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2/18/2021 10:51:00 PM

The Texas Democratic Party is calling on Sen. Ted Cruz to resign or be expelled from office after he flew to Cancun in the middle of a deadly winter storm that has left millions of Texans without water and electricity.

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Y'all are full of crap. what do you expect him to do? Fight the white walkers? He left the state on a preplanned trip. Get over yourselves it's not like he slept while american citizens were being killed overseas. And also that whole insurrection thing Al Franken list his seat for being a comedian. Resign!!

Ted Crossed is forming a new PARTY ---- the republiCANCUN - for party animals. Republicans have no shame. Stop it If Cruze should resign then Pelosi should resign for her famous gourmet Chocolate and ice cream escapade while millions of people where starving and worrying about paying rent. He'll all of congress should resign ....leaving Americans without a income.

As if his role in denying the electoral college votes wasn't bad enough... “But I was going to come right back... after the weather passes Snowbird 🎭 ... He should resign for more heinous reasons before this. After all his inciting American to riot at the Capitol and that did not matter, who cares if he is insensitive to his fellow Texans, isn't his actions acceptable by his party as normal?

That's a society where elected officials serve the people - the true dividend of democracy - not the kind we have in Nigeria where elected men celebrate the people's woes, and engineer cataclyms Of course the Democrats want him to resign he's a threat to all of them TheDaverSC Good that’s exactly what should happen. If you can’t do your job you should be removed from office. Cruz is a sad excuse for a human-being. Good riddance.

Resignation/expulsion - either one works. Most unusual; those that have the loudest voices tend to be the worst abusers of power. RexDoctor Promoting insurrections, fucking with human lives per his COVID policies, and messing with Ron Perlman. Bubbye, Ted. JrArchitect1973 How exactly do you expel an elected official? By elections. So hold on your horses, and let's wait until he is up for re-election.

This is laughable! He could’ve just as easily been in DC at the time. It does not matter! He is our senate representative to the federal government! He can do nothing for us here! The only thing he’s guilty of here is bad PR because he calls out democrats for similar things. LetsGetBusy_ TedFled TedCruzRESIGN

It’s about time! Birds of a feather flock together! He won’t resign, he’s to low classed for that. Gov Cuomo covers up Covid deaths due to the reckless decision he made and not a peep on NPR regarding his need to resign...and a R senator goes on a planned vacation and its “front page” defundnpr Yes!!!!!!!

1. Cruz has every right to take his family on vacation. 2. He is a U.S. Senator, and what happened in Texas is an issue for State legislators, regulators, and private industry to correct, not the U.S. Senate. 3. Should expell him for trading his values to be a Trump bunny. 1 thing we have learned over the last 5 years is the republican party is loaded with like thinkers. Get rid of cruz and another, maybe worse will fill in.

He's still in the senate after trying to overthrow the government. How'd we miss that one? He left his job. People get fired when leaving their job. Fire him Who cares what the democratic party says, they should worry about their own Asshole! Don't forget Traitor and now Deserter. G get rid of him! “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.” Ted Cruz fails this test every time. Texas should lose Cruz, he’s unfit for office, ASPCA should rescue his poodle from his home. He’s an embarrassment to the legal profession, too.

I like. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 If Texas had to have a disaster like the one Texans are suffering right now, it's too bad it wasn't earlier. Perhaps Cruz would have caught a no-return ride to Mars for a stay at the Ritz Carlton there. Are you serious!?! It’s far from an issue as big as the Cuomo Nursing home coverup.

If Texas loves cruz..let them be. Guns, gas, and GOP they deserve each other. Its a match made in evangelical heaven. Aren't they looking to break away from the USA? Let Cruz be president of texas. They can use their survivalist skills to survive with no federal help. Yeah two strikes 1) insurrection 2) CancunTed

I’m not surprised...all Republicans should just resign and only Democrats should be allowed in office...🙄 If abetting an insurrection isn't enough to get him to resign, letting Texans die in the freezing cold won't be enough either. tedcruz has no honor, no ethics, no morals. CruzFailedTexas More BS. The Texas Government failed the people of TX and the Governor is responsible to drive the needed repairs to the States infrastructure. Ted C. took care of his family as it is the most important responsibility as a husband and father. Let’s stop the mud slinging. AJY

They’re so desperate Dude these are the last votes you will ever get! A vote to resign! Stop the hate, where's the unity He was going to let his spirit animal, Snowflake, freeze to death. vicky8651 The republicans party don’t see anything wrong with Ted taking his kids to Mexico, a talk show host said this in his show this morning and I quote He took his family there looking for a better life. End quote.

WeStand4Love No one did that to JB Pritzker when he took a vacation while the State of Illinois was shut down. It’s crazy that Texas would want someone who abandons them at such a critical moment. I hope Texas sees the light and gets rid of him as soon as possible. Jumpin Joe Biden should resign for pretending to be President during the catastrophe in Texas.

I think they are impeached the Democrat Party get rid of every one of those dummies in about half of the Republicans As Trump used to say he can walk down fifth Avenue and shoot someone and get away with it. Ted Cruz basically did that to his state of Texas. Should be ashamed of himself He betrays people and justifies it. And they still vote for him. What will it take for people to open their eyes?

