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5/4/2021 9:37:00 AM

Children make up 22% of new COVID-19 cases reported in the past week, officials say. One year ago, they represented only about 3% of the U.S. total. Experts link the trend to several factors — particularly high vaccination rates among older Americans.

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It’s a strange article, isn’t it? Shame on you NPR - OK running stories that children are less likely to get and transmit when you want schools to reopen and how increase in cases story when you want to push vaccines through for kids. Propaganda machine 🤖 It's simple math! The denominator or pool of potential cases, those that haven't been vaccinated or had Covid, is shrinking. Kids haven't received vaccines at same rate as adults so they simply become larger proportion of the remaining pool of potential cases 🤦🏻

Here we go again with the NPR putting out spurious, fake info that is not real. NPR is the most mendacious, state media worse than anything the CCP has. Or he Old KGB in Russia. NPR , Putin would love you. NPR wants a lockdown, go to TX or FL ! Get out of your NE cubicle ! Ignore CreepyTucker and get em vaccinated and end this crap.

In-person classes, sports, and parents letting kids mingle is driving infections. On Monday, the AAP said children represented 22.4% of new cases reported in the past week, accounting for 71,649 out of 319,601 cases. I am glad the FDA will allow 12-15yr olds to get the shot. Getting kids tested early on was not feasible. My 6 year old showed symptoms for over 2 + weeks in April 2020. But getting a test was not possible. Just because they didn't end up in hospitals doesn't mean they it never happened.

Thanks for adding the 2nd paragraph. It’s pretty essential to the story. If you were to read this article, the rising rate of infection is because fewer adults are getting sick (cause vaccines), not because kids case counts are rising. actual death rate is considerably lower than that of the yearly flu for the same age group. Somewhere around 1: 20 or less 🤔 'So the point I'm making, there is that yes, it's less severe, but it's still potentially a very severe disease.' Potentially is not an actuality

Trying to scare people with “rising proportion” - what are the absolute numbers!? If I eat all the green m&ms the “proportion” of red m&ms will increase.

They need a new place to dump the crap vaccines. Hello kids! Incredibly lazy journalism. DrEricDing