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7/31/2021 11:10:00 AM

Parents and teachers, NPR wants to hear from you. As schools prepare for in-person classes this fall, how much 'learning loss' have your kids experienced in the pandemic? Share your thoughts in this form, and we may be in touch for a story.

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I became more aware of how inadequate some of the teachers are at my son's high school. They didn't just have a 'learning loss' during the pandemic. They have had one for years. Many kids (and adults) Gaines a lot during this time. Tech knowledge, independence, time management, how to engage in different ways. Learning loss is a term that assumes there is one 'finish line' each student must reach.

My elementary age kids made great gains in their learning last year, and the school wide metrics showed no learning loss for the kids. They also learned tech and time management skills they wouldn’t have otherwise. None. My son thrived in digital learning last year. This year will be different, though, since they took away the digital learning option and DeSantis is making it impossible to require masks. So, now we have no choice but to homeschool.

As a retired teacher, I can tell you that teachers will start out by getting to know their students’ skills and needs, just as they do every year. Then they will start where their students are and progress from there, just as they always do. School choice! voucher Hearing from parents and teachers is fine... but I run data analytics for our whole school district and could tell you better 🤷‍♀️ (if I got the ok from my boss lol)

I think loss is the wrong term. We need to realize that students are behind what we used to consider 'normal'. Whatever that means. We need adjust curriculum and temper expectations. This needs to be the mindset of everyone, parents, admin, teachers and students. Please address the trauma that teachers have dealt with. Teaching online & in person simultaneously which doubled the work load. Constantly dealing with students that come from anti-mask homes and won’t wear their masks properly. Before vaccines, the fear of getting Covid. 1/

My husband is a SPED teacher. Reading comprehension use to be a huge problem for his students. But for some reason since teaching online his kids have had HUGE improvements in their reading comprehension! Lots of theories as to why. We are curious to see research on this

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Teacher here: first what is “learning loss” and how is it being measured? I am constantly required to gather data and demonstrate progress or movement toward goals. So where is the data? not just feelings or anecdotes. How do we know there's learning loss when our measurement of learning is static? I bet they've learned a great deal; we just may not be measuring it.

The quality of public education in the US was shit before the pandemic due to a 50yr campaign by the GOP to gut funding. So with the pandemic the quality of education in the US is now less than shit. All they've learned is they should do what parasitic corporatism dictates. My high schooler did poorly online. Her grades prior were always good. She was very depressed and her anxiety was through the roof with the online lessons. No hybrid option, no teacher except for attendance.

As a teacher, I feel the term “learning loss” undermines what students and teachers have been doing the past 18 months. There were major shifts in learning (and in everything!), and adjusting takes time even in the most stable of circumstances. Very well, very well, resilient, and remote learning was different, however, we engaged Virtual learning ...and have a greater appreciation for our teachers, in support of our children....

I am not in the actual high school classroom but see students alone or in small groups to prep for ACT /SAT and the slide backward ( especially in critical reading ) is significant. These tests are going thru a test themselves as scores slide. nprAudie I expect it to take 2-5 years to rebuild my middle school band program. The longer we have to mask, the longer it will take.

Those who excelled in the classroom, excelled learning from home, and those who struggled, did so as well from home, and with less supervision even more so. For those who had dedicated parents who had a child with a will to win, ensured their child was on task, checked grades and assignment completion regularly, and understood the importance of education for their child’s future, not much “learning loss” was experienced.

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Our 2nd grader could do a worksheet in about 2-10 minutes verbally or on paper, But introduce pdf markup, or other apps on ipad, they would hyper fixate on text size, color, assignment. Literally delete all work because that size wouldn't fit on line 10. Hours. Then paralysis. The most important thing in the world is family and love. –John Wooden

Our middle schooler excelled in classes but she's a social wreck. Still we wouldn't have sent her to in person were it available. Also her penmanship is horrifying 😏 In the face of Delta variant and weak CDC guidance, I am more interested in my kids not being subjects in a live case study entitled “ How to NOT end a pandemic”.

None. They went to in person school all year long, from August-May and had no covid problems. Live in Seattle- I think kids here can go to school with masks. And I do think it’s important that they go to school together. I have 15 & 17 yr olds. All vaccinated. My daughter who will be a HS senior next week has lost a lot. Her math skills have diminished by 50%. She cheated thru her jr yr thanks to sites like quizlets...

Chances are not just strong, but very strong that most children incurred a learning gain as a result of not being in our failed public education system that's highjacked by 'progressive' perverts - not a 'learning loss'

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesI think we need to stop saying break through cases are rare. In Florida this doesn’t seem to be the case. Lol Rare 😂😂🤣😂

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