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6/12/2021 2:37:00 PM

Biochemist Manas Ray wrote the poem 'Praying From A Distance' about the toll COVID-19 has taken on his family in India. He submitted it as part of our poetry callout last month. You can read it in full here:

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Gavin Newsom holds onto his job as California governor, CNN projects

California's Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has defeated the effort to remove him from office, according to a projection from the CNN Decision Desk, capping off a recall effort that was born in partisan anger over his pandemic response but ended with a vote of confidence in his strategy to combat it.

I heard this as I was driving yesterday. Heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. wuhan lab leak bug no one can breathe but the dead poetry a salve

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThis is about workplace/patient safety, not individual rights. They'll lose their suit big time. Can we just let Texas secede already? They already want to be by themselves, so just let them go. Would take two people to hold the arms and legs, one to give the shot

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesgood Ah it's just called a phone call, nothing new about it. somehow I doubt those will be unfettered

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesfuck the shippers they already delay amtrak trains illegally without punishment Now let's set the job requirements as able-bodied, able to lift a 100 lbs with a 60 hr week schedule in all weather conditions to keep more than half the work force from applying. Would love to take the train more often but it only arrives at 1 am

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesdcpl wamu885 DCist cc ShellsPemBroke dcpl wamu885 DCist How does anyone know what a dinosaur's roar sounded like?🤣 dcpl wamu885 DCist We've already started practice sessions 😂🙌🦖

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAwesome. How long til Boko Haram destroy them?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesCould we put funding for desalination facilities into the infrastructure bill? We just have to figure out how to move the moon. That'll fix things. Weird how Death Valley was a lake and the Grand Canyon was a massive river