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6/10/2021 8:03:00 AM

By 2040, if population trends continue, 70% of Americans will be represented by just 30 senators — and the other 30% of Americans will be represented by 70 senators.

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Snow1nApril So in other words, 100% of Americans will still be represented by 100 Senators. yes and it works just like that Wtf This is dark Sounds like a good day to move to Wyoming. 😁 Judy_Kalb Hello do you need a work from home job? $25/hour, kindly dm me if you’re interested Thank goodness the house of representatives brings balance.

Just remember that Rome wasn’t built in one day and their citizens didn’t realize was falling until it was too late. And while the brits are still holding on to their monarchy by teeth and nails, all corrupt empires are meant to fall. “Democracy” We’re all going to die in 8 years because global warming climate change & white supremacy so who cares 😞

In the original plan, which nobody learns about (media) Representatives represent (hence the name) people. Senators represent States which is why (originally) Senators were appointed by Governors. Perverting the senate to popular representation was a mistake.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthe children of the wealthy, both men & women, need to be drafted to serve in neolib/neocon wars Why was US taxpayer money going to a virology lab in China-one capable of weaponizing a virus? Did the NIH monitor the Wuhan lab-or just send it money? What caused the MSM to endorse the 'Bats done it' theory so quickly and without real reporting? Fauci needs to answer these! Women should be drafted. They have fought admirably in wars in which they have been included. The Soviet Army in WWII is a great example.

Stop gerrymandering to stop minority rule. The Federal Government must fight states that are practicing voter suppression, politically, legally, militarily. Fight god damn it. Just plain wrong. The numbers seem upside down. We need EQUAL representation. America is slowly moving to an autocratic, minority driven political system. This is by design.

NPR, propagandist Hitler would love. FACT. We absolutely have to focus on skin color more. Just like MLK said! Progressives need to colonize the plain states. Easiest way to boost the value of our votes. It'll be like Burning Man, but the pop up city stays. Sliding? What do they think is happening right now?

ThE rEpUbLiCaNs ArE tHrEaTiNiNg OuR dEmOcRaCy... The Democrats are threatening the republic, which is what we actually have. For clarification, I hate both so I’m just pointing out truth This is screwed up

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAt what point do we classify investing in bitcoin as supporting criminal enterprises? Getting older doesn't impact how long or hard you can party so much as how long or hard the recovery will be. Corporations, with vastly more respective resources, should be preparing to defend against ransomware and not wait for government bailouts.

This is a serious fudge up in the design of the power channels in US government! The Senate should have less say and power than the House. That’s because Democrats get out out-maneuvered at almost every turn. I guess that you always could move to Wyoming. We had this discussion in 1787. Yep. I've said this for a while now. Human populations move to cities. It is natural across humanity as a whole, it's not just an American thing. This will only become less and less democratic and pressure will build to a revolt unless the obvious changes needed are made.

Then combine states I guess 100% of us are not truly represented Yes and when the constitution was ratified 50% of the population was represented by 25% of the Senate, and they weren't even directly elected by the people. It's a feature, not a flaw, in the system which prevents tyranny of the majority.

Gerrymandering needs to be made illegal. Politicians getting to pick their voters is wrong If trends continue, in 2340, 10% of the senate will represent space colonies. And 24% will represent talking dogs.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesIt's the Yellow Vest group. They formed when Emmanuel Macron decided to uphold the environmental protection agenda & imposed the green tax on fuels to dissuade ppl from using fossil fuel. They're France's version of quanon lunatics I fart in your general direction.

Why do Democrats hate the Constitution? Stop moving to the cities Conveniently forget about the House of Representatives.... Senators represent states not populations that’s why there is an equal number of them. The house is based on population. Stop this dumb argument. I contend that we aren't represented by any of them.

Dems ignore the fact that the US IS NOT a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic, designed to give equal representation to EVERY state within the US Senate. Proportional representation is what the HOR was designed for, which seems to bounce back & forth between parties. Do we need a Constitutional convention?

What’s up with the headline? Do they increasingly say or is it actually happening? Latinos major voting bloc by mid-century. Senators represent the states; representatives represent citizens. Apples and oranges, but run with your ignorance of the bicameral nature of the Congress for ideological propaganda.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesPresident Biden is proud of his son. Why? That’s a friend you can do without... Death by Visine…

People from blue states need to move to purple and red states. Seriously. If a million California Democrats moved to Texas (and given how Dems outnumber in Cal 2to1 they can afford it) Texas would turn Blue (including its Senate seats). But I guess the hell with what the majority of Americans want. Majority of Americans want sensible gun control too.

Pretty sure it’s written in the constitution for a reason!!! American is a republic not a democracy Constitution Soon democracies that have formerly been allies with the U.S. will see the threat it poses to the entire world with its bloated military and its oppressively racist and misogynist society, and they will know that Americans are different and dangerous, violent people.

Based Trends always continue in a straight line 🙄 Work from home prolly gonna upset that apple cart. Well however it turns out it’s very obvious what party NPR represents. Well that seems fair.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesTreasonous SCOTUS! 🤬 This is terrible news. SCOTUS is unbalanced and wrong. It's very disturbing how the democrat media (CNN, ABC, NBC, NPR, WaPo, NYT) are complicit in disinformation & cover up the true origin of COVID. Our press is no longer a legitimate source for honest reporting. They destroyed themselves from within in an effort to take out Trump.

Yep something definitely wrong there but just what the GQP want It's a feature not a bug As climate warms, population movement won't be to the South, it will be to the Great Lakes region. Better start moving to the country! Oh hey don't forget that the Senate is also racist. White people literally have more representation than everyone else.

The above comment is misleading/wrong. Even kids know that the founding fathers created the house of representatives to solve exactly that issue. Scary thought By 2040 half these asses will have died of old age. Most of these assholes are already 70+... Not everyone can love to be 90/100. We will be ok. Just facts.

You’re lying! The house of rep is for population and Congress is for the states. abolishnpr defundNPR Sliding? More like careening

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices“now has high school diploma” It's very disturbing how the democrat media (CNN, ABC, NBC, NPR, WaPo, NYT) are complicit in disinformation & cover up the true origin of COVID. Our press is no longer a legitimate source for honest reporting. They destroyed themselves from within in an effort to take out Trump. The rules are the rules...

And the House will always be close to proportional. I don’t understand where this article is going. Abolish the senate? I don’t think California, Texas, Florida(😱), and New York should get to dictate policy for the other 46 of us. Something, something founding fathers. America is self-organizing towards criticality. The constitutional convention was not damn Hari Seldon. If unexpected changes happen, the legislative is there to correct the trajectory. Failing to do so may collapse the whole system.

THE NEXT few generations will have their lives ruined because of their parent's voting- because of religion, because of whites that are now a minority. Unless they vote- they can kiss their future goodbye. 70 + 30 = 100% American representation. This makes no sense. Wow almost like it’s a republic of states.

It's time to abolish the Senate.