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6/11/2021 2:57:00 AM

CaPitAliSm bReEds InNovAtiOn

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benshapiro Waitwaitwait, Ben are you anti-capitalism now? Are you based now? benshapiro Education breeds innovation I’m surprised it took them this long Oh the irony here. Probably doesn’t understand capitalism. Clueless bunch. Let's debate, I bet I win. Refund npr. You know who hates socialism? Literally everyone who lives in a socialist nation

benshapiro My tax dollars what the fuck are you guys doing over there And so does 50% of your funding apparently. Nothing says trusted name in news like dumb jokes Remind me why we need state funded radio?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDon’t need a fake vaccine card. If someone asks about your medical care, just tell them to get bent. Logic doesn’t work on these folks, NPR. Huh 🤔

kenklippenstein YO BASED NPR? Lmao people getting heated in the comments like bruv its a joke about the crocs with a fucking stiletto not the the woes of our economy Crocs and Balenciaga have teamed up: Their first partnership in 2017 saw the creation of an $850 pair of platform clogs that sold out before they were even officially released, according to W Magazine.

Says NpR employee, tweeting from his capitalist iPhone, sitting at his capitalist desk, under his capitalist roof, paid by tax dollars earned by capitalist and from corporate donations by capitalist endeavors. But yeah, NpR, sick burn on CaPiTaLiSm. When you donate to NPR, that's what you're funding: Wealthy and/or full-scholarship 'white' and ABCD interns tweeting about fashion while fantasizing about being sexually assaulted (consensually) by a DSA 'fighter' as the new Honey Dijon-Lorde crossover plays in the background 🐷

Those crocs make more sense than your slave labor interns spamming your social media accounts. CantFixStupid What is this 'Many contemporary journalists like to blame capitalism for all the alleged frivolousness and wastefulness of society. Me, I prefer consumerism and materialism to the utilitarianism of collectivist-induced poverty, but to each his own.'

NpR bReEds InNovAtiOn ToO about to wear them with white thigh highs

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesLifeKit 'You will face many barriers in society, but not from us.' (I believe) the parents of SisterDottie (R.I.P.)

You’re almost there Now reveal your true form and come out in favor of socialism/communism/democratic socialism Love u NPR but title is cringe af—reminds me of vape/crypto dudes trolling femme gamers nPr iS aN uNbIaSeD nEwS sOuRcE JoURnaliSm Yes, it does. Like how NPR would have to get way better if it rightfully lost its taxpayer funding.

You got the desired engagement, but probably earned a few hundred mutes as the one myself I'm putting right now. Enjoy preaching to teenagers and Karens! 🤡 kenklippenstein under socialism we would all have stiletto crocs What a clowns Socialists will destroy our society. SuPpOrT rEaL jOuRnALiSm

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesNot gonna lie. This delta variant concerns me with the number of unvaccinated people in the US Learn from India and announce early lockdown, otherwise you can see the mayhem it created in India nancylascruces As we discussed yesterday.

This is SUPER cringe. Lmaooo all the crying capitalist bootlickers in the replies You guys are a fucking joke JoUrNaLiSm 🥴 LiTteralLY donating elsewhere over this. I thought this was a serious news organization. I don't need a pair of crocs. I certainly don't need them with stiletto heels. But I'll buy them before I give a penny to you dolts.

DougJBalloon LOL. Though this was an Onion article for a second. Bravo, So NPR hires communists?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesYeah but they don’t want *us* to travel there just yet.

NPR iS nOt BiGoTeD Based NPR the outraged replies to this tweet 😂😂 kenklippenstein Nice kenklippenstein Its like jurassic park. kenklippenstein Everything about this is hilarious. Croc Stilettos cheaper than going to the doctor. kenklippenstein I would actually wear those NPR: National Propaganda Radio

You know you said this on Twitter right? Social media didn’t even exist 15 years ago.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices👍🏼 A bad issue. But the wrong issue. Times of widespread health suggest traditional antiviral actions exist - preventive & curative? Who profits from sharing them? Follow the money?

federally funded btw National Propaganda Radio. You have the IQ of a broken brick. npr Cancel my subscription Yeah, and what does breed apart from 'journalism' that my 1st grader could out report? The only reason you donkeys are still 'in business' is thanks to the American public being robbed by 'We The People' and having their money siphoned to you and other useless institutions.

