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5/1/2021 8:11:00 AM

German officials say they've reached a deal with Nigeria to return artifacts looted from the ancient Kingdom of Benin. Thousands of plaques and sculptures were stolen by British soldiers — and ultimately acquired by museums largely in Europe and the U.S.

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ItsComingHome its finally coming home! They will not be preserved the same way and will probably go to ruin. Should have just left them there reached a deal? these “artifacts” were important parts of art and history in a culture that were desecrated by white people. you stole it, now return it. the one year old i nanny is more mature than you, good god.

Nice! Also, it would be nice to petition a few African+Germans to return to their Motherland to construct and essentially RUN THE MUSEUM housing the returningArtifacts 💡 most of the conquests/colonization took place to replace gold and currency that the royal families wasted. got the entire world in conspiracy cuz they can’t manage their money. i hate Europe.

Nobody is asking the fundamental question. Why are they returning them now. Something is wrong. Thieves Benin Empire is still very much active today(BENIN KINGDOM). Let them return it to the Benin kingdom where they stole it from not Nigeria government 'Thousands of plaques and sculptures were stolen by British soldiers'. Really? Nah, c'mon. Impossible. They were British soldiers!!!

Is England listening? Tjey only planning to bring back 26 items ?🤡

Setting Art free is the new trend....WOW!! When is Europe gonna return the gold and other money looted from African Nations? The keyword here is looted. Colonizers looted Nigerian artifacts meaning they stole them. Thieves. Just saying! 🙄 ClevelandArt Does this looks familiar? (Please look under the Provenance tab)

What about our golds? Not just artifacts, the Caucasians should return our gold as well. ClevelandArt look familiar? (Check the Provenance tab) I am happy to hear that!!! It is frustrating to read how the artifacts ended up in museums Thieves returning the loot in a first India demands it’s stolen items back from Britain , the shameless thief

Maybe Britain will take heed and return the Elgin Marbles! No fuera México…

Of course they did. Imperialism at its finest. I the “agreement” went something like, “We’re sorry we stole your things. We’d like to give it all back to you. ASAP.” Why Killmonger was so well written! Are there also prepare to pay because many of them made money over years with this items?returning is not a favor and compensation should also be done .

did they leave anything they did not loot? It... it worked? Meanwhile in Britain, someone is planning another photo shoot... Well. I’m still waiting on a return of like $50,000 from one of their princes. they looted Africa. The Bible condemns all White supremacy 2 cor 5:16 So from now on we know no man from a fleshly viewpoint. Rom 8:13 for if you live according to the flesh, you are sure to die To be with Jesus one must stop being Black, White,Hispanic or Asian and be born again to be a Christian.

The best choice I've made this year was investing in cryptocurrency and forex trading and earning from home. With the help of KevinKatch2 I've been earning ZAR70,353.00k weekly I've never regretted this decision fellow RSA, 🙏🏻 Nazis gonna nazi Is this like a deal that the French gave Haiti? Probably.