Trump mentality! I think it shows how these Republicans are very confident their followers will support them no matter what. Seems voters can do something about this if they want. Easy- Vote all these traitors out Dammit! Yall need to leave the Zodiac Killer alone already! Why should he resign? For being smart enough to get out of a mess with his family,you have to be a dumb ass to stay in a screwed up place when you have the ability to leave (hey there's no power let's hang out lol)

You know the GOP SenateGOP and GOPHouseOfRep are actually the party of insurrection, terrorism and screwing americans right? Why would they expell a person for living their mission statement. look i hate ted cruz but this action cringy He has done nothing wrong.... You guys criticizing him are Pelosi's stool

When your trip to Cancun stops people from talking about the insurrection you led 🤔 Tell them to piss off. One man isn't fixing that. He isn't an electrician or plumber. It's his vacation or visit. None of our business. Pelosi haircut? Newsom dining out. MI Gov husband yacht scandal. Cuomo killer. Dems are so looped. Just duhhhh

TexitCruz Texas should oust TedCruz and change his name back to RafaelCruz. Funny how the GOP in some states censure senators for voting against Trump, yet the Texas GOP does nothing about Ted leaving the state during a crisis. I'm sure the dumocrats would love for him to resign. Ain't happening though, we don't want any dumocrats running out state.

As a democrat who adamantly hates ted cruz for many reasons, and fully jumped on him for ditching texas during this crisis, I think that going so far as to call for his resignation because of this is a tad over the top. I mean there are many far greater reasons he should resign. THE_OG_G_MA He Should resign for this AND for encouraging insurrection by attempting to overturn an election

Way to go!!! Ted Cruz is following in 'the prior one's ' footsteps! SenTedCruz tedcruz GOP Cancun The Texas Democratic Party can kiss is *ss. Lmfao. REMOVE CUOMO WHO KILLED TENS OF THOUSANDS OF ELDERLY PEOPLE. 😑 Hey Ted tell that party and NPR to F off. How about Democrats quit getting so butthurt He wouldn’t vote for the $2000 to aid families but stayed at a $300+ a night hotel & had planned a 4 night stay . You do the math TedCruz. Shameless to throw your kids under the bus as an excuse

It’s obvious that he just needed a little rest and relaxation. Fat chance. He cares not a damn about the people, his constituents. He definitely definitely has Agent Orange genes and believes he will survive this. Where are the Republican calls for his resignation? Nada. The American people are asking for this. And why are the media so generous & forgiving to Cruz? Many of the insurrectionists believed they were doing his bidding! He encouraged the assault, including on media that day, and spread lies about the election! Short-term memory loss?!

Yo creo que las margaritas le llamaban..... But the amount of people in Texas that will march into the voting polls and vote him back in office is astonishing Honestly don’t give a crap if he is here or not. Dems should get the NY gov for killing old people and covering up. And celebs upset - ignorant uneducated idiots

The more government does for citizens the less citizens do for theirselves Cruz Sucks loser ! I feel like it should have happened after he tried to murder democracy, and all of the people he works with, but what do I know? They always are. The Texas Democratic Party? Is that the same party that endorsed the flooding of undocumented aliens into the the country? Yeah... Nobody cares what they think.

Cruz should be removed along with Hawley and the rest of the Sedition Caucus. We have not forget any of that. Cruz is on his public relations mission meanwhile Beto O'Rourke and AOC are getting money and aide into the hands of Texans. Davy Crocket at the Alamo Mission “where the hell did Ted go”? BagdMilkSoWhat TexasDeservesBetter

Really happy I don't live in Texas. Ted, like tRump is to narcistic to resign. He should be expelled from Congress because he committed SEDITION. However, this Cancun scandal is just another reason why he does not belong in Congress. ExpelSeditionCaucus ExpelTedCruzNow Lol I do not understand this argument. He should resign over his close ties to Trump and what he stated prior to the insurrection.

Why aren’t the Rs doing the same this should not be political, job abandonment should be cause for immediate forced resignation! Texans are suffering look around to see who’s aiding, Beto, AOC looking or some Rs!!!!!!! Put his kids in cages . Yes! Yes ! Yes! Obama went golfing everytime a cop was killed and made it open season on the police, you werent crying then.

RobertPicardo Good luck. Australian Prime Minister ScottMorrisonMP flew to Hawaii during the firestorm of 2019/20 and hid there for nearly a week before even taking a phone call, much less coming back to get to work, and he still has his job. Oh, and he blamed his family too. The Country has gone just plain stupid. Instead of addressing real issues, all we see is this stupid stuff. The problem is really one for the governor. Looks like some mistakes were made and need to be corrected

They should worry about helping all the people. What was he going to do that hasn't been done You might want to leave the electricity off. Busted water pipes and live electricity are a sure way to have your house go down in flames. Good grief. It was a pre planned family vacation. Give it a rest. Cancun is lit

OMG, overreact much. Curious what the Texas democrat party would think of NY’s NYGovCuomo that actually caused the death of thousands of citizens? I'm praying for the best for USA future. 🇺🇸 🙏🏼 🌹 Screw the Texas Democratic Party. Have fun in Cancun Representative Cruz. SenTedCruz ResignTedCruz THANKS BetoORourke and AOC and others for helping.

