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7/28/2021 7:51:00 AM

If all 168 openly LGBTQ Olympians represented a single country, they'd rank 14th in medal wins at the Tokyo Games.

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Point? MorningEdition I hope to live long enough to see that we’re not all going to be classified in these different tribes of skin color and sexual orientation. We’re just people. Hahahah! while it would be nice to have a queer nation.... it's just great knowing there is community representation and they are doing well.

What difference does their sexuality make?🙄 MorningEdition Not sure why it’s necessary to group all LGBTQ olympians into one category instead of letting them be individual people representing their own countries and cultures. Seems like someone at NPR needs to get over it NPR - How can we divide people today? Olympics

Ok. What are people supposed to do with this information? this feels insensitive. It matters that LGBTQ excellence and success is recognized because representation matters. Acknowledging of a maligned communities worth and value matters to counter the bigotry. It helps young LGBTQ people know that they matter.

Why does it seem that all media’s job now is to separate people into categories? Divide and conquer.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

Is there no actual news? So sexual orientation is a thing in a sports event now? If NPR was a news organization, they would report actual news. And 99% of them would be male divers and female basketball players (both team sports, so r u counting one team win across many teammates as multiple medals? Sounds like u r...false comparison) diversity

That's great. Hopefully LGBTQ people can feel safe to be themselves in all sports someday. Who cares Why on earth does it matter what kind of sex an Olympian likes? What are you trying for promote? And that country would be hella gay lol They are not explicitly disclosing count but are seemingly taking team medals and awarding 1 to each LBGTQ team player. So US LBGTQ softball gets 3! So by their math: 1G 4S 3B Close to Br/Sw. The real LBGTQ count: 1G ~1.1S ~1.1B LMAO. Try to think.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

gay males place high value importance on appearances. lesbians? the opposite. It would also have the 7th most athletes participating. So what’s the point? 168? How many Olympians are there?!!! Is the LGBTQ community just better at being awesome than the rest of us? TF? So? How many Olympians are asexual or trisexual? Why do people have this obsession with other people’s sexuality? Or is it just a media fabricated thing? I know I couldn’t care less about who’s straight and who’s not

So! Are you trying once again to separate humans one against the other by sexuality? I guess based on your history that would be no surprise. 1st, you can’t take partials fr a team sport and assign full medals as implicated and certainly not for each player as seemingly indicated(?). 2nd, if you remove athletes fr a team, you have to “true the team up” else you weaken it numerically w no offset. Etc. Fake news.

For everyone saying, what's the point: progress: 'The jump in openly out gay, transgender & non-binary athletes this year underscores changing attitudes around the world and within the Olympic Games.. as recently as 2012 Olympics there had been just two dozen publicly out' That’s a silly way to look at it. They are all citizens of their countries the same as all the other athletes. It’s like adding up the medals of left handed people.

Why do we care. What you do in your bedroom is your business

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Now do Non-Gay My husband, and everyone he knows that's is eligible, has his retirement papers ready if he tries this jack-assery for a non-approved vaccine. Weird post. News you can use! Who cares if they are the letters of the alphabet? We will all be queer before long. Queerness will end the population long before global warming ever could!

Yeah, except they don't, and also WTF does being LGBTQ have to do with abilities? Nothing. Some really great athletes HAPPEN to be LGBTQ, that's fucking all. Stop trying to make it more than it is. Who the hell carez? Why is this a story? How many straight people are competing? No one cares. You all keep pushing a narrative that doesn’t matter to most of us.

No one could give me a straight answer. 🤣😖

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesTell me why this isn’t mandated in the US? Please do that in the US! Ooh yeah It's all about that world you weavin suga

I’m very intrigued by this all gay country. It’s probably pretty nice. good luck I asked a few people what exactly does LGBTQ mean the other day. How about all short people?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesMadiiink I wonder if y’all could have posted this article after this competition aired in the US 🤷🏽‍♀️ I don't understand how skateboarding is an olympic sport. You can see people riding hand rails, etc all over NYC. Flipping the board with their feet is a basic trick. WTH?

NPR Cookie Consent and Choiceshorrible So, Ledecky can still hold her finger up! Second comes right after first!