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6/14/2021 6:40:00 AM

Wasabi has nabbed U.S. dogdom's most prestigious prize.

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70% U.S. adults have taken at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine - CDC

Nearly three out of four Americans above the age of 18 have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine as of Monday, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Now she is not a “wasabi but a better special me”! Cute cat هی ایلان خداییش قرار نشد ی نیم ساعت قبل توییت بمن پیام بدی واقعا اسکولی That’s not a dog! That’s proof there is life on other planets. those fur look like they'd mop its own poop clean bro I though it showed the backside. Beijingese dog won the most prestigious U.S. dogdom prize.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThis is about workplace/patient safety, not individual rights. They'll lose their suit big time. Can we just let Texas secede already? They already want to be by themselves, so just let them go. Would take two people to hold the arms and legs, one to give the shot

Is this dog walking towards the camera or away? unpopular opinion: Easily can be mistaken for a moving mop ha. That's no dog, it's a offspring of IT from the Adam's family I want that hairstyle With a name like wasabi, no wonder he’s on fire! 😂 I’ll take a shelter dog over wasabi every day and twice on Sunday. westminster

My doggie Wasabi can clean my wood blinds anytime. Hahahahaha Cute 🥰🥰

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesgood Ah it's just called a phone call, nothing new about it. somehow I doubt those will be unfettered

baby baby! Such an ugly little fella. 😬 That dog looks realy unhappy Tha Hell?... shawnhawaii dog impersonating sand worm I love all dogs . But best in show ? Wasabi looks exactly like what I emptied from my vacuum OMG 😆 what is this?!! Seriously severe facial/brachycephalic problems here. Why don’t shows select for QOL? This poor dog will not have a healthy life BAS

Apparently this competition is now allowing guinea pigs who identify as dogs to enter.

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kishu kishu Telegram Crypto instagram kishuARMY Biden switz EURO2020 Ronaldinho money Bitcoin BTC USDT japan family Dubai We were pleased to welcome superstar Ronaldinho to DowntownDubai with a spectacular BurjKhalifa and fountain show. Pekingese are an ancient breed from China, raised by monks and royalty going back into antiquity.

freak of Nature made by freaks of Nature The circle is full. Cute darling. Do you like wasabi darling elonmusk Not so prestigious anymore with choices like this . . . again! $DOGE What an incredibly arrogant species, beaming the proof of our demented genetic engineering to our galactic neighbors via the collective wattage of 200 Fox affiliates. The cracking of Earth via artificial singularity by our civilized neighbors will be Wasabi’s final revenge.

MRothmanPetArt A mop won as top dog ! Thank you , Swiffer 😏

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ALOT of pekingese slander in these comments What the hell is that? What is that thing? When journalists stop covering these events, the dogs can have their freedom. We thought this pup looked liked a South Park character- maybe Cartman? You're kidding! Imagine what we will look like when aliens genetically modify us so they can have cool pets.

Couldn’t even walk. Ridiculous. The Samoyed was stunning and absolutely should have won. WestminsterDogShow2021 🧠 Imagine if we bred humans like this, for fun and cuteness, while giving zero fucks how their health and well-being is affected. 🤮 “So cute, her brains are crammed in that miniaturized skull and her breathing is basically a life-long cough. Prestigious prize!”

Trump's hairpiece is best in show!

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That. Is. Not. A. Dog. Sorry. Some replaced the picture of the dog with that of a dust mop Looks like a dust mop. Dog’s expression is like WTF, man, get me outta here. OMG🐶 That’s not a dog. It’s a tribble. What the heck is this? what on earth is this ? looks like something out of star wars. very interesting

That dog is the epitome of ‘floof’.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesdcpl wamu885 DCist cc ShellsPemBroke dcpl wamu885 DCist How does anyone know what a dinosaur's roar sounded like?🤣 dcpl wamu885 DCist We've already started practice sessions 😂🙌🦖

It looks more like a Persian cat than a dog, unbelievable. After it spins its chrysalis, I’m sure it will turn into a beautiful butterfly. There’s still kids in cages Dogs don’t care. It’s funny how if you stare into Wasabi’s gorgeous maw it actually resembles a light at the end of a tunnel ✨ I was pulling for Jade, but sure, congrats Wasabi

That's a Tribble! More a houseshoe than a dog. Really that even a dog though? It's a mop-head with eyes & a snout. What the hell does it do?

First time learning about this cotton ball with eyes. too small and cuddly for me Some dogs should be called cats. Technically speaking these dog shows are the equivalent to a circus freak show. That little face ☺️ haligunner looks like a fancy hamster. I'm glad these guys don't pick our soldiers. iAmTheWarax

Get a haircut and a real job, ya hippie! How did spicy mayo do?

Great dogs. Work much better than a Swiffer. Hot to trot?