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3/5/2021 12:56:00 PM

More than 160 school desks are staged at the U.N. in New York, as part of an exhibit called 'Pandemic Classroom.' Each seat represents 1 million children living in countries where schools have been closed for almost a year.

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The UN has a lot of kindergarten projects while other counties are living with tyrant governments. Nice use of UN funds, which the US pays the majority of. Typical. 193 countries in the UN. USA pays 25% of the cost. Trump wanted to lower that cost (probably because we are more in debt than currency existing on the entire planet) and I'll bet Biden wants to raise our support!

Vaccinate the teachers, mandatory summer school. I am a school nurse & a family member survivor of two mass murders. I started an art program in my urban school district to give students voice in the impact of community gun violence called NoMoreEmptyDesks. School safety & COVID are connected. As a Member of the Society of Professional Journalist .... Education Matters but put SafetyFirst , live to see your dreams come to pass 10 Year Anniversary -- 📰LNC News 1st Interview

What is the point? We know kids are missing school. Yes, it totally sucks. But are cemetery tombstones a better option. This is really stupid. don't just give us the same old symbol--act do something about it! Wow...what a waste of time and resources. it highlights the absurdity of this global pandemic apartheid that while kids in poor countries continue to suffer, the UN devotes funds to set up this exhibit for the entertainment of wealthy americans.

Better to leave a desk empty then to fill a grave, don't you think? Uneducated people are easier to herd & control. American’s thought public education was bad, well I guess no education is even worse public/private. What about children bombed? Got a desk or two for that ?