Complete and utter BS. What the heck can one man do that’s a politician anyway. Should have enjoyed his vaca! That ugly nose dude doesnt care about anyone but himself. Fire him! SERIOUSLY. If Bad judgment is now grounds for resigning we will need to hold an election to replace everyone in congress. All for it! Every. Last. One.

Just as soon as all the governors and Congress persons who traveled/went on vacation during travel restrictions resign or be expelled. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 yeah let’s go! Remove that Leach Retaliation for standing up to the democratic communist party. That’s all this is. Why are these dems asking for this like tedcruz is the sole reason for the power outages?

If he’s still in office after supporting an insurrection on the Capital, I hardly think his kind would be upset over this. We must remember all of this when he runs again! It is time for him to do some self reflection. He may missed an opportunity to teach his children resilience and service by example.

Cowardly actions! tedcruz where the buck stops at my daughters! That’s the least of his offences and he is still in office, why should he resign now? Texas Republicans loves deaths. First they downplayed Covid-19, averaging 14,000 new cases a day, with 100-400 deaths a day, now this. texaspoweroutage RedRumRepublicans

Second time in a month he's been called to resign. Maybe he should grow a conscience and resign. I wish this were the Texas Republican Party showing some 'testicular fortitude'. How does this surprise anyone? They always use kids or wives as a shield, 'watch and learn kids, this is Daddy running away and still get paid while Texas suffers .... as always'

So tired of npr and the liberal media I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say he’s not going to Lol I wish Cuomo got this much coverage. What does a political representative do in a time of crisis----empathize with the people, mobilize human and material resources, partner with government agencies and NGOs to address the problem. Senator Ted Cruz didn't do any of these.

Cancun Ted Cruz? REALLY! While your state of Texas is without power, heat, running water,food. Lots of family would like to take their kids on a vacation instead of freezing to death. Do Your Job! Help your Texans out w/federal aid! I don’t see why this is a problem. Probably the same people who had an issue with Trump golfing during covid.

Even the liberals on here are pointing out how absurd this is 😂 I love it. RobertPicardo And let’s not forget in the middle of a worldwide pandemic! Roadmaster1253 His donors do not agree! See oil guys! Well Pelosi didn't resign. Schumer, Waters, Schiff, Tlaib, Cuomo, Omar, AOC, didn't resign. So ❤😁 RobertPicardo How many times has “Ted” Cruz been called on to resign now?

Well first he's gotta get back past Trump's impenetrable wall. Not sure he will ever be able to return to the states....oh wait I forgot about planes. Damn. What part of being a public servant in his job description he doesn’t understand? Would be mildly amusing if he were expelled for a trip to Cancun rather than getting expelled for helping incite a violent coup of America.

laloalcaraz What about January 6th he should of been expelled for that Liar! At least he didn’t sleep with a Chinese spy while in Mexico. Of course they would. Don't do it Ted. They can go pound sand. The Mighty moves swiftly BrianBeacock I imagine the people defending tedcruz: A) don't live in Texas B) have no empathy C) want him romantically

Amazing how stupid this man is. That adds up. npr is dangerous liberal new network! Lmao ted cruz is nor a senator nor a governor nor a mayor, so the leftys finding any excuse nust bcoz ted cruz has guts to call them out everytime! No 3rd chance for Ted Cruz ;1st Trump impeachment,2nd Texas crisis........To resign or expelled?

Well that would be news if Republicans were calling on him. Lyin Ted. Trump pegged him right! Is a person not allowed to take a trip? Wth He’s a snake. Why can’t we get rid of him!!! Enough with the resignation crap. Instead.... they will re-elect him in Texas. They deserve him. 100% Guarantee he is not ever under any circumstance going to resign. In 2024 nobody will remember this unless we make a strategic plan to keep his misdeeds in front of voters until 2024.

RobertPicardo Ted Cruz his his porch lights on during the day during an energy crisis when power companies are texting and emailing pleading for people to shut off unnecessary lights and power, lower thermostats, and don't wash dishes or do laundry. Typical nonsense from Assclowns in the great state of Texas! Nuts!

But it's fine for Hidin' Biden to call a lid at 8am, repeatedly lie in a town hall and play Mario Kart with a pandemic and a once in a century storm going on. Marion Barry didn't resign after returning from Hawaii and Trump didn't resigning after precipitating an erection [pun Intended] on January 6, 2021. Now Trump's defense was he was just thinking about grabben' some pun-tang again.

SenTedCruz should have been expelled for his part in the insurrection Senator Cruz what can ppl expect you to do about crisis in Texas? Think you should enjoy your family esp if there’s nothing else for you to do. He should have resigned long time ago .. I’ll donate to that cause if needed to get Cruz to resign or be expelled

How utterly ridiculous. RobertPicardo There was absolutely nothing tedcruz could’ve done by staying. The governors of the state we’re taking care of it. I sure as hell didn’t see the president doing anything. RobertPicardo Oh, he's done and said worse. Remember that time he fostered an insurrection? Like... a month ago?

His last name is Cruz. He certainly cruz’ed out of Texas. How do you say “He’s your problem now” in Spanish? These photos of creepy Ted are nightmare-inducing, much like the fact anyone actually voted for him morgfair Too bad he did not choose to come to California to warm up. We'd love to have him as our power grid is running fine. You reap what you sew.

