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4/30/2021 1:14:00 PM

The pandemic has led many people to make their homes cozier, calming and efficient — spaces where they really want to be. Here are some NPRLifeKit ideas for making your home a sanctuary.

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Disney World and other U.S. theme parks update mask rules

Disney World and other U.S. amusement parks updated their mask policy following the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this week.

LifeKit I have been doing this all my life! So dang important to my mental health. LifeKit This of course is for people who haven’t because of the pandemic lost their jobs and been forced from their homes. LifeKit Shame what a Big Pharma/Davos Mafia shill NPR has become 😒 naomirwolf brianosheaspi LifeKit Never depend on a single Income Make $15000 weekly All by working from home Without sending money to me or anyone No captcha No limitation ASK me how +13478082093

LifeKit ....💙Your Home Is Your Own Personal Sacred Space, It Should AllWays Be Your Safe Space🌀.... LifeKit This was me. Pillows and lighting. LifeKit Haha - WHUT LifeKit I am a Graphic Designer. I can Design business cards, vector tracing, etc if you need to contact me contact me:

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesThe elderly on social security could use that money too It feels like paying children an allowance to do their chores. Except these are grown adults up to 35. Good incentive 😂 I had my second dose done two weeks ago!

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesDexamethasone and Budesonide are all you should be discussing. Get Covid gone before you put us to war with Iran and Russia. Who has stock in Washington in Indivior. That’s the question. Treating drug addiction with another drug is.... well.... kinda desperate. At least folks addicted/or cooking meth in their homes, aren’t getting prison time! No 3 strikes 4 them🙄they’re just addicts, no need 2 separate families, or take the 🍞 winner out of the homes, 2 leave a generation of children w/o fathers 🙆🏽‍♀️

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesYeah right. Do you know what they are doing to education in Idaho right now? Fat chance they would even consider this. Using us for a springboard for fascism. Everybody better vote now and forever. It may already be too late. Omg my sex ed from my public school in the 90s was watching a vhs of child birth and our teachers telling us that if we have sex we will probably get AIDS and die. Maybe the school shouldn't be trusted with this. They have given enough people complexes. ILNewsroom Who the hell takes public school Sex Ed seriously? Is that a thing now?

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices