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5/15/2021 11:41:00 PM

Some new things got added to Biden's plate this week, including inflation, a run on gas and renewed fighting in the Middle East between Israel and Palestinians. They threaten to derail an agenda that has so far, for the most part, stayed on the tracks.

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Jingle, Pluck, and Hum: Sounds from Space

A “sonification” project led by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and NASA’s Universe of Learning program transforms otherwise inaudible data from some of the world’s most powerful telescopes into sound.

Inflation isn’t all that bad if it isn’t runaway. The Fed can take measures, but it will be nice to see savings interest rates go up a little, though it’s only a minor bump in the road. Paul Krugman addressed this issue as well, good read. Hope he’s got a platter 4 all these & more! Pretty sure these things were on his plate before his people gained control of office.

Makes sense, it’s what he ordered ;) I am absolutely 💯 shocked about the inflation. I thought we could just keep passing bill$. What about the $50,000 loan forgiveness eternal life Jesus 10,000 yrs in herods / pilates / ceasars fade joe hates russia , china , iraq ,iran , ron desantis , gop , trump voters , big tech , oil , nfl owners , governors ; higher taxes , new taxes , invasions , abortion , etc etc where is the up side

his 1 st day in office he did a photo shoot passing multiple new laws exec orders ; call helen keller to connect one man one pen no checks no balances sh=t show dots Bet you if he gave incentives to move to electric cars, the republican government officials would be foaming at the mouth going 'muh gas bribes'

Stayed on track for the most part. What damn universe are you living in? NPR sucks!

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesautosheck Awesome! Cool, they agreeing to unemployment for everyone in the fields?

That's not true. As long as the Senate filibuster remains in place, Biden will only be able to pass 1 or 2 more bills with just Democrats. The Senate has already ground to a halt, except for confirmation votes. Trump would be going through more diapers than normal and playing golf. Inflation: The Central Bank enables it. Run on gas: Idiots filling plastic bags with gas. Because a oil pipeline company spent the profits on bonuses. Not security measures. Fighting in Middle East: It's in the Bible, look it up. We're in the Fourth Turning.

Actually, gas pipeline , like power grid and power generating reliability in private bids hands, sane foreign policy towards ME can only HELP Biden’s public works infrastructure agenda. Can you imagine where we would be w/ Trump backing up Bibi’s apartheid in ME? Tracks to nowhere. Life happens 🤷🏼‍♀️

If he ignores all his problems...they eventually will go away...he hopes. these actions by Israel whom we gibe billions in military aid each year , must be addressed . Both parties are guilty in this arena of betrayals to decency, basic humanity , and God. Yes, God. I will not forget what Israel has done , nor leaders as they cower in silence . Warned.

It is his doing, his creation. The US went from a fuel surplus to sniffer heads hoarding gas in plastic bags and Rubbermaids.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices🙏🏾Great actor. He has given me years of laughs. RIP....

No they don’t. They threaten the narrative the press has built and the coverage of it. Alzheimer's disease stay on course Mr.President 💪💪💪 'inflation'. There is no inflation. There is price gouging. 'renewed fighting in the Middle East between Israel and Palestinians' Somehow, everybody will blame the USA for this

Does this guy think his votes are legitimate? Hey Blue Dawgs, thanks for all The Schitt Let's not forget Russia build up near Ukraine. I sure feel bad for the senile old man that justifies war crimes What about ufos?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesMy children were trapped under the rubble, crying for me but I was also buried — I couldn't do anything to help them I feel so bad for these businesses that now have to have these awkward enounters with folks who are sometimes belligerent. Must I remind the entire nation youve not yet reached herd immunity, the world is bigger then America, theres variants, and kids are not yet vaccinated, also pathogens still exist.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesالموت لإسرائيل ✊ اللعنة على اليهود ✊ More government handouts ...good news for Amazon and Apple This will make Gucci and Louis Vuitton real happy.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesCan the people who separate a mother and her child by slaughter be innocent? No it's not possible! Please stop the Israeli murdering innocent Palestinian children and women. Peace and love will win when we stop Israel crime. HearGaza GenocideinGaza Did he notice NPR's swing from liberalism to Marxism?