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4/30/2021 6:52:00 AM

Black millennials aren't just falling further and further behind white millennials in building wealth for their families — they're falling further and further behind what *previous Black generations* amassed in wealth.

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Americans' optimism about country's direction over next year drops nearly 20 points since May: POLL Rubio rips DHS discrepancy between Cuba, Mexico: Where was Mayorkas' warning for Rio Grande crossers? What to know about antibody tests in a post-vaccine world Read more: NPR »

Unvaccinated snow leopard at San Diego Zoo catches COVID-19

A snow leopard at the San Diego Zoo has contracted COVID-19

So...what exactly is the solution? I'm so tired of reading articles like this that provide nothing but information on what we already know. Are you just monitoring white supremacy? Keeping tabs on it to make sure it is still in place? african americans do not have generational wealth and on top of that have to take alot of student loans to attend college. University should be free for all black americans in America

My mother is a poor immigrat, so I kinda have no choice by to survive for myself. She honestly wasn't prepared to have me 😅 And when (some) black women kept saying to stop worrying about stuff that adds no substance to the community, they were called coons and sellouts. To busy worried about dumb crap instead of making sure everything goes smoothly

brotherdemetric Integration is an illusion! Segregation & exploitation is the reality! Separation is the only solution to the race problem in America! IndependenceMatters BlackExodus BlackTwitter Maybe they're concentrating on the wrong things, maybe the media, democrats and their peers don't want them to succeed.

Well you keep telling them nothing they do will allow them to advance... what did you think the consequences would be? How about telling them the truth, that the sky is the limit for all of us if we bust our asses and work hard And how will “the oppressors” be blamed for this? The only fix for this engineered disparity is reparations for the descendants of American slavery. blackwealth deathtowhitecapitalism

All African Americans should for the next 150 years get a free college education I find it interesting throughout the article that the word “black” is capitilized, and “white” is not. Why do you suppose that is?

HispanicCaucus TheBlackCaucus VP ACLU Cpjpma Because they are lazy and cant stop committing felonies Race race race. Everything is a race issue for NPR. Interestingly, the core principal in Nazi education systems was a curriculum based on a race first approach. Maybe instead of talking about bread, butter and taxes we should be talking about teaching entrepreneurship and promoting small business instead of preventing them from operating due to covid restrictions or burning them down in 'mostly peaceful protests'

Hmmm leave the house to try and gain wealth and end up shot dead or stay home and live. Gee I wonder why. Maybe stop treating them like victims. Then they can stop acting like victims. Cancel student loan debt!! Every facet of life is rigged in favor of white men. Social is the destroyer. Stop rioting and looting and get a job folks

Reparations might include free college tuition and interest-free mortgages. The majority of the young people I have spent time with are growing their own families and making their own money. Sure there are some people not contributing but that’s in all ages and races. Have you seen the housing prices? How do you expect people without family wealth to pay 20% down on a quarter million dollar house that's already $30k over the true value? Expect the wealth gap to get worst

Live in Ann Arbor, well to do is an understatement,very white Less than 10 miles away is Ypsilanti,mostly black. Ann Arbor is one of the most progressive cities in the country. But you would think there was a wall in between them. Hope things are progressing. You can file that under “economic shutdowns are a bad idea with consequences that the health bureaucracy doesn’t anticipate

The race baiting media agenda includes applying selective grammar rules. Capitalizing one word (Black) and not another (white) is a good example. The Whole TimScott fiasco was a GOP premade Stunt ....says one caller. Do you agree that Republican leaders use black politicians in a crisis? or is there some merit to his claim about BlackAmerica? listen to 'On The Air with JLightbearer '

As intended. Duh! Leftist never help the poor. What the hell do you expect? cnn msnbc FoxNews that's because they don't want to work hard to get ahead but want to have everything handed to them otherwise they go around burning our cities and claiming racism racism

And thanks to the Blue State lockdowns, Black Gen Zers will fall even further behind. I thought we agreed to stop using the word millennials “It’s OK because they’re on a journey” -Gannett When democrats keep telling them they are victims and can't get ahead because of the color of their skin, this is what happens. We need to encourage and empower people. Not till them they are victims. DemocratsHateAmerica DemocratsAreRacist stop placing victimhood on people.