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8/1/2021 3:16:00 AM

Many DoorDash drivers around the country logged off the app on Saturday. Drivers are demanding tip transparency and higher pay.

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Funny. I was still able to order food. Wait, scabs have unions now? I remember when the Instacart drivers did that. It turned out really well, didn't it? They need to get a REAL JOB or understand that there's only so much profit in delivering a couple burgers. Maybe they should get a paper route. I delivered those on MY bicycle when I was 12.

I don't see why anyone would use these types of services. I had no idea tip amounts are withheld from Dashers. That's craziness. How much do you pay the intern who wrote this story? Well, DD does have a history of stealing tips.... Lmao. In first world countries, they'd get better federally subsidized benefits than an electrician in the US (through a 19th century union). What a shit hole country

Good for them! Shut it down! Give your drivers cash on top of your card tip if you can. I was a deliverer, briefly in 2019. If I my vehicle had better mileage I might have stayed on, but alas it didn't. I support their strike. Hope they get tips added to credit cards 😬

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices😢 Thank you so much for writing about Johnny. He was a national treasure 🇩🇴❤️ I feel like I lost a family member. I love JohnnyVentura

Not really. Maybe 10% of the tens of thousands of Doordash drivers will log off. Saturday in the summer is slow anyway. Tony made $400 million off the backs of desperate people during an international pandemic. They should be protesting at his mansion. Y’all need to tip your drivers. As of right now they are offering $2.50 bonus for every delivery in my area. An hour ago it was $1.00.

In solidarity ButButBut their ads ASSURED ME that 'good things come to those that work'! What is this They deliver on a bicycle?😂 Lease send me cold food soggy from it's container please. Charge me what you like. DoorDash sucks! They’re shitty to their employees, restaurants, and customers. UberEats and SkipTheDishes are shitty to just 2 of the 3.

Get it dashers. Hell all delivery drivers need to join in horrible

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThey chose the right side of this story. This is America turning the corner to make mental health Cool. Hopefully VISA will understand when I decide not to pay my bill to spend money on my mental health instead. I’m so glad to see this!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThis is sooo stupid. No shit. Did people not see what happened in India? Get vaccinated!!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWell reconciliation just got 1 vote harder. TermLimits 1Person1Vote KillTheCollege Humanism May he rest in peace.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesUSA don't have citizens, they have consumers. And during election years your reporters are still in the tank for Ds who don't want to reform health care. this is terrible news

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesK. and now just imagine what they are NOT telling us ... NPR Japan barrywynn