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesVietnam has Circle K? That's intense!! These new variants are scarier then the original. I wish more people took it seriously... 💔

'Alleged'? We can see them beating the Hell out of her in the video! It's ridiculous if they don't get jail time and have to pay the waitress compensation for assaulting her. It was really simple to go to FarmToFork in Sacramento tonight and show my digital vaccine record to go in and enjoy the event.

Lock them up and the hostess needs to civilly sue them! “Tourists” People need to learn the law. The Governor only has executive authority over the military and executive branch not private people or companies… Please read your state constitutions!!! These Governors need to be impeached for violations of oath exercising powers not granted

OMG UK finally greenlights alternative COVID-19 treatment. Life-saving antibody treatment to be rolled out across UK from next week,for those that may not get a adequate immune response to the Vax, or not be able to take the vax.This drug actually cures Covid Lol they show a picture of white men but the attack was committed by black queens. More power to you girls. The US wants to segregate you like it was 1936.

Why attackers are mentioned as 'people from Texas' without mentioning their race or akin colors? It’s not alleged … it’s on tape !

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesnice Is this going to be a PCHH ep or should I just go ahead and read it? Where is the Velvet Underground documentary?

apparently failed to watch the widely available video. It clearly depicts the assault. There is nothing ‘alleged’ here. May she sue these women into oblivion 😢 And this is y everyone should get vaccinated, don't go out and buy a fake card, role up ur sleeves Animals. Excuse me? Do we still have rendition locations operating we can send them to be forgotten.

Ohh I am soo impressed! Have you also downloaded the classified instruction manual for this tank from Vladimir Putin's website, took a correspondence course in Russian, translated the manual, memorized it, and eaten it? Have you? Putin? Horrible I hope this young woman files charges. Let’s just call them thugs, not tourist

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

Maybe outlaw Texans. That's how a lot of them seem to want to act. And why did you choose a picture of a bearded dude looking stoic as a more beta looking male looking back? This story is about 4 broads. Why not show a real picture? Would that take the steam out of your story a bit? Are girl fights not as cool as guy fights? Fu5ing dorks.

Sickening and not pro-life. Note to cuck businesses. By all means do as you can afford. Kick out paying customers. But maybe pick your best fighter to be your government lacky enforcer. That being said. Violence is bad when it's not necessary. What if COVID were Ebola. Would these tourists have blood squirting out of their eyes when they attacked the hostess?

Texas Well we can send those asses to hospital from Rikers. Let's do it officers. Give them some NYC welcome. These criminals are a menace to society. An example must be made of them. Jesus christ. We are lost.

This is getting RIDICULOUS! I hope the young man is okay and they were arrested! May she have the best damn lawyer on the planet. No mention of race, could it be a hate crime? Hire big bouncers to do that Wait till these Texans wake up one morn with a horse head in bed with them compliments of Carmine and the boys. Neighborhood justice NYC style.

This is what the divisive Biden tactics get you. The Liberals fan the us vs them flames and violence erupts. Allegedly? What the actual F**k is wrong with people? I don’t know how many countries can call people from their own country “tourists” very often, but hey, at least we’ve got that going for our shitty news stories :/

They need to be thrown in jail for a week and miss their flights, throw the book at them. This is outrageous and gonna go bad quickly🥲

I'm glad my city doesn't have vaccine proof mandate, because my 18 year old is a hostess at a restaurant.