wE aRe jOuRnAlStS fUnDeD bY cApItAlISt tAx dOLlArS!!! Capitalism will show this trend the door! Cool clown show of a news outlet 🤡👍 This is one of the most incompetent jokes I've seen in...maybe a week or so.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAI? They want to bolster AI in a healing economy in which millions of living American carbon units need living wage jobs? They need more than this. Right direction though. If Democracy die you all think that would matter? I don’t think so.

michellennaik you'd appreciate this 🤣 NPR: Funded by capitalism for 51 years. tax payer funded mocks taxpayers...WTF The headline is accurate: This product would never have appeared under socialism. the internet and disintermediation of legacy distribution, shifting power from distributors to the actual content creators, has exposed you for the utter rag that you are NPR 🤡🌎 delicious watching legacy media degenerate and become utterly irrelevant. thank you cAPaTaLiSm :D

Hmm good idea NPR has been regulated to nothing more than tabloid magazine status. Give me my tax money back, you devils You went to college and this is what you do now? Take a look at yourself. This is literally an innovation though. Not an important one, but it is literally an innovation

...further proof that the Left cannot meme. God this is sad. “Innovation requires failure as well as success. You can’t tell if an idea works or is successful until it is tried. “No surprise that there is economic ignorance at NPR.” -Andy Spaeth- NpR iS uNbIAsEd NeWs All the Leftist Commies applaud this while they take full advantage of Capitalism every day of their lives smdh

So I’m trying to find an alternative to FoxNews , CNN , MSNBC , ……..and , it would seem. BBCWorld, watchu got going on? Capitalism is like the internet: yes you get tons of very low-value output, but the sheer volume of new creations unleashed inevitably includes some gems. Quality emerges from a brute-force trial-and-error process, which is something the internet's 1990s naysayers missed too:

Your programming sucks and you should all be fired Which is wonderful. Imagine slamming a place that affords people the opportunity to come up with ideas, freely, in attempt to be successful, rather than stifle creativity. Heard of a thing called a pet rock? Or slinky? You’re a privileged tool whose paycheck is from taxpayers.

damn maybe donny was right 😂 It does, but not all innovation is good. 🤣

It does look at what you're tweeting from. Way to drive engagement. Twitter for the win. Intelligent discourse, not so much. I’d be upset too if the best job I could get was working for NPR Communism is simultaneously a joke and also no laughing matter. Stick to condescending white saviorism, NPR. This is the dumbest tweet ever

defund npr perhaps the single biggest waste of taxpayer dollars Just shut up and put Car Talk back on, it's the only thing on your station that matters. Okay. NPR NPC NPR is a socialist joke

Outlays on “trinkets of frivolous utility” are what “keeps in continual motion the industry of mankind.” - Adam Smith Like radio, and twitter Is that not innovative? from foam stilettos to world-saving vaccines. it's brilliant, right? Hell yeah I gotta get me a pair for the meme, I'll never wear them but I still want them

Chinese communists force religious minorities to work in their shoe factories. Do you consider that better? NPR on a bender lately begging to get defunded with trash “journalism” and tweeting like Teen Vogue That should solve EVERYthing. You’re welcome to return to subsistence farming, NPR Twitter Admin.

Defund NPR

You take one formerly prestigious media off public funding and they instantly become buzzfeed Remember when NPR was credible? I was already pretty sure but now I’m positive I will never tune in or donate again. 👋🏻 The amount of replies here that obviously don't understand humor.... Wow NpR iSnT sHiT I dont get it, is this not some of the best fashion that has ever been produced?

People so critical of capitalism never come to the table with any first principles arguments of how collectivist alternatives could out produce or out compete, 🤡 NPR should be defended. There's no reason Americans should be forced through taxation to pay for both shitty journalism and bad jokes.

Let me tell you what we NOT gonna do... I get why doesn't like the idea of voluntarily exchange of goods in services. Its a matter of survival. What a garbage organization. More evidence we are wasting public funds. My tax dollars hard at work... I like NPR a lot, and this is just embarrassing It does. Some innovation being frivolous doesn't refute that. AbolishNPR

Man some of y'all in the comments are really this lame I think it’s just annoying people are still doing this meme Like the old expression, “Lipstick on a pig”

Ah yes people that believe in coercion and forced governance complaining about free markets. Smooth brain take, but I wouldn't expect any less. Hard hitting news coverage. Ha ha, very funny, but like seriously delete this This tweet is the croc with stiletto heels of jokes MacBook, Twitter, the internet... You're sure using a lot of capitalist innovations to talked shit about capitalist innovation.

