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2/28/2021 12:11:00 AM

An unusually aggressive coyote roaming a San Francisco Bay suburb has hikers and residents on edge after biting five people. The latest was last Friday outside a Kwik Stop convenience store.

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Feed it Hikers don't carry a walking stick? Quit taking their habitats away from them and they'll leave you alone This is the plot for a roadrunner movie Keep up the good work, Coyote How do they guarantee the coyote they catch is the right one? Coyotes are everywhere. This IS troubling. what a boss Feel bad for those bitten but maybe humans need to stop encroaching on their habitats

This unusual behavior has been happening in Vancouver, BC as well over the past couple months. I wonder if it might be attributed to something else happening here on the Westcoast? CityofVancouver BC_SPCA _BCCOS Humans keep breeding and encroaching on coyote habitat. The problem, as usual, is human Overpopulation.

I live in an area where there are many coyotes, this type of aggressive behavior is very unusual. Coyotes play an important part in balancing an ecosystem and should not be demonized for the behavior of one. king Gun will solve that problem This is news because it is so rare. Yet humans kill each other by the thousands every day. Which species should we truly be afraid of?

Sensational stories like these demonize the Coyote and perpetuate the myths that surround them. This leads to the fear and shooting of them. To be fair, who among us hasn’t been tempted to bite someone at a Kwik Stop? 😭😭😭😭😭😭. Bomb him peace ✌️ ...maybe he’s given up on the roadrunner, good for him!

Send out some joggers...masked and distanced of course...with animal control close behind them. I think the coyotes think all the ppl wearing masks outside in San Francisco are flocks of ducks Last seen with an anvil and a acme rocket. Call 911 immediately if you see him. A rifle will handle the problem fast and effectively

If COVID won’t get us to back off, this coyote will do his best to try! The Bay Area is a very big place. Only place I’ve heard he’s been is one area in a county in the East Bay. No need to fear monger NPR. We have to give wildlife the space it deserves. I know this is a complicated issue but developers need to seriously consider the consequences of what they're doing or at least mitigate the impact. Sadly this is going to keep on happening in wildlife territory.

Hopefully they have contacted the CA DEC! Can someone feed it Asking for a coyote. I am sure he or she is scared to death. Can the coyote be tranquilized and relocated or will we have to blow it’s brains out walnutbatard get their asses Believe he goes by the name of Wil E. My $ is on the coyote. Go Coyotes Go!!!

Freakin’ tech-coyote’s are ruining SF. Bite them all. That cuts it! We have to eliminate Kwik Stops. Dangerous! He’s just guarding his property. Let him live Haha, five people? Are you kidding me? “On edge” hahah. Pathetic, is there no one with a weapon to kill this thing? Or are they all still hiding inside from the virus? And since this is an NPR story, all of the victims were minorities right?

It could be sick or injured. Werewolves of Cisco... Maybe (s)he's sick of humans bs and since (s)he has no hands only teeth...(s)he has to bite. They didn’t say NewsOrFallSong I feel nothing for the victims. This is what happens when you demolish wild habitat for roads and residential areas in their place, they look for a new home. Give this Coyote a new home and this will end.

TamerlaneBlog This is your neighborhood's coyote? I am an animal psychologist. I've seen this before. Fucking Roadrunner. Still messing with this dude after all these cartoon years. Fucking grow up dude. caused by climate change, right? as an SF resident numbed by quarantine blues I hope the coyote bites me. make me feel again little coyote!!

Eh there’s plenty of vermin for him to eat They’ve been out in numbers near my house. You can hear them every day for a few hours pre-dawn. Call the Dodo. Someone will pick it up, feed it, teach it to sit at the table and call him Mr. Mooch People should just stop invading coyote territory. I must be seeing things, but it sure looks like that coyote is wearing a collar.

Is it wiley? poor guy Infringing on habitats seem to have that effect. he should fit right in give him his space and leave him tf alone Paint a fake tunnel on a big rock. When he slams into it and gets knocked out relocate him to a lovely spot in a remote forest. Next time a coyote asks you to buy beer for him, just do it.

Maybe they're sick and tired of humans mercilessly murdering them Meanwhile on Mars... We stan the coyote, original trickster. She they can’t talk about Trump anymore, they talk about coyotes. Wait, did we just bomb Syria? And stimulus still hasn’t been passed? Oh yeah. Perhaps the coyote feels threatened by the humans. Perhaps they are invading it's territory?

'Wil E' Coyote!!!!! It’s mating season. They are all aggressive. I read somewhere it was coyote mating season. They tend to be aggressive during mating season. We need to call Gerald the turkey. He'll kick the coyote's as- and all will be well again. this is terrible news You have no problem identifying this dog. Who has mainly been responsible for violence against Asians in San Fran lately?