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5/10/2021 5:07:00 AM

Bishop-elect Megan Rohrer, a transgender pastor in San Francisco, will serve at the Sierra Pacific synod, which includes congregations across Northern California and Nevada.

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Dad leaves 80,000 pennies to pay for child support. See what mother and daughter did next - CNN Video

A mother and daughter turned a negative into a positive after donating 80,000 pennies left on their front lawn by the father as the final child support payment. CNN affiliate WTVR reports.

LOL Congrats ELCA on being accepting and progressive. We are all children in God! I always supposed that to be in a position of church leadership, a person would have repented from something like this. Total 🤡 🌎 marketing move that will nail the coffin shut on the Lutheran Church. Ask middle eastern/African Christians how helpful to them this is.

You are satan's servant woman Who the hell is that in the background? It’s Pat! Contrast this with the hate filled catholic bishop for California. Which one reflects a loving Christ. How low can we sink? Oh dear..... 🌈Hide the kids from this Democrat 🏳️‍🌈

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesMembers of the GOP are certifiably nuts! I am looking for new, good friends I'm shocked. Shocked. 😒

Proof that men use the name of God to their convenience because now is convenient to accept what they punished and condemned for centuries in the name of God... is all for the love of power and money and nothing to do with God as always. Protestants do whatever they want lol 'After coming out as lesbian ... they were harassed by their peers, who would treat their identity as something to be cured.' ummmm, isn't that what transition is? a 'cure' for homosexuality?

Perpetuating an immoral ideology is not right regardless of who is teaching it. Nothing will change in society until we recognize religion for what it is; a defect not a virtue. 🤔 1 Corinthians 6:9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 1 Timothy 1:10 and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars

I like the Catholic tradition where men are in charge. It's for the best! Christianity is opening its door to all. All other faiths should follow Christian openness Christians loving and accepting others and not judging. Remarkable! Do the do Transgender? Is that like transubstantiation?

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesMore good news please((( our faces are masked but our third eyes are open 2011: I vividly remember the instant grief 6 months after my dad died, seeing the FathersDay greeting cards at the grocery, curling up and crying at the store. Losing a loved one is so very hard. This will be a tough year for folks since so many died. Sending ❤️

Ahh, bring on the trolls. there is a God.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices'I will have Fido to do the smelling for me.' Waiting now over a year and same for taste

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices103-year-old woman celebrates COVID-19 recovery with beer

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesI've been screaming it from my rooftop! People are going to lie about their vaccination status, they don’t care that they are making a health decision for someone else and they wouldn’t want that to happen to them. It is completely unethical, the people who are doing it at garbage. Why would you not

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesMore good news please((( Have you even seen the videos on TikTok.......good luck with that it literally gives me fucking anxiety scrolling past all the people who post while they're driving. It's amazing there isn't a 'crashed while tiktoking' hashtag. justsaying themoreyouknow Let’s apply the same reasoning to guns.