Why don’t you try moving to Venezuela. I’m certain you will find life there more to your liking. extraordinary It SuRE doEs, PSycHo NpR iS a PuBliClY funDeD(stolen money from people)aNd Is sTiLl irrelevanT. In a free market you would not have a job.

Just a reminder, we are not allowed to have fun things, they have to preapproved by govt agency Correct! Capitalism does breed innovation, which is why you probably have an iPhone in your pocket, instead of a brick-sized cell phone from 1995 that did nothing but make actual phone calls. yep... You proud of this tweet?

Making fun of the country and people that feed you….. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 And no one will buy because CaPitAlIsm. There is no demand for these, so they will go away. This is just free advertising for crocs. nPr Yes, and some of it is ridiculous :) Wonderful ! Jesus…. Is NPR now an arm of the CCP?

Expect better ... There went donations out the window... Wouldn’t it be funny if you guys had to face market competition. Are you vaccinated? never go full commie delete your account So now yall the Narrative Public Radio eh? Oh the times they are a changing. What are you using to view that image and how are you sharing it to the world?

Random, not alternating It also breeds mimicry. People tend to forget that most of our tech originates from gov funded research.

Prestigious news agency? Or self-parody? 🤡 Maybe you wouldn’t need to beg for money every quarter if you would manage your finances a little better npr o7 NPR person! Pol Pot would have never allowed a shoe like that. JioUrNalizm begets StUpiD 🤷🏻‍♂️ But…….why? NPR being nakedly anti-capitalism? Public-funded radio?

NPR, now officially CCPR.

Defund NPR. Fire the liberal assclown non-journalists & use the money for something that helps people. End the taxpayer financing of their snarky self-righteous bullshit. Fire them, burn the building to the ground, and let the homeless live on the space. Defund NPR now. Weird you spend my tax dollars in a self-own tweet.

You realize using those caps insinuates you're poking fun at the mentally challenged, right? Why do you get taxpayer money Sure, but the five people who want this will have them. For 20 years. Is this really 's twitter that's a real NPR headline? wow. Objective journalism. How I miss you. 🙄 FakeNews MediaBias

Great, my tax dollars are funding this. At least NPR is finally showing their true colors. Love you love everything about you.

DeFUnd nPr TheNastyPastor lmao it’s bigger than the IG post They are monstrosities, to be sure, but you can't blame capitalism for bad taste. Better to blame nihilism. It's very en vogue Pop off queen Can't wait for not to be defunded kylennium29 🙃 not people in the mentions fighting over a joke about foam stilettos 😭

pretty sure capitalism is responsible for the device you tweeted from but you do you Defund NPR.

Here's a list of journalist Sharon Pruitt-Young's inventions i pay your salary Why are we still giving you tax dollars? Guess who's laughing all the way to the bank At least one can choose not to pay for crocs if they don’t find it to be a useful good. Can’t say the same about NPR… NPR would not exist were it not for capitalism, get over yourselves

Holy shit did someone forget to switch accounts after a box of wine this evening? Letting the interns run the Twitter again. FFS NPR can you sink any lower? Lol the zoomers took over NPR Capitalism is so dysfunctional it even funds NPR. I can’t believe I used to listen to NPR.

What an absolute dumpster fire of a take from a tax payer funded organization. DefundNPR It absolutely does. Well, at least we got the mRNA vaccine from capitalism. NPR has outlived its usefulness. Defund these pricks Capitalism breeds risk. This is a huge risk. Defund NPR No. No. No! NPR is a shit hole country

I want my tax dollars back dEfUnD NpR

Time to pull your funding. Ridiculous product, but at least we can decide whether to buy it or not. We’re forced to pay for your ridiculous network. This tweet but for the cybertruck When I think of experts on innovation, NPR certainly leaps to mind. The AC is out at the NPR offices and it's starting to get to the social media team.

keishayvonne14 Just a reminder that NPR considers itself a legitimate journalism outlet Best NPR tweet of all time Defund yourselves

And socialism breeds death camps and starvation. defundNPR this is why i love npr.