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2/26/2021 4:47:00 AM

The Cherokee Nation's Supreme Court ruled to strike the words 'by blood' from its constitution. The words have been used to exclude Black people whose ancestors were once enslaved by the Cherokees — known as Freedmen — from obtaining full tribal rights.

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I agree, Freedmen can be members. But facts are wrong. Trail of Tears is Cherokee migration to other Cherokee lands. Then, membership was turned down by Freedmen. Then they wanted membership in about 1974, and Cherokees refused. This is a solution. This is not exactly patrimony. For sake of truth, the opinion of the late George Carlin may be relevant here if the number of popular relevance rankings, like on Facebook, are not too involved

Good to stop the BS from all sides. The Cherokees weren’t the only tribe to have slaves. The various tribes enslaved each other’s captives. But, in this case (and it’s not the only one) the slaves were black. So, would that also make them liable to pay reparations? So will the naacp now seek reparations from Indians as well as white cowboys?

It’s almost like keeping up with all of the historical beef isn’t worth it So last week they were upset with Jeep using the name, but they were discriminating against black that they used to keep as slaves. Wow! The irony is thick here! This is HUGE. There has been numerous suits over the years, thank you.

BIPOC on BIPOC slavery I need to adjust my flow chart. Cherokee Nation?in America? Does Pompeo&Pelosi agree? THESE ARE NOT THE INDIGENOUS FOLK OF AMERICA

“By blood” is by other native American’s (so called Indians) rule. They break the rule, they are no longer considered native Americans. Ha ha. The Indians are screwed now. Welcome to the liberal left America What? 'The Freedmen, until this Cherokee Nation Supreme Court ruling, they couldn't hold office, they couldn't run for tribal council and they couldn't run for chief,' says Graham Lee Brewer, 'And I would argue that that made them second-class citizens.'

Never even heard of this before now. Why must the Cherokee Nation recognize, and give benefits to non Cherokees? Honest question. W