美国的民主、人权和自由成色在消解中 morgfair Just Democrats? We expect this from Raphael Theodore Cruz. The Republicans that elected him should demand better. He ran from them. He let them down. Cruz never worried about helping a democrat to begin with. He called us the enemy. Now he treats republicans like he treats us.

I vacationed this weekend because of the weather. Mars will be great! 🚀🔴 Dogecoin Why do you even report that drivel? Nah .... he can stay . Vote him out! It’s about time we caught a GOP member doing something like this. It’s been embarrassing watching big city mayors and Dem governors mock their own stay-at-homem policies all year. Give’m heck!!

TedFled Resignation is the answer . Ted Cruz’s Houston office number, light it up. (713)718-3057 You don’t want to hear my real comments! Why didn’t you call for the same action by Democratic mayors or governors who did the same thing last year i.e., Mayor Adler of Austin as one example. If you want credibility then be equal in your criticism on the other side of the aisle.

He did nothing for Texans or for small businesses in Texas since he been elected. lynnskyi Oh! wow!! is all I can say about Senator Cruise; saw that on the news. He just got caught. JustNeph He did fail his constituents. But he won’t resign. But I sure won’t forget about it come voting time. My aunts house burned down to lack of running water and resources following the storm. Please donate and retweet.

So what? Others are just jealous. If they could go they would have. Others probably just didn’t think about it. When an area is in crisis get out of the way and let those who are skilled in needed abilities go in and help the people who need it. This is just brainless trash talk. All of congress goes on vacation during every crisis. This is not new. They were all just recently ON vacation. They are instructing themselves to resign. I can never tell if they are that dense or intentionally Indifferent to how idiotic they sound bc~Same power either way...

BS. I couldn't agree more!! AND, to top it off, his house had NO power and he left his poodle, Snowflake, there to freeze. Some family - not giving a shit abt their dog. Damn, that's just cruel. MarthaMcCracke5 Newsom, CA has a dinner at the French Laundry during the pandemic: Cruz deserted his State during the biggest Natural disaster ever in Texas history...Republicans are trying to impeach Democrat Newsom.. wonder what they will do to Cruz?

Maybe they should all resign ... I remember everyone going on vacation to Hawaii numerous times what about during covid relief they went on vacation then... politics is getting so dumb and petty .. Cruz needs email and Skype to do his job . Not like he’s going out shoveling snow! Who gives two flying shits if the Texas Dem Party want Ted Cruz to resign. Cruz doesn’t answer to that party. Reps have been calling for Ilhan Omar to be stripped of her committee assignments due to her antiSemitic comments and views. But Dems don’t answer to Reps.

Caught in the act again . Then tried to blame his daughters. The man has no shame. He has done a lot of things he should resign over. I’m not sure this is one of them. This is the problem. The Texas Republican Party should be calling for his resignation. Resign ugly JesusNarrowWay RESIGN. NOW. Period. If he had a shred of dignity, he would resign

thesegreeneyes8 He still hasn't lifted a finger to help anyone. AOC has raised over $300K for victims. Just say'n. Go away ted girl puke MtinaMorgan He’s the lowest of the low. Vile katrinakmills TedCruzRESIGN TedCruzFliesToCancunWhileHoustonFreezes RecallTedCruz Somehow I doubt he’ll heed those calls.

This news item features in every city in world - so it's fair to say everone on the planet knows Ted Cruz is a liar and a cnt. If the Texas Democratic Party could have just wanted until Friday after some sun and tequilas. way, ... if Ted turned around maybe would have been to sun tan his back shoulders

What’s incredibly awful is that he thought it was no big deal to go on a cozy vacay while his state suffered. Biden is sucking at controlling this winter storm!!! He's a narcissist. You know DAMN well he ain't resigning. Why waste internet space saying the same thing? Wow. Democrats want a Republican cancelled. Front page news for sure.

Texans... go to Ted Cruz house. He probably has water and power Why is everybody surprised. It’s obvious by his reaction to Trump and the failed coup on Jan 6th that he hates America and Texas. He is a traitor. Maybe he is Mexican? Just the ICING We wish!!! GretchenPollom Yeah well only a Democrat would resign for something like this

2B_Painfree Sounds good to me. He's demonstrated he's out of touch more often than not. I’m so fing tired of the complete hypocrisy that the Republicans get away with. Can’t people see the sense of entitlement and lack of empathy these crooked politicians have? Cruz should have been long gone. Don’t even bring up his crooked campaign fund solicitation mailer.

Hopefully the people of Texas remember this when it’s time to vote again. His heart is as cold as the weather he left . Expel? Resign? How quick TheDemocrats forget what several other democrats did during worse times. Lets grow up a bit. Texas people have to do what Puerto Ricans did to the government in Puerto Rico. Get together and fight to get rid of stupid people like Ted Cruz. That does not give a s*** about any of the Texas people.

