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3/5/2021 5:44:00 AM

Oil prices have risen remarkably over the last few months. Now, OPEC and its allies are keeping a lid on supply in an attempt to push crude prices even higher.

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thanks Biden That’s one way to keep people at home. Cleveland's prices went up 36 cents in 10 days! gasprices This sucks. FTS!! We’re at $4 for the cheap in San Diego OPEC and their last gasps 😂. F them Screw Saudi Arabia and its barbaric, murderous leaders. Let them die of thirst on their oil. So Biden didn’t do this on purpose because he hates us?! Well shit.

They're rising because Texas energy companies are getting their billions any way they can Drive a Tesla. Save the planet. And your wallet. Look no further than Silent Joe, the Big Guy. Not so sure I would be playing hardball if I were Saudi Arabia or any country contaminated by Kushner/Trump. Plus, it just increases the motivation to dump fossil fuel reliance even more quickly.

🚗⚡👍 No sh**! You don't think we're the only ones who knows we don't have a real president in place do you? We're being laughed at everyday. It could very well be worse than Obama. But my aunt told me on Facebook it was because of Biden What MFers! What? You mean the POTUS doesn’t control the price of oil and gasoline? Who knew it was supply and demand all this time?

Not a good business plan. Face it! Those days are numbered. It has to be, humans can adjust to a change easier than oil big shot can imagine. Hmmm. What would’ve driven up oil the last couple months? Time to bring Venezuela and Iran on line. Stop sell American oil on the global market and make it a free market. Not a price fixing political system.

Sooooo.. Market manipulation? What would happen if we nationalized our oil? electric cars now😒 Its because Biden shut down US oil. Now we depend on foreign oil and they plan to exploit. No 1 should be surprised, half of the US literally told the other half this would happen if Biden was elected. Its the price u pay to be a Dem.

We need RENEWABLE ENERGY horrible Are you happy to pay higher oil prices to save the planet? kyylleee53 great explanation