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8/4/2021 11:08:00 AM

New York City will require workers and patrons to show proof of vaccination at indoor dining, gyms and entertainment venues starting in September.

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This is a step in the right direction - the delta variant is super-contagious and nothing to play with! Why would anyone want to come to this crime ridden shithole city anyway And they will need to find staff too was there last week and a lot of them complain of the shortage of staff I always put a shot of penicillin in my ass before I visit that hellhole regardless

There is a great logical disconnect in the idea that the vaccinated, who are 95% protected from infection and 99% protected from hospitalization, are “afraid” of the unvaccinated among them. Doubly so, now that we know the vaccinated can spread Delta just as easily. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Time for civil disobedience to take center stage.

Back when this whole thing started I said this is where it was headed. I was told I was fear mongering by the left. I was told there is no way in America this would happen. Yet here we are. They have convinced you once. What’s next? This kind of power doesn’t just stop. Do you have to show proof you’re not asexual predator? Asking for Cuomo.

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE There's also this. 'leaky vaccines' can increase rate of mutations and make viruses more dangerous. Is this where we're headed now? We definitely need to continue masking up.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAnd don't forget child sacrifice in some cases...

NYC will lose this fight.... It's ironic. Democrats claim to hate fascists and Nazis, yet they're incredibly eager to imitate them. Quite the racial disparity on vaccines. Will be interesting to see the dynamic now that most blacks won’t be allowed to eat indoors. I think a tattoo with numbers on their arm would be a good way to identify.

Ok I'm on board except for who is going check? Hosts and receptionist? They are going to be put in unnecessary danger and get a lot of hate. I think this will be a problem. Plays performed in masks. Not going anymore. Yes! Don’t like it then I guess then roll up your sleeve. Patrons may soon get tired of being on the outside and actually get vaccinated. We’re in this together. A herd is you and I. Let Science speak for itself. Go visit a morgue. Whatever it takes. Get the shot. That simple.

Good. All those GOP liers , will came to light. Vaccination doesn’t stop spread. Just reduces morbidity. So what is the intention of these measures here? The black market for fake vaccination cards is gonna be 🔥

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesLike the ones that killed millions of people during the contruction of the Panama Canal 🤔 Becker_Lab interesting research fraught with ecological & ethical questions Would love this technology for disinformation-spreading anti-vaxers

Own things for sure, movies theaters will be quiet during a movie for a while 👍🏻 Good Most affected will be POC. Good. Good. If the *VACCINATED* can catch the virus (test+, infect others, have symptoms) What's the point of *proof of vaccination* WITHOUT a *negative-test* ... virus spreading? What's the point of *proof of vaccination* WITH a *negative-test* ... *control*? Logic fail ... or a trap?

Or the brownshirts will grab you and throw you in Ubers to your nearest vaccination point? Why are people acting like this ok? This is crazy. This is the stuff that happens in other countries. Do not comply. Remember every business that turns away your business. Resist.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSo proud of Suni Lee.

Weird, how are black folks supposed to eat out now if they have to show id? It's not like covid is taking a vacation on August? Why wait till September?

NPR Cookie Consent and Choiceswamu885 DCist The ‘vaccines’ do not prevent any infection from SARS2, they only reduce the symptoms. Per the CDC. NPR please stop spreading COVID misinformation. wamu885 DCist It is exactly because of these people, that everyone else need to get their shots!!! wamu885 DCist If big pharma and first world nations really wanted to impress l, they would have released the patent protection on Covid vaccines. Third world nations would have been able to cheaply and quickly vaccinate their populations. Perhaps the delta variant could have been avoided

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesI thought she had gone home. The girl is a pain in the butt. Using the TeamUSA NBCOlympics as a personal platform for her mental health issues. Other athletes have the same pressure but you don’t see any of them whining and complaining MichelleObama

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesGo woke Go broke Oh, Canada! Congrats to those America hating c*nts for losing.