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9/17/2021 3:00:00 PM

NPR began participating in the national event called Hispanic Heritage Month with no discussion about tensions within Latino communities regarding the use of the word Hispanic, its origins and whether it may be time to swap out the catchall label.

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Remains found in Florida park identified as belonging to Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito's boyfriend

Authorities say remains found in a Florida wilderness park are those of Brian Laundrie, who was a person of interest in the death of girlfriend Gabby Petito.

Real simple people, Hispanic is all people that derived from a ex-Spanish colony. Latino/a/x is all people that share Latin based languages in the Americas. Example Brazilians aren’t Hispanic but they are Latino/a/x. WHAT MONTH IS WHITE HISTORY MONTH? JEWISH HISTORY MONTH? TR*NS HISTORY MONTH? THIS SH*T IS PURE WOKET*RDATION

C’mon. Are you completely unaware of your own reporting? See this story from last month? You discredit NPR. I’m Brazilian American 🤷🏻‍♂️ And? This ain't it. From a trending topic I saw once, I believe that North American cultures south of the United States prefer 'Latino'. Latinx appears to make a lot of people angry since it's a meaningless word coined by white people.

Pravda It should read: 'Or the more basic question: ¿Por qué Hispanic?' Instead of '¿Porque Hispanic?' NPR not being woke enough?!?!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesNo way that this could become a long term problem for the world 🙄 we just want healthcare What are those? Calvin Klein suites?

No to the term Hispanic because there is more to our culture than Spanish influences Per NPR, (Hispanics) are “excluded from mainstream popular culture” Since when? NPR makes up things in order to play the victim card. Tell me a white liberal runs NPR’s Twitter account without telling me a white liberal runs NPR’s Twitter account.

Ask my ABUELITA or ABUELITO if we Latinx! 🤣 somoslatino y si no sabes, u must not be LATINO. MIGENTE SABE WE JAJAJA AT YALL BEING SO SILLY. Why is DNC & The HarrisAdministration allowing cameras anywhere near the Del Rio International Bridge? It looks bad. democrats need to get sworn agreements from these illegals that they will request mail in ballots & turn them over to The Party. Then ship them to red states.

oh no one person must be offended how do you spell the end of civilization in four simple letters? Woke You know, Latin America is more than Mexico, right? I bet no one calls “Latino” to an Argentinian or a Chilean.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesBitcoin I’m doing $2,000 Challenge To $15,000 target In the next 20 days. We will work on Binancefuture & Coin-Pumps 30%+ daily earnings, Started 1 Weeks Ago, Already At $7,000 📲Who Wants To Join Us Can Contact Me, For More Info The right is going to have a panic attack if that happens. 🤣🤣 why does the us have any things named after confederate anything thats like post-treason-core lame

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesHow convenient the FBI just fired the Indy agent who refused to pursue a 2015 complaint against Nasser. How did he keep his job for that long? What about Rachael Denhollander? WATCH LIVE: young women relive their abuse/trauma ooh looky looky These women shouldn't have to do this in public.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAs long as our government remains corrupt, we're not going to see any meaningful progress. The legislative branch has been captured by business and they aren't going to allow the needed changes. The greatest achilles heel of the Dem party: lack of team playing. Too many like JoeManchinWV & SenatorSinema who are too busy giving hand jobs to the Repubs to have the balls to stand up for Democratic principles. They prefer to leave the Fascist Repubs in control. The thing is, climate change isn't really a democratic or republican issue. When the tides come in, it affects everyone! When the storms cause the subways to flood it affects anyone. Ida didn't ask for voter registration records before wreaking havoc.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesLet’s go! Does the booster have a delta backbone …. Or is it a boost of same recipe ? Is it a 'booster' or is it normal vaccination timeline; should it be implemented by age - 65 or 50; aren't many countries offering boosters by age or risk?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWhipsaw this week. Why does the FDA keep slow walking this? I swear the entire Biden admin is incompetent. I have gotten all three shots Pfizer, Moderna and J& J before they pulled it. I feel super awesome and we need to go to houses and make people take it