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3/4/2021 8:37:00 AM

U.S. bishops are advising Catholics to get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine over the Johnson & Johnson shot, if given the option, after raising moral issues with its use abortion-derived fetal cell lines.

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Thanks for the information. I think I'll request that I get the J&J shot To ask a church leader for good advice . Is the equivalent of asking Gordon gecko from Wall Street for good moral values and ethics advice. Wondering so how does this even come to be? Does the woman giving the abortion allow the cells to be used for science? Does this help ease her conscience? I'm going to do some research.

Yawn 🥱 Sigh...old white men dictating rules about morality...damn they certainly have some balls taking the moral high ground. ChurchKillingPEOPLE LabiadLamar we believe that majority of puntiffs and bishops as a whole not enthusiasm for vaccine produced to curb covid19, but this spread pandemic must have to stop as soon as possible. If the puntiffs want to flee the shots they can pray for almighty to save them.

Good. I hope that none of them will take it. That would result in an increased chance for me to get the vaccine. That is fair. I love it when folks exercising their rights dont impact my rights. Us Bishops need to be more concerned about cleaning up their own houses. The same church leaders that his the sex abuse scandal for centuries

Ah yes, the Catholics. So in support of life they’ll let people die instead getting a vaccine that could save their lives... The bible condones abortion Oh yeah, the moral high ground of pedophiles... I mean... The audacity of this cult. The pope said it was fine tho?!? Amazing that the US Bishops are mandating something even the Pope has not required. It’s almost as if the US Bishops are learning from far right evangelicals.

I am sure the Catholic Church is well aware and educated on vaccine ingredients and their effects on the human body which is where God lives. Because Morals and Science go hand in hand...🙄 The Pope would says use the J&J Vaccine. The Bishops are wrong. if you can’t trust the folks who covered up kid Diddlers for centuries who can you trust?

As if they have any moral authority. What a joke. Priests should avoid molesting children.. I feel there are some serious moral issues with that.. Sure thing. I always follow the advice of paedophile protectors. American Sharia law. Yup, I base all my life and death decisions on whatever the Catholic Church says. Yeah right!

I hate religions... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I don't like that these 2 babys were aborted back in 1973 & 1985. To not use their cells to save billions of lives today seems a waste. Refusing the vaccine will not un-abort these 2 babies. My gov. has said we have the option between the Mrna n the J&J this is good decision👍

Abortion cuts back on their supply of impressionable altar boys I’m advising people to avoid the Catholic Church if possible, after raising moral issues with the thousands of sexual abuse coverups Oh my. More right wing radical extremists doing their cancel culture thing. Now they’re canceling J&J. So offensive. What’s next!?!? We really need a government hearing to get to the bottom of Republican cancel culture. They are taking our freedom. Did I do this right?

Nice, more vaccine for the rest of us. I cannot decide who is more morally corrupt right now - the Catholic Church or the GOP. There are lives at stake and neither seems to care. I am opting out of both. maddow Lawrence RepDavid RepAndyBiggsAZ RepGosar RepDLesko I thought the other two also used fetal cells when testing.

Sigh.... for those distracted by this. Note there are churches with resources able to culture, refine and replace these cell lines from unencumbered sources. It is tedious exacting work over time but well within possibility. For the same reason One should not take financial advice or sports betting advice from the church, you should ignore a non-expert opinion on medical advice. Until the church develops a drug, one should listen to the experts! Maybe spend more time focused on child abuse?

US Bishops should stay out of this! I would much rather listen to the scientists and instead ask the bishops to pray for the over 500,000 dead from this virus! FFS, more people have died or had their lives made a misery by 'religion' in the history of the world, than any other single cause I won’t listen to an organization that has financial corruption at its core, along with the number of molestation incidents they tried to hide.

And when this creates confusion that leads to deaths....? Religion needs to sit down and shut up in general. Yes, of course. Catholic leaders prefer to reap the benefits of human fetuses until they are older... Say 9 or 10? So if that’s the only one you can get, you should continue to put yourself at risk?

Not a day goes by that I don't feel ashamed of the Catholic church. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic but honestly I am getting pretty disgusted with them after their support of Trump and his child separation policy. The Church should get the fuck out of politics! Cult behavior. Sad. This goes against what the Pope has proclaimed and this is pure BS!

Are these the same church leaders that turned their backs on systematic child rape? Maybe these guys aren’t the most trustworthy? My opinion is the church is causing/will cause more confusion and people will be reluctant or refuse the vaccine. This country could use the help of the church to encourage, not discourage. SHAME on the catholics.

Organized religion has moral issues Remember when the Catholic church took half a billion $$$PPP loans meant for small businesses? 'US bishops recommend no one gets vaccine until 12 yr old boys are considered safe to vaccinate.' So, these are all medical people? Another reason to not be Catholic. Unbelievable.