GASATUMA...! 😤😤😡😡😡 tedcruz SenTedCruz 💯Agree RESIGN LYING TED!!!!! When Texas send their people, they don’t send their best! They are cowards, jerks, incompetent... you get the idea! tedcruz CruzResign VoteHimOut stfu the same people who agree with Ted Cruz impeachment are the same ones ignoring Joe Biden's perverted and racist statements made nearly ever day and played off as a 'stutter'

He should !! If not fire his ass!!😡😡😡😡 The Texas Democratic Party is calling on Sen. Ted Cruz to resign or be expelled from office after he flew to Cancun in the middle of a deadly winter storm that has left millions of Texans without water and electricity and a pandemic against CDC guidance. Animal cruelty charges should be filed after he left his dog alone in a freezing house while he went to Cancun to get warm

Yes!!!!! Resignation needed Resign KARMA Now this type of indifference and lack of care is usually only reserved for defending his wife, when people publicly call her ugly. Oh please! Nothings going to happen to this prick. Nothing ever happens to these people. Of course... cancel a representstive chosen by the people.... votes dont matter anymore and neither does choice, lets act on emotion. Everyone deserves a vacation and its the governors show... policynotpolitics

The beard was bad enough I doubt he’d do it even if the Texas Republican Party asked him to, but he’s definitely not going to bother for the Democratic Party. It does kind of put the ball on the Republican party’s court though: either condemn Cruz for this or be seen as condoning it; lots of mad Texans

I didn't realize Cruz was the governor of Texas. Senators don't run a state, governor do. Idiots Yet they didn’t call for Steve Adler To resign when he went to Mexico at the height of the pandemic.hypocrites How would that even be possible? He is a politician, he has wealth and means, why should he freeze his ass off? His job can be done from a phone anywhere on Earth and its not like him being there would have changed anything.

Going to Cancun was remarkably entitled & insensitive, but it was no worse than being an underboss and inciting an armed insurrection of the Capitol. Shun him...draw up a bill ...pass it...and EXPELL all these Treasonous Republicians ‼️😡 Hold these LOSERS ACCOUNTABLE ‼️😡...... Only fair if they are doing a recall against GavinNewsom.

Teddy the Pimp Is Ted Cruz being in Texas gonna get the power on any faster? So pathetic of him to blame his daughters.😆 Let them eat cake .. oh wait the grocery stores are all sold out ... Resign !!!! Oh, and BTW, he was partially responsible for the overthrow of our government. tedcruz think of all the retirement benefits! You can cun anytime you want.

what about promoting the big lie? Ted got caught!!!! lets hear all the lies now If you have a decent candidate you probably could win the Senate seat right now I wouldn't go that far because he's a national politician and the state politicians are the ones that dropped their pants and bent over to corporate greed in this particular case.

Lyin' Ted. Wow..CANCUN That sounds about right!! Oh, shut up already! Democraps No shit For the love of God, yes. Did he ask his patron if was ok to stab the people of Texas in the back. This goes to prove what a slim ball he is. try to run out on us, and blame it on his daughters . Resign Ted, Texas don't need a sorry excuse .

Could he just emigrate? Meanwhile the Democrats are in Hawaii 😆😆😆😆😆 What was it that He whom he voted to acquit used to call him? 'LyinTed'TrumpNicknames CancunCruz CruzFailedTexas TexasWinterStorm2021 Commenting shouldn't be allowed online The Dems are some very sick people. Let’s cancel the Dem party! They are so out of touch with America it’s frighten. Can you say SOCIALISM?

So it's all good to incite an insurrection, but flying to Cancun in the middle of a storm is grounds to call for his resignation? Don't get me wrong, the guy's a slime, but priorities seem a bit whacked here... That isn’t on an equal level with what Andrew Cuomo has done in the nursing home debacle. Cruz brought the cold, turned off the power and water. He was going to wave his magic wand and make it warand turn it on. Cell phones work everywhere so he could do what he needed to do.

I'm calling for Ted Cruz to be sent back to Cuba. Not to mention, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Which storm? The freezing temps that the south hasn’t felt in many years, or the pandemic storm that the entire world has been in for the last four seasons? And, a woman involved in the Capitol escapades got to go on vacation w her staff. Court okayed it... Everybody is doing what the want.

Absolute disgrace. Who cares? If the dude farts the wrong way people ask him to resign. Jesus. Or... they can do to him as the anarchists do No Why are people defending him? Are you so blind to not see he does not care about anyone? Cruz was in the wrong to bail out on his fellow Texans. He should have suffered with the rest of us & then use that suffering as a motivation to investigate this fiasco all the better then to find solutions so that this never happens again. Cruz is being a limousine liberal

In the Roman Legion, if someone left their post they would be Sentenced to being beat to death with bare hand by their squad. Democrats overreach....yawn jAjajajajaaja FIRECRUZ YOU CARE ABOUT YOURSELF!!! NOT TEXAS!! MY FAMILY HAS HAD NO POWER; HAD TO BOIL DRINKING WATER!! WHAT ERA ARE WE IN BADLEADERSHIP

tedcruz TedCruzRESIGN Resign now for So many reasons the latest being your abandonment of your duty to office during a crisis Oppointel1 there’s a Democratic Party in Texas? Pretty sure Ted can't control the weather.😂 Maybe he can distribute a few rolls of paper towels. Please! The TX Republican supporters, won't see anything wrong with what he did in the first place.

I don’t like tedcruz , but removed from office seems a little much. Resign Cruz terrintokyo Really, he just helped pull off an insurrection and took vacation. Do you really think this would make him resign? Don’t get me wrong every republican holding office should be held accountable for insurrection or plain old not performing the base actions of your job!

