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2/27/2021 10:13:00 AM

The House has passed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, advancing it to the Senate. It would deliver another round of stimulus checks to millions of Americans and extend additional unemployment benefits to $400 each week through the summer.

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You should probably mention that only the Democrats voted for this, not a single Republican, including those who pretended to want $2000 checks a few months ago. Why don’t you mention the other pork in the bill and not just the free handouts? It will never pass. This is nothing but a dog & pony show to fool the citizenry into thinking they care about them. The Rs & Ds will fight, COVID will be abated & that will be the end of that. All politicians are corporate puppets.

Pelosi and Schumer got their pet projects passed. Their mega donors are happy. Nice we can build a bridge to Canada but not a pipeline from Canada. Keep those carbon emissions up! Shut it down senate You people are truly the evilest people on earth. COVID relief.... HA. The deep state government didn’t even keep the people their $2,000 campaign promise, but the big campaign donors are getting a new train. can’t wait until the PEOPLE wake up to the hypocrisy and outright lies.

Pakistan must be extremely happy And most of it won’t even go to help the American people I will believe it when I see the deposit in my account

Tell the truth about everything else in the bill. fakenews defundnpr tmorello Oh wow only a little over a month since 'immediately' and the NOT $2000 checks are ALMOST passed through the Democrat congress Joe said would get it done... Don’t fuck this up again! I had to wait until recently to get both stimulus checks through my tax returns!

This new version of the bill is guaranteed to pass the Senate now, so let's just get on with it, so we can focus on the next important thing that is the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. You forgot many other things in this cringe headline. What’s the “extras” that have been attached 2 it Why cant the people that need it in the us get the whole 1.9 trillion?

Thank you Donald Trump for giving the Democrats the Senate seats from Georgia. Look out Republicans Democrats coming for your guns, cities will be burning, green eyed monster coming across the border. LOL LOL if I can handle four years of Trump you can handle eight years ofBiden Sifill_LDF senategop

this is why progressive and democratic voters need to be consistent. we need to vote out the GOP AND vote out the democrats who are basically republicans in all but name. Biden/Harris admin are not our saviors, we still have to fight. WILL IT EVER PASS THE SENATE? Ah, the Birkenstock bourgeoisie begging mommy gov't for crumbs. There, there, that bandaid should do it for you. Get used to having your hands out.

. 'Give them just enough to give them hope, but not so much that they'll be dangerous'. the problem isn’t the stimulus checks and extension of 400 etc. it’s in the remaining 70% or more which has nada to do w covid relief If Cruz stands up on this, it would surprise me...cuz I doubt he has any spine left

Want to bet who does a filibuster?.... like a McConnell sort of guy It's amazing how concerned the GQP is about the budget when it involves helping average American citizens instead of big corporations. So the GQP doesn't like welfare or food stamps, but they ALSO don't want livable wages. Truly the dumbest of the dumb they've got there.

MrTAchilles Okay, another step made. All you trumpians can give me the money if you don't want it.

'We are not going to give up the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 to help millions of struggling American workers and their families, the American people deserve it, and we are committed to making it a reality.” — Schumer this is terrible news Finally, decency has prevailed, all thanks to Joe, his empathy, courage, understanding and love of the people, especially those in need