WTF you catholic hypocrites. Sure members become super spreaders. To catholic upper architecture push to crowd your churches with infectious mass. Lol 😂 well Scotus will likely rubber stamp this idiocy too lol 😂 So God created a lifesaving medical procedure derived from a lifesaving medical procedure. How could you create something good from evil?

Not a pro life move US bishops can go screw themselves. anyway. Y’all sorry about pedophilic priests yet or what? Moral high ground my ass In related news: it is advised that people should avoid the Catholic Church when given a choice. Anyone with reason was quoted as saying “it would be immoral and illogical to contribute your money and time or to accept moral guidance from the worlds largest pedophile organization

If you think about it, how are these people any different than the MAGA cult? What happened to thinking for yourself? Educating yourself? All these leaders want are stupid peoples money and they fall for it every time. Lol y’all dumb The bishops are not pro life. Sick of them. Someone should ask these bishops to explain what exactly a cell line is. I'll bet they have no idea. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

This is crazy voodoo. I wish they spent as much time with pedophilia, they might have stopped a lot of suffering. Sounds like a lot of happy horseshit When the Catholic church pursues sexual abuse among their ranks with public prosecution to the fullest extent of the law ...I'll listen to their opinions on other issues.

I don't know that I would be taking advice on morality from a bunch of kiddy diddlers. I was under the impression that when you’re scheduled, you’re not given the choice of which vaccine you receive. It’s as if the Catholic Church is giving vaccine lip service regarding fetal cells, because they don’t want to admit, they don’t care about abortion if they benefit.

Just to point out, the Church ADVISED get one of the other 2 IF you have the choice. It also said that getting the J&J is BETTER than getting no vaccine. So let's all stop the pearl clutching and use your anger for more important things. This is TWITTER ffs. Grow up I believe the last time the Church was giving pandemic advice was during The Plague, that didn’t turn out well.

The hypocrisy within the church walls is amazing. If anyone one of them has to make a choice of life or death or medication made from fetal cell lines they’d find a way to make it ok. Because they do have a choice they keep on holding God hostage. They preach a fickle God. US catholic bishops don’t have any moral authority left.

Omg I would believe the medical field over bible thumpers any day Religion poisons everything. If you’re still Catholic, you need to rethink your religion. Doesn't the J&J shot only give you 72% protection as opposed to Modern is 92%? Does anyone have more information? USCCB Why is the world still listening to a group of men that cling to archaic beliefs, who won't allow women to have any position of leadership and who decide what is right for women? CatholicBishops

There's God, getting people killed again. Oh Catholics Bishops, men, so ignorant 🤦🏽‍♀️ JFC They don’t want their parishioners to take the shot to save their life for moral issues but had no problem playing hide the pedophile. As a former Catholic this doesn’t surprise me at all. Won’t be surprised to find out the Cardinals, Bishops, etc get the shot.

Insane Evangelicals: USCCB People that have hidden pedophiles within their ranks...for decades...says what? Only a moron would take advice from someone who thinks there's an invisible man in the sky. ReligionPoisonsEverything While Science goes forward, religious leaders (not religion) are stuck in their bs!

Into the blender then into your arm. Wait, Catholic leaders stil have the moral authority to say anything other than “we’re sorry”? Nobody should trust Johnson and Johnson for anything anyway Take away their tax free status. People may not have a choice about which vaccine they receive. It's better to receive a vaccine to protect public health than to delay receiving one or not receiving one at all.

Send them a check and they’ll change their mind 🙄 The Catholic Church picks and chooses what moral issues they stand behind; shuffling pedophile priests around for decades wasn’t one of them The Middle Ages all over again but with the Church as Inquisitor & the virus serving as torture device. selling body parts big biz in usa

US Bishops can't stop pedophile priest but now that a life saving vaccine is available they put up a stop sign. My my my. So typical of the church. If it's them doing it, it get a pass. It is science saving lives they put up a stop sign. Doesn't it make you question their purpose I'm giving the option to go to other churches or religions if the fanaticism of these people is an obstacle for your health.

AgeOfMisinformation you'd think people would be better informed in the age of internet but nope, it's now the survival of the stupidest Yet another proclamation by U.S. bishops to try to maintain control of, and relevance to, their dwindling flocks. Wedded to the Trump mob and money. Now the vax wars I don’t think they have ever brought this up regarding flu shots, which also use fetal cells.

Assjacks. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ just take the damn vaccine. oh that's foul I applaud USCCB usccbprolife for raising awareness on ethical healthcare. J&J + AstraZeneca use fetal cells in development phase while Pfizer + Moderna only used them later in tests. You may also consider Novavax, that didn't use fetal cells in any phase

I can only hope that cells from my fetus were used to make life saving vaccines and scientific discoveries. Why are they so bent out of shape? This vaccine was not created with cells or tissue from aborted fetuses. It’s bullshit like this that helped push me away from religion. This is dangerous and stupid, but it pushes a ridiculous agenda that, if achieved, would cause more harm than good.