👎🏼👎🏼 Yes, PLEASE let’s get rid of this useless human. 🐥 💩 The party of trump does not care for anyone but themselves 😐 Who blames their daughters Cowards that who! Patriot! His next vacation spot will be warmer - hell. And unnecessary use of police to escort him. His family should be home. They all need to quarantine for 10 days.

Oppointel1 And the Republican Party is He's done way worse things than going on vacation during a disaster. Every time he turns around someone is calling for him to resign. Don't get me wrong the man is a parasite and two faced. But he isn't going anywhere till he's voted out! Then he can someplace warmer. 😈

As if he is going to listen to them. Guys we don’t even know if this shit is even true or not. Also it’s pretty funny how people mocked Texas for calling this a winter storm but as soon as it fits their narrative it’s the next katrina Yeah resign for a vacation not for instigating violence. This is the least repulsive thing he's done this year alone.

SenTedCruz Shame on you for abandoning your constituents in time of crisis. Then ask Biden to resign for playing Mario Kart with his grandkids amid a killer pandemic. This outrage on top of that NOT GUILTY vote! ResignAbbott ResignCruz ResignCornyn AbbottFailedTexas GOPBetrayAmericaDaily Slime pure slime!!

Honey, I am usually on your side, but not this time! Get back to TX! Joke lol. Yeah he such a bad guy doing what most men would do in that situation lol Deadly winter storm and during a PANDEMIC!!!’ What a f’in A$$. ResignTedCruz Bon voyage! Where is Black Lives Matter LockHimUp SenTedCruz Fuck those clowns 🤡

Not one of these Twitter bitches would keep from doing the same thing if afforded the opportunity. F’kn hypocrites The Texas GOP should at a minimum censure him, I’ve recently seen republicans censured for less He sure brought a lot of luggage just to drop his daughters off in Cancun Cruz is a creep Texans get what they vote for

Can we get rid of desantis while we are at it Quit blaming Ted Cruz for the failure of green energy sources. Once again, Liberals are trying to distract from the source of the problem. And During a GLOBAL PANDEMIC interpretingall Now let’s hear from the Texas Republican Party I 3 extreme comparisons This doesn't surprise me. Hope he atleast coordinated some form of assistance for his constituents before leaving, smh.

I think, THEY THINK he’s the governor lmao. It’s amazing how y’all just pick and choose who to blame for things! It’s hilarious, no more Trump so let’s find other conservatives. Blame the Gov in FL but blame a Senator in TX.... WhosNext ExcitedToSee CancunCruz LiberalUnity That’s despicable. He was smart for getting out before the storm. If you choose to ride it out and don’t prepare for the worst then that is on you

Just disgusted with Ted Cruz. No humanity values for the American people or the Texas people. I hope the Texas people will dump him like trash. What’s that all about? He went there on Trump’s orders to battle rapists and kidnappers. How is it his fault?! I mean... for someone who was just planning to see his family safely to Mexico and then come back, that’s a pretty full luggage he’s pulling there...

Go Cruz Go How do you spell Selfish rag? Can he call up the national guard? Can he arrest the people responsible? Can he pass a state law to help? No, no and no. This doesn't look near as bad as the head of the teachers union Now would be a food time for SenTedCruz to 'disappear into the night'. Now do Andrew Cuomo.

Why tf do we care? Live ya best life! Ted cares about Ted. Remember guys it only work when you’re a Democrat tedcruz should resign for his support for the Capitol Insurrection, but add this travesty to the list. *and a pandemic VoteHimOut OF COURSE they are because he's a Republican, had it been a Democrat the would just make up some bullshit excuse.

Texas elected Cruz & Abbott.They do not have a great track record for choosing their leaders. Now they are dying b/c as usual GOP are self serving & not serving their constituents. So Senator Cruz covertly leaves Texas for a warm vacation & Gov. Abbott is baselessly blaming Dems. Cruz sucks but why aren’t the Republican Party dealing with this? Why should the Democratic Party be calling on this? 🤔

Mexico said when Texas sends there people they don't send there best they send Ted Cruz. He can do what he wants Yes my family has a big part of Texas owns big land and we will get u out of ur spot cause we don’t want to Meanwhile, the GOP is lining up to fellate him because that's what they do. Cruz SHOULD BE EXPELLED. GET RID OF HIM. That’s just UNACCEPTABLE FOR A SENATOR TO GO ON VACATION IN CANCUN WHILE THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS IS FREEZING AND TEXANS ARE DYING.

He should resign. He was worried about acquitting Trump and his states infrastructure was trash . Ted Cruz won't resign. Congress won't expel him. And Texans will elect him again as long as they can get more guns. Honestly, I don't know anything about Ted Cruz, but let the man LIVE, he is a single person, who really actually cares where he's at? Yall act like he can snap his fingers and bring warmth to Texas

Yes, please resign!! estregeegee It's not only TX, I think the whole Country is as well 😒 jewald25 His lips needed a break from kissing ass at the impeachment trial.. His lips needed a tan😩😩😩 It was in poor taste I get the anger. but removed from office?!? I dont even think Newsome should be removed for his b/s stunt. WTF. well if its the will of the people, then so be it.

