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5/4/2021 3:13:00 AM

Children make up 22% of new COVID-19 cases reported in the past week, officials say. One year ago, they represented only about 3% of the U.S. total. Experts link the trend to several factors — particularly high vaccination rates among older Americans.

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ArcticFox_am_I Vaccinate the little rascals . and Biden's plan for cutting child poverty in half is realized. Another factor - a year ago, lots of places wouldn’t test kids. BillyCorben The GOPQ wants the kids back in school Many kids here in LA went back to school. I see birthday parties with the inflatable jumpers in the front yards. When the variant from India takes hold... Thoughts and prayers. There is little we can do now. The horse left the barn - and the barn burnt down.

This is a concern, but headline is misleading. With adults getting vaccine, they have fewer cases. So even if cases in kids does not change, they will increase as a percent of total cases. We are seeing this in ND. That makes no sense when neither children nor adults were vaccinated adults got covid children didn’t, adults getting vaccinated doesn’t change a thing for children’s immunity It’s scary to think ppl who’re supposed to study & explain this stuff don’t know what they’re doin🤯😳

Hmmm say now, what other extremely obvious factor would you speculate is patently at play here hmm certainly not having everyone crammed back into classrooms uh huh and what other obvious factor I wonder if forcing kids back to in person class had anything to do with this... No it must be the vaccines. I am very smart.

By “several factors” do you mean “parents and the government no longer giving a shit about kids”? So basically you wanted a sensational clickbait headline but stepped back from total fearmongering by tagging the (very obvious) reason on? Sadly this is better than most news outlets these days. What’s the survival rate ?

oPeNtHeScHoOlS LetThEmPlAy With his latest announcement, FL Deathsantis is now willing to also risk children's lives to Covid. Between sex trafficking, pedophiles and the virus FL is not safe for children or adults. Go there at your own risk. this implies cause and effect -- i am confused A year ago the schools closed down. Many of them, littler ones in particular, weren’t around other people at all. Now, they are in school and in sports and there’s so much more exposure happening. This isn’t a mystery.

Been teaching hybrid & remote at the same time since August - but hey “it doesn’t spread in schools” 🤬 😷😞 Suggestion: please state whether the number of COVID cases in children is up (I suspect not), or if the ratio is up because many fewer adults are getting COVID (perhaps implied by the vaccination comment).

The narrowed down possibilities are: they're not vaccinated bc: -they weren't eligible bc of age. - their deranged quanon/antivax/conspiracy fairytale lunatic parents won't let them get vaccinated. (Their dead infected kids are on them, I put the children) -covidiots

Friends still in states say people are running around without masks on their kids. Ludicrous you guys can't figure this out. This is very good news. It means the vaccines are working as they are supposed to. If the parents of these children had an opportunity to get them vaccinated and declined, they should be charged with child endangerment.

Also, kids were in lockdown for a long time- no longer are . Fear mongering won't change the fact that covid has little to no effect on children. Get your kid vaccinated if you want but my kids will be just fine. Yeah sure. Wonder what the real numbers are. Only 3% of the tested total- who knows what the percentage actually was?

So in other words covid rates of transmission have plummeted Nice manipulation of the figures to stoke fear The only way to kill Covid19: 1. Working online (recommended). 2. Wear a mask. 3. Blockade, localize epidemic stamping, trace 100% F1-F5. 4. Find a cure. 5. Do not gather. ( Buy and Holder DogeCoin)

Where can you go for fun in your city?

Antivax parents who need to have DCFS take their kids away. Sacrifice the kids it seems