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6/18/2021 10:51:00 AM

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signed a new bill into law that claims to invalidate all federal gun control laws — and prohibits state and local cooperation with enforcement of those laws. But can a state actually invalidate a federal law? No.

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Another Gov not knowing or understanding their job and what they can and can NOT do. Just a lot of showboating to get re-elected. No. And he knows it. This is grandstanding at it's most disgusting, destructive, and partisan level. These politicians do not even know the law, much less, understand it! GOP--NAZI

Pandering to the base… Amazing how you cite the Constitution in regards to Missouri not being able to enact a law preventing Federal gun laws from being enforced in the state, but you seem to have forgotten that any Federal gun laws are in fact unconstitutional as well... This is what happens when an entire political party has no actual platform.

Everything everybody does in the GOP these days is just performative nonsense designed to capture air time on Faux News and social media. No - a state CAN’T invalidate a federal law. But it still muddies the water - making it harder for law enforcement to do their jobs - making Missouri less safe for Missourians. And passing the legislation is a colossal waste of time on my tax-paying dime!

The wingnuts brought back Nullification that the slave owning assholes of the 19th Century argued their way into a bloody civil war. This may be performative virtue signaling to other racists, but it's also the losing argument of fools hurtling towards defeat.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesgood Sounds familiar Sounds familiar. Bolsonaro has lost his mind.

The poisonous belief system behind the GOP that masquerades as political. mikeparson Why don't these people move out of the country they don't love? They are dangerous. Leave our country plz Two words. Supremacy Clause. 😂 Mike if you can invalidate federal law, then cities can invalidate state law, then people can invalidate your stupid bill. 😂😂😂 Which means your bill is invalid. Nice try Mikey.

This law in relation to the Marijuana the difference in the vote? States voted to legalize Marijuana. But this law is an arbitrary law by Parsons...not the citizens. Just curious if that is what makes the legality different Take. Away. The. Keys. From. These. Lunatic. Old. White. Men. GovAbbott GovParsonMO The people in these states need to wake up. Unfortunately, too many people only clue in when painful consequences come to their doors. SIGH

If there is no Federal gun control laws in Missouri, organized crime will move to the Ozarks. The best thing about Federal law is that you know what the law is in every state. Imagine if every state had different age of consent. Matt Gaetz could go to Alabama and have sex with a 13yr old and come back to Florida face no charges.

not without leaving the union they cannot. So what are you saying there Missouri? Every governor in the country should should sign such a bill!

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kristiwelshies Missouri politicians seem to prefer anarchy. Not only are they not going to help the feds enforce the law but there's a 50k fine if they do. So... you know how dangerous killers are arrested and the first charge is illegal possession of a firearm? They get them off the street while they organize the other charges. No more.

But it can refuse to enforce them. If they don’t know how government works, they shouldn’t be in government!! John C . Calhoun would be proud... That’s not a good thing... Queue banjos sheesh, talk about overreach of power They do what they want now. It's actually kind of funny. I remember learning something about this related to those statues they love so much.

Just take their federal funding - see how long that law lasts! Republicans are stepping over each other to become the most loved by trump! It is very disturbing!

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices...But civilians won’t get treatment or admission. That would mean admission of an American civilian test pool by Russia.

Poor decision. IMO Republicans do such acts to keep the money flowing. Cool story bro. Next do Marijuana and Illegal Immigration. So is there or is there not now law that says I cannot modify my shot gun ? Shorten it to 10 inches? But the Federal Government Can invalidate all payments to those States. Not at all, Federal law supercedes state laws. Any other interpretation is wrong. This is grandstanding at it's worst

Mike GovParsonMO will do anything he can you make the Former guy love him more. 😳🤦‍♀️ Nope. What’s funny is all the same people who have no problem with states invalidating federal drug or immigration laws are very upset about this.

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unfortunately this will work. the idiots in Missouri will start carrying everywhere, and the cops will let them. Parson knows he can't invalidate federal law, but he can make it so they're not enforced. Don’t they have valid work to do? I wonder what would happen if the federal government decided not to send any federal tax dollars to Missouri for not following federal laws. What would Mike Parson do then?

How come if you or I break the speed limit we get a fine and when a state breaks the law it goes essentially unpunished ?!! That guy isn't too bright Huh - all that strange new respect and support that npr had for States defying the Federal laws for that last 4 years seems to have evaporated Under his leadership people will be injured and die as a result of his ill conceived law !

In a nutshell, the Missouri governor approved a bill against federal gun control laws AND prohibits any local police officer from helping arrest a man for illegally buying an AR15 in neighbouring state with the purpose of mowing down MO House representatives. Food 4 thoughts Sanctuary states say hi.

Just stop sending federal dollars to those states that want to do their own thing. Southern states live on federal teet…let them suck on something else for a while.

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Wrong cus if a state legalize marijuana but still illegal federally guess npr is wrong T be fare, why don't give anyone GUN so they can response right the ways when they got attact Any Federal money they get should be withdrawn until the state complies with Federal law Do states have legal marijuana sales

Republicans: “Back the blue! Without cops we are not protected.” Also Republicans: “No rules on firearms $50,000 fine to any cops trying to keep the community safe!” Also Republicans: “Convicted felons should never have the right vote again, but don’t violate their 2nd A!” 🤦🏼‍♂️ Let me guess, a member of the GQP?

They are all nuts Good job getting in front of Betteridge's law here He should go grocery shopping and tell someone to pull their mask up.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesTruly a wonderful way to honor her parents! wow ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m beginning to see a case for secession for certain states. Texas. Missouri. If all the sane people could get out before they secede. Then they could build a wall all the way around and leave the rest if us alone. It appears that Republicans think laws are what they say it is; laws they don’t like don’t apply to them.

Plenty of states have legal weed because they ignore federal law. Sure, the Feds could do something about it, but they’ve got limited resources so they choose their battles carefully. The patriarchy makes men delusional. So Missouri wants to secede from the nation Could it be similar to the recreational marijuana laws? If the feds are unwilling or unable to enforce them… they are pretty much null

they've already done it with cannabis, so probably. But, yikes! thinking more and more that we should have just have let the South secede. getting increasingly exhausted by your population of ignoramuses day by day Why do you not cover the city of Chicago that is a complete disaster due to its Democratic mayor She has single handily destroyed it?

...but it CAN prohibit state and local cooperation with enforcement of those laws. On behalf of this sane residents of Missouri: This dude is not our fault.

No. No it cannot.. because I just passed a law in MY house that says all laws passed by the State of Missouri are invalid... so Checkmate. curious to see if you have written any articles about the breaking of federal laws by sanctuary cities? Is that also a NO? At this point they’re just petulantly staging farcical theater for their twisted base

Question is: Will the fed challenge his new bill? If so, then how? Will MO try to concede if challenged? Will fed back down? My guess, NOTHING will happen and the gov bills will be law. Yet, Missouri tax payers *will pay* the cost of this ridiculous posture. When will they ever learn. Oh Missouri...why must you embarrass me so...

Ummm... ? ~37% of Missouri’s state budget from the Federal government. To borrow from Jeb Bartlet, ”may we have it back please.” It can if nobody does anything about it and we are having a severe law enforcement drought at the federal level these days. I don't think he cares

Yeah federal law trumps state law. Isn't this the same thing that happened with the Nullification Crisis? Ridiculous