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6/17/2021 1:35:00 AM

Special education services were severely disrupted when schools closed in spring 2020 — and in many places, they still haven't fully resumed. Families say they've watched their kids lose academic, social, and physical skills. Now, they're demanding help.

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Simone Biles says Tokyo bronze means more than all her golds NYC will require vaccination proof for indoor dining, gyms New York City will require vaccines for entry to restaurants and gyms Read more: NPR »

Relocating a Commercial Spacecraft at the Space Station on This Week @NASA – July 23, 2021

Relocating a commercial spacecraft at the space station, while another one gets ready to launch to the station, and Perseverance prepares for a mission miles...

Yes bring in the advocates and vilify the educators/therapisra who tried. This is why teachers and related services leave. There's no respect for the work they do and are treated like trash. Completely missed a major aspect for sped: shortage of OT, PT, sch psychs and speech paths - can’t find them to hire. Either they make more in the private sector OR they are leaving after a year+ of being vilified by both media and parents.

Thank God. So you’re telling me the lockdowns were counterproductive, caused more harm than good, and the corrupt teachers unions are failing their most needy and vulnerable students? Please continue. Nope. COVID nice

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesfails to remind readers of the Obama administration's spying on Congress, journalists, and the American public. Lol The House doesn't seem to have anything else to do except dream up more investigations and impeachment attempts which have no chance of succeeding. I guess it's how they try to justify their wasted salaries.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthis is terrible news Where are the birds when you really need them “…They also love to tear through the nutritious layer of decomposing leaves…” But then again…who doesn’t?

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesnice The American healthcare system doesn't exist to help people If you listen to the music being played and what a lot of role models are doing it’s no wonder the kids of today suffer from depression etc

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesBreyer, needs to step down Congratulations! Let’s hire based on skin color like the disastrous VP.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWell if it isn't a cancer spike over the next 30 years in that area. thanks You know the Capitalists say they are very smart, so tell me why they put all their eggs on one basket. This seems rather illogical...

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesImmigrants of what color? White/Black what? So goofy lol We are all people of colour. Stop with the divisive language.