You mean Karen asked for him to resign? I call bull$hit. Has there ever been someone who literally been a massive cuck and asshole at the same time like this payaso? BYE!!!!!! Trash Political nit picking dog whistle, most are aware that Ted Cruz is not governor of Texas and can's do swat about the bad weather and conditions that have occurred.

mommamaybemad1 Maybe Mexico could build a wall around Cruz and get Texas to pay for it. Yes keep it up, he needs to resign. He’s terrible. They'll latch onto anything, really. How was this illegal? How did this hurt anyone? How would he change things? If I had money i'd travel to warmer climates during this storm as well.

What a winner! What he’s done shows NO leadership on so many levels. This is just ONE reason he should be expelled! Texas Democratic Party is plain crazy. Can’t Ted Cruz take his family o. Vacation ? Of course they do. NPR, the democratic mouthpiece. Well he did much worse things supporting Trump Jan 6. He should be expelled from the US Senate and arrested for inciting insurgency

Shades of Chris Christie 🙃 Cruz is demonstrating once again the depravity of the R party. Gtfo tedcruz He probably learned from trump, the golfer in chief. Always on the court rain or chine, regardless of the on going crisis.... This is truly awful, people of TX need a Senator during a crisis. If SenTedCruz is just going to up and leave then he is clearly not up to the job. TedCruz TedCruzRESIGN

I have vaccine and travel test questions. Than Pelosi should be removed from office for going to the hair salon during the pandemic lockdown Chillbop Would love to look at his original itinerary. 🤔CruzToCancun Maybe we should impeach the President. He hasn’t spoken a word about Texas. Who knew 'The Wizard of Oz' would predict behavior of current politicians Each REPugnant needs a brain, heart and courage. REPs will NEVER find those traits!!🙄

Can we also demand he shave? LIAR! Factz ! Hey Texas democrat, how about calling for Cuomo to resign for killing the elderly in nursing homes ! ? Hope he at least brought back some Tequila stashed in his diplomatic pouch… This is too much. Do I disagree with Ted Cruz politics? Yes. Do I think the Texas Democratic Party should try and get votes to vote him out in a election? Yes... But what he did wasn’t illegal. Sure it wasn’t smart to leave the state and he should have stayed and tired to help.

tedcruz SenTedCruz +1 on you resigning. Shameless hypocrisy & lies, abandoning your state, and throwing your own family under the bus... can’t go much lower. Resign! Bahaha...I dislike Cruz as much as the next person, but a bunch of entitled Democrats trying to tell him where to go is hilarious. They're so precious.

What a derelict, and what a dereliction of duty The Repulsican Party is loaded with ‘Teds’. Shame and disgrace. May God help you, Texas. 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not play into the hands of your political foes! He didn't resign for instigating and defending an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and the Texas Democratic Party actually thinks he can be shamed into resigning for this? Good luck.

Why are so many Republicans being such douchebags lately?! A few good ones can’t carry the dead weight of the rest if the part. AdamKinzinger 💪🏼 He doesn’t deserve his position. Why was he elected? Not surprised by his behavior, it’s a shame that Texans wouldn’t know better and buy in to his líes LMFAO!!! Ok first get rid every democrat that did the same and worse... At least cruz isn’t breaking his own laws he made.

This is completely unacceptable, Ted Cruz must be removed from office immediately! Yeah tedcruz didn’t give a fuck about inciting an insurrection, I doubt his Mexico holiday while we die of exposure is even going to cross his mind. I’d like to see him meet, say, a random selection of his 2A loving constituents right now though.

Newsom mandated lockdowns ruining lives and flaunted the 'rules for thee, and not for me'. Cruz has daughters that wanted to go to Cancun during a regional power outage and the media is outraged. Who is surprised? What was he thinking? He has zero compassion 👎🏻 He's looking quite orange on that pic. 🤔

Are U.S. Republican Senators still mad Neera Tanden called Ted Cruz a vampire in a tweet two years ago? Oh baby y’all got that Little Mayor who spewed ignorant shit at constituents but this is a big fish this will make him chuckle though. PS these muthafucka like cops are never held accountable 🤷🏽‍♀️ thefacts

🤦‍♀️ In any other job, what he did is called 'job abandonment' and that is ground for TERMINATION Add this to the very long list of things Texas Democrats demand, but Texas Republicans ignore. milanpaurich .tedcruz will NEVER resign. The man is shameless. Using his daughters as his pathetic excuse for ditching Texas as the State battle severe winter weather storm is another example of how today's modern.GOP do give a bloody hell about governing, citizens or rules during Pandemic

He should have stayed home and started a fire for his neighbors instead of going on a 12 hour trip for his daughters. Democrats are nuts, Teddy should remain in office, he really is a funny joke and an embarrassment to his “cause” whatever that is npr.... by your standard you should call for Joe Biden to resign. Busy playing video games while thousands die from Covid. How about some real journalism instead of garbage.

