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8/4/2021 12:11:00 AM

JUST IN: President Biden has called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign after an explosive report by the New York attorney general's office detailed allegations of sexual harassment against the governor.

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Como is a predator he should lose his benefits and sent to jail Women as the taxpayers should not be paying for his benefits or anything else to do with him . Every sexual assault don'thave to be wasn't president Biden. accused during his campaign? We just accepted it as normal, hazing. I’m 54. As a 23 year old at tge Wayne County prosecutor’s office, I was told by another woman I used to admire that “It’s your turn.” My daughters will never accept this.

Can we move Trump out of the USA for being the leader of January 6th. History will never forget what he done that day. NO! Let voters remove Cuomo, the way we removed Trump. All politics ! to remove him from being a candidate for the 2024 Presidential election . If he touched or made suggestive remarks to women then let New Yorkers decide at the election time.

How dare Biden do that. A one sided, private “investigation “ filed on social media and backed by republican donors. Yeah real trustworthy investigation. What else can he do? So should Gaetz! Denial of sexual misconduct always worked for trump. He was elected president in full view of it with 17 lawsuits against him and a video of him bragging to Entertainment Tonight about grabbing women. Why are NY Republicans so outraged now?

I understand why he is being asked to resign. What I don’t understand is why we demand things of the Dems that we are willing to put up with from the Reps. Why haven’t any of the GOP Congress members who helped w/the sedition OR profited from COVID been asked to resign?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThe Canadian soccer team has a trans woman who will be the first with a medal. It will be Gold or Silver. 🤮🤮🤮

Unfortunately the last few years have taught folks in power that resigning is the best way to end up in the sh*thouse of history but if you can just hold on and deny and obfuscate you can continue to have a career. Pretty awful. Cuomo is facing vitriol and calls for criminal prosecution. I know a man who served in a HIGHER position, mistreated women & minorities regularly, helped to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans, abused HIS office, pardoned criminals, etc; he hasn’t rcv’d so much as a CITATION!

Interesting, the Democrats ask men with accusations like this to step down for the good of the country and prosecute if evidence dictates such while the Russian Republicans give them medals and pardons, and make them leaders of their party! Shouldn't JoeBiden be worrying about his son's art sale? SethAbramson trumpsarapist

Wrong Good. He should resign. He's going to use the Clinton plan, he's expecting the media to help him! It worked once, will it work now. That is the question?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesIf it doesn't taste good, there's no point. 23 official cakes For cap doffers and fore lock tuggers

He was elected by NYers not appt by the pres. NYers should call for his resignation Love how all this is happening and if it was trump it be over tomorrow, in terms of moving on from the story So all those women who came forward before this, did the left think they were lying or just not concerned about it?

Game recognize game. And that, right there, is the most fundamental difference between the Democratic party and the GOP. Democrats will stand by principles even when it is not convenient. SethAbramson He did not 'call on.' He answered a question and provided his 'yes.'

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDesigned this way. Anti-freedom laws only affect the poor. The rich can fly to wherever to get whatever done. Cons always want to talk about Dem run cities, but never want to talk about Rep run STATES. Mississippi and the South lead the BOTTOM metrics in the nation. How many baby-killing facilities should they have? The Republican Party wants to control women and their reproductive health .

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesStill shouldn’t have been held at this time Thank goodness! Not true. There’s still tremendous resentment about the Games being held while we’re in yet another State of Emergency.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesGOOGLE Step 1: are they living in America? ✅ Step 2: do they have rich parents? ✖️ Conclusion: they're struggling You can ship a ship to byte from one end to an another end to eat a stem.

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