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7/27/2021 3:53:00 AM

Kindergarten enrollment across the U.S. fell 9% last year — and pre-K enrollment dropped 22%, according to preliminary federal data.

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Because they're terrified of brainwashing leftist propaganda infecting the minds of their children. The same filth being propagated by 'reporting' activism from NPR. The mantra, which has been proven false, that “kids do not get serious Covid” it’s not enough to convince a lot of families to send their unvaccinated kids back into the plague pit of School. especially when some states have for bidden masking by law. Holy FuckThatBurgers.

Who can afford it. And preschools can't get staffing with such low wages. NPR reported that Covid homeschooling trailed behind in-school learning. Tell NPR they are wrong. Double dare ya. Kids are being taught at home. What could go wrong. Flash ahead to 2040 when they reach voting age. OMG! Good. Parents who’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 are probably well aware that adults refusing 2b vacillating are spreading the Delta variant like better on bread, as it’s proven 2b “more transmissible than the Alpha variant” {washingtonpost). That said, kids are in danger.

It is not surprising. Why would anybody want to send a child into a place that cares more about the political flavor of the day than the well being of youngsters? pascoschools KurtSBrowning paulmcclintock mcilse TrinityOaks Online Kindergarten makes no sense

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NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesTypical Silicon Valley liberal bias He’s a fucking grifter That's Because Facebook Cut A Deal With TalibanLeaderTrump To Push Fiction At Every Turn Possible. 😉

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesA wonderful story This was incredible to watch! That's why the races are swam.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesgood It theses days your way behind the times Forget soccer. Surf's up!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThe looming challenge ... a fact shortage. Times of widespread health suggest traditional antiviral actions exist. Do they explain times of health? Who knows them? Who's sharing them? Is Amazon disguising them? Ask your (pharma trained) doctor? Just hit up the beaches of California or the streets of San Francisco. Plenty there

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThose with interests in the pharmaceutical industry will win. Wait for it. Better if the (pharma funded) federal health advisors: a) weren't overseeing record sickness & sickness spending, b) knew times of widespread health exist, c) explained the traditional antiviral actions, d) recognized Amazon's health care offering. Too much regulatory capture.