I mean, I think he should too...but there's no such thing as a shameful Republican, and you're fighting a futile battle to try and use shame against them. Dems will take literally any opportunity to call for the resignation of their opponents. This is getting old. How about you remove Nanci pelosi as the house speaker then when she got a haircut, or Gavin newsom when he attended that party

Unforgivable The Democrats calling on anyone to do anything is laughable at this point. They might as well send a strongly worded letter and condemn his actions in the strongest terms. For all the good it does... TX could have Beto but they like ahole Cruz because they’re aholes themselves. Let’s stop being performative. He has no ethics. He’ll never quit. Let’s give more news/airtime to something important.

tedcruz should resign over the Cancun scandal and a great many other things. ResignTedCruz ResignCruz Texas If all those Dems, who jetted off somewhere else whilst locking down, and in some cases destroying the livelihoods of the people they are supposed to govern, can get away with it, then I'm sure he'll be fine

Yeah, he's not going to resign. Too busy cashing those government checks while Americans die. Please swarm him at the airport the moment he steps off the plane when he returns The guy left for Texas before a storm that dropped 4 inches of snow. I would have left too ion want to be in the cold Don’t forget also in the middle of a pandemic.

Please give him a break. What could he have done. He is not the governor and not the mayor. Neither has he powers over the weather. Ted Cruz needs to resign for so many reasons. FeliciaConnects A flight attendant friend can verify that he was on a flight out of the country. What a POS He should just not ever come back 🙏🏻

W⚓️ Cmon guys! His daughter REALLY wanted to go on vacation! resign Lol. Good luck. What the hell!!! Where do they get off saying every GOP member needs to be banned? Is there a law against going to Cancun? What losers I love that even Republicans are seeing Cruz as the 1980s movie villain he is. You would think he would put out a statement ahead of his trip if his excuse is to be believed.

This gives Dickens’ literary classic, “Great Expectations” a whole new meaning. The good people of Texas voted for Ted Cruz. They don't mind if he goes on vacation while they freeze to death. Let him finish out his term. Ok. I can't stand Ted Cruz any more than any normal human being. But what's the point of asking him to resign or to be expelled. That won't happen. Just keep reminding people of his record. Texas is turning blue. Ted Cruz can help that along if you keep at him.

He loves Texas. Only when it’s sunny I’m dying to hear why his excuse is. Will never happen. Remember Mr. Cruz your reason for going was. 'With school cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends,' he said. 'Wanting to be a good dad' Plans change especially in the.middle of a crisis. What are you doing to help the people that voted for you!!

So if he resigns will Abbott appoint someone just as bad? I'm sure Texas has a plethora of RW assholes ready to step in. To be fair, there was also the whole, ‘he tried to help overthrow a democratically elected government’ thing as well. He’s shameless. No one can expect him to do do the decent thing. It’s not happening. tedcruz is in it for himself. This is not a public servant. TedCruzIsATraitor TedCruzFailedTexas 43Traitors

This is all just to point out his hypocrisy. I highly doubt any democrats think this will succeed. If they didn't get him to resign after his participation in the 1.6.21 insurrection, what makes you think he would resign over a little ol' vacation? ResignTedCruz He could not have flown down to drop off kids and return unless he was carrying their luggage.

And be replaced with another Texas Republican? LOL He said, “let them eat cake” He will not go quietly into the night!! Unless it’s Cancun. RefugeeTedCruz All this is due to the EGO and the so called TEXAS FIRST policy propagated by the Republicans in Texas .They refused to join National Power Grid and wanted to go their Own way without proper planning for Winter weather.And of course they don’t give a F**k about Climate change too

Ted should be chopping wood for his Houston baronial fireplace instead of sipping on Tequila’s in Mexico. But perhaps there is an Evangelical conference in Cancun? Texas democrats asking a republican idiot doesnt matter. Republicans need to wake the fuck up and see their elected officials aren't doing shit for them when they struggle

Im sure he'll listen to them. Time well spent. Yea and so should ALL Texans. This is just his latest stunt in a serious of appalling displays of arrogance and callousness. ResignTedCruz We deserve so much better. Republican... Democrat .... Independent... In Texas it doesn’t matter which you are in this case. We were all left in a state of emergency. “Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.” tedcruz chose to go on a tropical vacation. NONE OF US should ever forget this.

Spoiler alert: he won't. Wouldn't want to disappoint his daughter, after all. Image being so spineless and cowardly that TedCruz actually threw her under the bus. TheDemocrats texasdemocrats is there no ethics committee you can bring him up on charges of violating. How about ban him from returning until proper 14 day quarantine is out in place

it's my kids fault! they wanted to go and even if I did think to tell them now isnt a good time, they wouldn't listen! Unless it’s the Republican Party calling for him to resign it means nothing. SoleilSunray It's starting to get real, Rafael. Call me crazy but if they couldn’t get him expelled for helping to insight an insurrection I don’t think they’re going to get it over this.

I’m personally more upset that he helped ferment an armed insurrection of the Capitol and then sent out fundraising emails while it took place. Cancun not surprising, nor are the lies he’s now telling about it to cover up his utter ineptitude. IN A PANDEMIC Let’s not forget that we are still in a pandemic as well!

Simpsons at it again ... Just think, if he had killed thousands of senior citizens in nursing homes the Texas Dem Party would be throwing him parties and nominating him for Emmys. Let them eat cake. Man is pure garbage. Don’t mess with Texas my ass No, no!! Then the governor will appoint Dan Patrick or Ken Paxton to fill the vacancy

on a different feed a texan is asking how they can keep warm during this power outage/storm you can remember and vote him out - he doesn't give two sh!ts about you (texans) Yea he should!!! Shame Ted!!! Yeah that's not going to happen.