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5/14/2021 8:56:00 AM

The CDC announced that fully vaccinated people in the U.S. can go maskless in most settings. Here's what the updated guidance means for traveling and taking mass transit.

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Hell yeah! Here we go ballgames, amusement parks, CONCERTS and BBQ's!!! It might actually feel like summer this year! GetVaccinated CovidVaccine Per Worldometers, US covid deaths have fallen from 712 per day on Oct 17, 2020 to 635 per day on May 11, 2021. That’s an 11% decrease in daily deaths in half a year. 635 per day is 230,000 per year. US total per capita covid death toll is 22 times Japan’s. Just wear a mask.

Nooooo👎👎👎👎 Fcking stupid. Now anti-vaxx and anti-mask idiots can roam wherever they please as if they have been vaccinated, increasing risk and spread. What exactly is the point of loosening the recommendations? Mark my words, a wave of COVID will return this fall because of this I don’t give a fluff; I’m wearing masks & distancing! I’m vaccinated but millions of anti-vaxxers out there! Trust no one!

Translation: We tried to work with you anti-maskers. We tried to help you. Now F you. Go ahead and get sick. Let the vaccinated live. Corona wasn't even as deadly as SARS and yet we did all this. We did nothing of the sort for SARS. smh 🥰🥳🤓 Oh no Was in Arizona two weeks ago; not a mask anywhere. Ya, no. Still gonna wear mine, thanks 🤚🏼

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesannasale deathsexmoney MORRIS STREET SCHOOL: PEDOPHILE PRINCIPAL EXECUTED FROM PAYROLL - William Santasiero was caught having affairs with boys in Danbury, CT. Dr. Adeline Gillich EXPOSED him and DBOE Dr. Sal fired the pedophile principal pictured. *Paperback ready for publication annasale deathsexmoney hard things.... c'mon. annasale deathsexmoney BN ID:2940164596873 •ISBN: 9781393815631 American Corruption in Baghdad I Reported it and They Tried to Kill Me A Whistleblower's Report Gary Kent Blair

Should've waited I am looking for new, good friends He told me the CDC says he doesn't have to wear a condom anymore. Is that true? No thanks

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesGood. Climate change is going to be really bad, what we do now will determine whether it will be apocalyptic or recoverable in a couple hundred years YAY!😎 Who know today the painter Abdelkader Guermaz (1919-1996)? Кто знает сегодня художника Абделькадера Гермаза (1919–1996)?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesSouth Carolina... Ah, yeah, the KKK kid in American Idol. Whoa! South Carolina? I understand they have firing squads now.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesIs the promotion of renewables ecocide? Thread: How are we supposed to know who's been vaccinated? The CDC are morons. I assume the caveat is only with other vaccinated people, yes? I would have thought the CDC would factor in non-vaxed people not masking (hi, I’m in Texas). 🤔

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesGenocide UNOCHA IsraelTerrorist IsraeliTerrorism Why is this story full of IDF statements taken as fact with nothing from the Palestinians they're bombing? The cost of biden being president is felt across the globe

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesYou have heard of Zombie fires.. fires that keep burning endlessly underground.. only to reappear at a later time We could call this tropical storm a Zombie storm.... .still active from 2020 .....when it made landfall in Louisiana ..Oct. 28, 2020