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6/20/2021 5:59:00 PM

Baseball Reference, a gatekeeper of the game's statistics, is integrating data from the Negro Leagues era of 1920-1948 into its record books — a move it calls 'long overdue.' One expert says it's important to think of it as an atonement, not validation.

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Video shows a Texas sheriff's deputy on top of teen and then detaining mother during police encounter Hayes: Let’s call it what it was—Trump’s failed coup Boris Johnson: World leader's struggle with umbrella draws laughter - CNN Video Read more: NPR »

Boris Johnson: World leader's struggle with umbrella draws laughter - CNN Video

CNN's John Berman pokes fun at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after the world leader engaged in an epic struggle with an umbrella.

JohnnyDee62 Long overdue, because these leagues WERE major leagues, by every quality and definition except a racists red pencil. This is way that the next generation understands that the Negro Leagues deserve the same recognition as AL/NL/FedL/PlayersL - by treating them the same. I stopped watching baseball 3 years ago. It's not a statement It's a fact

Cancel colorism that denied them the opportunity to play. Defund npr That expert is nlbmprez Good move. We must 'atone' for teaching you baseball. How about we don't? good

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThere is one, and only one, reason the US has not acted aggressively to abate climate change: the Republican Party. Poverty, disease, guns, or the fires, floods, drought, and heat from climate chaos - vote them into extinction before they kill everything. It's 78 in San Diego Please please keep,this away from me in Illinois because my AC in my xterm is broken and I can’t afford

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices‘People are going to die, I’m sorry. But we can’t stop a car factory because there are traffic accidents’ - Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s president about lockdown. The truth: part of the Brazilian press, which is against President Bolsonaro because of its policy of not giving public money to the press, inflated these protests to deceive the population. Fora Bolsonaro J19forabolsonaro ....Fuck off Bolsonaro...Fuera Bolsonaro....J19forabolsonaro

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThe best thing that these companies can do for oppressed minorities is to *NOT* exist. Or just have a good marketing team with black people and gay people in your commercials. That's what everybody's doing now. Oh and fat people. One DEI expert needs to make bank.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthis is terrible news More fascinating, we STILL don't know who paid off his debts. Just admit there's no evidence to the claims and let it be.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSend me a dm if you need your bills paid 💯💯❤️❤️💯 Enough Claudette needs to get herself out to AZ where she’s wanted!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesI am sure Harris would be very happy to inform the world that they love their country so much that they don't want to come to USA Will they be viewed as traitors and first ones to be targeted ? They need some type of protection and hep for all they did America can’t abandon her allies like we did to the Kurds under formerguy.