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4/20/2021 4:29:00 AM

The U.S. State Department announced plans for new advisories urging Americans not to travel to nearly 80% of countries worldwide because of 'unprecedented risks' from COVID-19 around the globe.

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With Much Ingenuity, We Soar Together

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Honoring the culture, tradition, and diversity of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communit...

Did my research weeks ago; heading to Anguilla, a country with very strict entry/exit protocols & very few cases (currently 0 active). Will feel much safer than in the U.S. Fully vaccinated & ready for vacay no matter the hoops we’ll have to jump through! PromoterBoxing What abt Indians travelling to USA? We need to close our borders ASAP before it is too late! What is WHO CDCgov POTUS waiting for? Another nyc episode We have lost too many lives! Close the border! bantravel from India Give preference to human lives not economics!

Keep feeding the fear mongering train NPR, Bill Gates and his wallet surely appreciate it!! i wish the State Department would issue a statement about Pompeo overstepping his bounds and interfering with the current administration. travelbanIndia There is an Indian variant of COVID19 called B-1617 with double mutations, thats more infectious & deadlier than previous variants. It is also suspected to jump immune response. 🇮🇳 today recorded 200,000 new cases. 77 cases of Indian variants reached UK too.

It's not that we're welcome anywhere, anyway. Living in fear is so 2020. USA pandemic and killings of blacks is a detrimental public health issue for me and mines- leaving regardless better death from mosquitoes to this active hell living. No glass house is worth the PTSD But....but....vaccines... Of course they do!

The U.S. needs to stop dithering on getting vaccinated. But that's just my opinion, of course.

They are wasting their time. Americans don't want to be told what to do, even for their own protection. Too spoiled & selfish . Two hd. yrs ago, with minimal medical technology and slow communication, we fought and sacrificed without hesitation. Now 21st cent. tech and we refuse.