Gross negligence. Thank God for free speech!! But catholic schools still require state mandated vaccines that were developed with the same cell lines? Hypocritical much? Reason 453 why I’m not religious Lol NPR can't even write a tweet. Pfizer and Moderna both did confirmation tests using fetal cell lines.

Telling church members to avoid a vaccine that could save their lives? Are they going to pay for the funerals for any member that dies of covid as a result of not getting an available vaccine? Wait what Ok we’ll have what they won’t take then. Idiots. Fuck em, I’ll take their vaccine gladly But had no problem with Trump taking therapeutic made the same way...

Omg, just get the shot in your arm for God’s sake!🙄 🙄 *cough* MAGDALENE LAUNDRIES *cough* Oh please. They all need to get laid... oh wait... they better don’t .... pedos Tell the Catholics the J&J vaccine is from the saliva of an innocent child and they’d be all over it God made fetuses, God made fetal cell lines. Are those cells of no value? Did God create something useless?

Says the Church of Child Molesters From 1973 until now there’s been countless doublings: there’s no actual relationship to that original tissue sample. Great! More shots for the rest of us! The Virgin Mary was impregnated by a Holy Spirit who’s not her husband and it’s ok. What’s the moral issue with a vaccine?

Get over it. If you are up for a vaccine, you will get what is available. If you object; reschedule. Easy. The Catholic Church espousing morality is pretty fucking rich. Can the Catholic Church really afford to kill any more Catholics? It's a vaccine, not a birth control pill. Take whatever you can get.

None of them spoke out against Trump getting a treatment based on this method TheTweetOfGod your flock are not the best people. ......FROM THE 7Os how about no one in these churches gets the vaccine? they don't believe in science any way. Talk about cancel culture and privilege. The religious right is what is dividing out society. it's a cult with their book of fables.

What bunk. JFC. I have a feeling Pontifex would not be cool with this stance. The pope respects science. Why can't these asshats? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Catholics believe that the bread and wine LITERALLY become the body and blood of Jesus himself, so they’ll commit “cannibalism” but draw the line at using cells from embryos that weren’t even alive in a life-saving vaccine...

Oh FFS Give me a break. The Catholic Church should be taxed into the Stone Age where they reside. juliocastrom como si no tuviesemos suficientes problemas con la pandemia, ahora esto. Padre, please remove yourself from me before giving me any whatfor about moral issues shit mkay? It took me months to convince my mom that JJ is the way to go “convinced the other ones change dna”. Now she won’t go for it. So can I sue these bishops if she gets covid because of their anti-advice. Oy. Quit making our lives harder religion.

this is criminal Of course 🙄 Abortion saves lives Debp197 I am glad to see that the Catholic Church has made a lot of progress: if given the option... Instead of at all costs. Wow! Beliefs have the ability to rob you from true knowledge. Could they make themselves anymore irrelevant? How very dark ages of them.

But they also said if there are no options, take which ever one is offered. I am a catholic. Fuck that. Says an organization that’s spent billions defending rapist. Vaccines research on Ebola and tuberculosis also use these cells. Bishops, as usual, on the wrong side of history. Didn’t J&J say it has no connection?

Church leaders = human beings who would have people believe they understand God or God’s will. They know nothing. None of us know anything. Their so called moral concerns are really misguided fears with which they would handicap the well being of others. dangerous amateurs Incredibly derp. If bishops really want to save lives, they should tell Catholics to wear masks, wash their hands, and social distance.

RCC ready for Dark Ages. But is ok with playing musical chairs with priests to cover up molestation of children. So at this point please sit down. 🤦🏽‍♂️ They link it to 2 abortions in the 70s and 80s. This week, an investigation in France revealed 10,000 child molestation by Catholic priests. They should clean their own filthy house.

The Catholic Church may hold stocks in the other vaccines. Church leaders need to stay our of giving medical advice. Saving lives, what ever vaccine. Now I really want this vaccine Just get a shot when you can. Any vaccine. It’s 2021. Who gives a fuck what the bishops think? Oh FFS. the pope said all the vaccines are morally acceptable. why isn't that in your tweet?

DrKhan/Lazarus Makes me ill as a Catholic Once again religion impedes science... I'm sure bishops are reading those complex scientific reports themselves. 😂 I’ll gladly take their spot. Bless their hearts. Sold out. This is an insane QAnon conspiracy theory that you are spreading. C’mon...aborted fetus cells in the vaccines This is insanity & completely absurd.

Tell me again why the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t pay taxes?! Good thing no one listens to the Church anymore. Good. More for the rest of us. J&J vaccine is a single shot and a little more effective. They were saying it was okay before. Seems political somehow. Even the Pope said it's fine and suggested getting a vaccine is a moral obligation. The utter hypocrisy of these bishops.

You means they are not going to just pray for cure?!? Damn who knew Jesus was such a picky bitch 🙄 Johnson and Johnson is the same company that denied their talcum powder wasn’t causing cancer. That’s why I’ll avoid them.