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6/23/2021 2:32:00 PM

New York has seen a 73% rise in gun violence from June last year. Many people want the crime wave addressed; the question is how to do it. Communities most affected by the shootings are among the same ones that have been asking for police reform.

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I guess controlling women’s reproductive rights is much more important than controlling guns, so women can quickly replace the numbers of people killed by gun violence! Well let’s see, police conducting stops and locating illegal guns has all but stopped. I wonder if that has anything to do with it Repeal the dinosaur called “2nd A”

What are actual numbers ? (from 1 to 2 would be 100% increase). What is the definition of 'gun violence'(do you really mean gang violence?) Guns are inaminate objects incapable of thought or action (violence) , people are violent.. click bait article. Big cities are huge drug markets. End the war on drugs now and these gangs will stop fighting over turf.

Is there a gang problem? Or do they get people from other states coming to wreak havoc? This is happening all over US due to the fact that police has walked away from these area and not doing their and any violence prevention to 'teach them a lesson'. Police Union has to be dismantled. Policing in US doesn't involve working w communities esp minorities. They just exercise brutality sometimes to force peace. It proved to be ineffective.

Sometimes you have to give the fool what they ask for, so that they may learn they are a fool Someone should tell BilldeBlasio I guess Diversity and Defund totes work

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Hmm gangs and drugs =gun violence but lets keep talking about guns and ignore the root of the cause🤡 It's almost like the 'defund the police' crowd has cops holding back on doing anything and simply arriving after the action and taking reports. my guess is the Biden administration will bring in the Feds like ATF and FBI and start kicking some serious ass in these high crime areas. Joe has a history of being really tough on crime - probably a big part of why he was elected.

You hate to see it How to do it? Is this a real question? Let the police do their jobs and stop trying to politicize this issue. Maybe more gun laws, Make sure those criminals KNOW they shouldn’t have a gun. Yep another piece of paper to stop crime. Clickety-clack mfer! More guns in the hands of lawful gun owners and more police. That is how you fix “gun violence”. Oh, and bring back the RudyGiuliani tactic of “broken windows” policing.

80% of black people want the same or MORE police in their communities. Liberal whites are the ones who want to hinder policing because they won’t be effected by the consequences I wonder why crime rates were down last year? 🤔

NPR Cookie Consent and Choiceshorrible For fucks sake, disable comments unless y'all want to hire someone to weed out the hate speech. まともな判断だとは思えない。 フェアプレイの精神は無いのかな?

Maybe parents should start disciplining their kids which helps keep them out of trouble 🤷‍♂️ …..just a thought This headline is why am independent voter. NPR is a puppet for the Democratic Party. So gun laws and police issues compared to a year when most where inside? What bs. Bias. 💩 Legalize all drugs, homicide and other violent crime will plummet. But this is unthinkable to all but a few savants.

Not true at all. Minorities are overwhelmingly disproportionately victims of gun violence. The front runner in the Dem primary in progressive NYC is almost singularly focused on increasing policing. Stop with this latte liberalism…. That’s why they call it the thin blue line. It’s the police that keep society from tearing itself apart.

It’s more than gun violence it’s all crime we have seen the videos of blks attacking Asians, the rapes, the theft please tell the whole story It’s always fun to ridicule the idiocy of the leftist bums and thugs infesting America Just wait until the cops start refusing to enter the bad parts of town or stop trying to arrest any thug who resists. They’ll simply let them waltz away when they refuse to cooperate quietly

Yeah, because they released prisoners during the pandemic, and increased gun distribution to impoverished communities. They didn't like the call for police reform, so this is the result. Know the history of NYPD and you'll know this isn't far fetched. Disappointed in this headline. There's a difference between 'stop murdering us in cold blood' and 'keep our communities safe'. You can, in fact, have both. Just ask most of the EU and the UK.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthanks 'Amazon's annual Prime Day sales event has begun with the largest number of discounted items in its history.' THAT's your lede? Is this a commercial? And where's the usual language about Amazon being a financial supporter of NPR? Fake

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NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesI’ll pay the bills of the first 7 people to dm me 💯❤️💯 That's because corporate supply chains aren't able to adjust to large scale disruptions like global pandemics. Stuff made in China?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWhen will you cover the horrifying numbers of deaths and injuries caused by this vaccine? It’s widely understood that VAERS data is dramatically underreported. Yet we not have over 6000 deaths in the US alone. The real number is much much higher. Why don’t you cover this?