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6/10/2021 6:43:00 AM

A report by the Interior Department's inspector general found that U.S. Park Police made the decision to clear Lafayette Park before they knew that then-President Donald Trump would be visiting a nearby church.

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As Britain's longest-reigning monarch, the Queen is both a cherished and consistent part of public life -- her image synonymous with stability and tradition to the British people.

I hope you are happy with yourselves,, You have twisted these peoples brains to far,,, look at these comments.. I call bullshit ! We all saw it with our own eyes ... But obviously , that does not matter anymore . That’s a boldfaced lie. And if so, who ordered the use of teargas against peaceful protesters?

The reaction to this information demonstrates how propaganda from the media shapes a narrative, that even when it is proven false, it cannot be accepted. It shows the power the media has over the masses. They deceive you then hold you captive. People are like sheep. Mark Greenblatt is a trump appointee. We saw what we saw.

One of many misconceptions pushed by the media. How much exposure of this for us to realize the media does not report news ,but constructs perceptions it wants you to believe. It’s called propaganda and is effective in creating deception to confuse evil with good. Germany 1930’s I have a hard time believing this. Who is the group?

The world watched this in real time. We are sick of the enablers for trump pushing propaganda to protect a damn criminal! Maybe they should have helped their peers on January 6th and brought the same amount of energy to the insurrectionist🙄 Trump appointed IG. No validity to this report

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesthe children of the wealthy, both men & women, need to be drafted to serve in neolib/neocon wars Why was US taxpayer money going to a virology lab in China-one capable of weaponizing a virus? Did the NIH monitor the Wuhan lab-or just send it money? What caused the MSM to endorse the 'Bats done it' theory so quickly and without real reporting? Fauci needs to answer these! Women should be drafted. They have fought admirably in wars in which they have been included. The Soviet Army in WWII is a great example.

Who appointed that ID inspector general? This is a lie. Trumplican trying to change the narrative. PUREFOXSHIT……he ordered it BS I don't buy it What is the point of this. So the story is there was a planned attack on democracy by the park police and Trump, Barr etc decided to amplify it and use it for a photo op and everyone went along? Is that a better story somehow

All the lies and accusations made by the Left and their spoiled, spiteful and hateful worshipers are slowly being exposed and disproven. But now, they’re going to throw accusations out there that someone affiliated with the Right made the decisions. Grow up for Christ sake!! not so fast...these decisions are not made without indicators that an event was expected, there's a more ominous agenda at work here.

Should someone tell them at least half the country isn’t as dumb as their bubble? This is an insult. Still waiting for NPR reporting on Hunter Biden’s frequent use of the N word.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesAt what point do we classify investing in bitcoin as supporting criminal enterprises? Getting older doesn't impact how long or hard you can party so much as how long or hard the recovery will be. Corporations, with vastly more respective resources, should be preparing to defend against ransomware and not wait for government bailouts.

So, they were ordered to clear the park. The fact that they weren’t told exactly why doesn’t change that it was, most likely, so that loser could take his photo. Nice try Say it, NPR. You were WRONG. Again. You hated Trump soooo much that you blew your credibility. Bullish!t Should have held that Bible in North Carolina.

If only I'd have know HE would have had MY vote. Pfftt And I’m selling the Brooklyn bridge this week for only 100,000 The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesIt's the Yellow Vest group. They formed when Emmanuel Macron decided to uphold the environmental protection agenda & imposed the green tax on fuels to dissuade ppl from using fossil fuel. They're France's version of quanon lunatics I fart in your general direction.

😂😂😂😂😂 Ahem: NPR, with all due respect, I thought you were above parroting obvious lies 😠 This just feels more like “police investigate police and found nothing wrong.” BS 😡 And the Native Americans were very willing to let the Colonizers live rent free as long as they took care of the land. revisionism

I call BS! Yea because fences need to be built while a potus is walking by. The way these idiots insult our intelligence is pathetic So they did it... for fun?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesPresident Biden is proud of his son. Why? That’s a friend you can do without... Death by Visine…

Cultural indoctrination is real, effective and perpetrated by a system designed to cause us to question our own reality. Today, white supremacists still insist that we did not see what we know we saw or know what we know to be true... Oh. A report. Utter bullshit. We all know. The headline is wrong. It should read, “Trump appointee lies about involvement of police using force to set photo op for Trump.”

What do we have for sale today; bridges, mountains, maybe someone s soul? Did this “IG” watch the same videos I did? 😳 No believa. Bull. IG is a Trump appointee.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesTreasonous SCOTUS! 🤬 This is terrible news. SCOTUS is unbalanced and wrong. It's very disturbing how the democrat media (CNN, ABC, NBC, NPR, WaPo, NYT) are complicit in disinformation & cover up the true origin of COVID. Our press is no longer a legitimate source for honest reporting. They destroyed themselves from within in an effort to take out Trump.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices“now has high school diploma” It's very disturbing how the democrat media (CNN, ABC, NBC, NPR, WaPo, NYT) are complicit in disinformation & cover up the true origin of COVID. Our press is no longer a legitimate source for honest reporting. They destroyed themselves from within in an effort to take out Trump. The rules are the rules...