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4/18/2021 8:32:00 PM

Sen. Mazie Hirono says former President Donald Trump 'opened the floodgates to the vocal side of me and the recognition that I had that I better speak up, because this guy is a bully and we need to stand up to bullies. And I began to do that more.'

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democrats love hating trump love hating trumps staff trump voters some democrats hate those who have luke warm hate for trump ; f====g trump hating fence sitters hate trump i hate trump trump has sin i am not burdened with ..... I heard her say , oh please we do use the word fight but we mean fight for non Americans , (immigrants etc)trump supporters are saying fight for Americans and that’s what makes them hateful. ( not exact words)

Hello awesome people I will do instagram shoutout promotion on my 8m ig page MadeOnFiverr VickMarketer Hard pass on the hagiographic story about this dufus Please take care of your tribe, Mazie! Maxine W is on the warpath in MN inciting a riot so I suggest your side have a nice clutter-free aisle before going after the aisle on the other side.

You should not have spoken up as now there is no doubt of your blithering incompetence. “...spasm of anti-Asian violence that's rocked the country”. Non factual issue or just playing populism? 🙄 Biden asked a voter to “step outside” and called another one fat on the campaign trail, isn’t that bullying?

Totally agree w Senator Hirono...

Let’s talk about bullying behavior: Non-ending executive orders, ending the filibuster, stacking the court, redefining bi- partisanship, immigration and treaty commitments without congressional debate, green new deal disguised as infrastructure, ridiculous stimulus pork. Biden🤷‍♂️ Careful... I've seen what happens when losers get a taste of power. If you think Trump was bad, you should see what happens when the weak go on a revenge spree

It was good she spoke up. We can see how inept she is 💯It should never have been our burden to bear, but minorities and women are increasingly standing up to bullying and drawing their own line between authority and abusive authority. Sustained effort is needed to make lasting change to what people in power can get away with.

Every bully is terrified inside. She is a wonderful example of why the U.S. should desire more immigrants in its government. Her saying that she refuses to block nominees to the cabinet is great for our country and the government shouldn't in any way block all immigrants from serving in government positions. 😊

Opened up Pandora’s box. She can’t put the coo coo back in the clock. Karen Garner maziehirono SenateDems POTUS the way she talks and acts, this Hirono lady has some massive depression and probably has lost a lot of her brain function. She dragged US down. She wasn't a positive.

I hope this will encourage more women of AAPI ancestry to find their voice and start speaking up. As a black woman, I have many role models that helped me speak up against injustice. No matter the size of the injustice. NPR = propaganda Love how she blames someone else for her own rise in racism, violence and actual quid pro quo racism.

Dumbest person in congress 💯 Hollybullies went after the insider who saw first hand the ins and outs burger. Wheresthebeef Beanoutsider Notice how much everything is about him. What HE thinks. OUR consequences, not his. He’s a sociopath. She's my Senator. Amazing lady. Imua, Mazie! 아직도 사람들은 예수님을 구유에 누운 아기로 생각합니다. 예수님께서는 무서운 전사로 오십니다. MidNightHourRevival

fails to inform readers that Hirono is a bully as well. Trump's not her, or NPR's, excuse for behaving badly. Hey lady...he’s gone...give it up