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2/17/2021 8:49:00 PM

BREAKING: Conservative broadcaster Rush Limbaugh has died at the age of 70.

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He was a troll and the world is better off. Like. Great. That’s the first time I saw Melania smile RIP RUSH Clean air. Next... He’s one of the most vile persons on earth. Say hi to Lucifer !! SO HAPPY HE GONE GREAT Good riddance. Finally, something I agree with him on! One down, let’s hope it comes in 3’s!! Spreader of lies

LOL Yaaas! Thank you Lucifer, for finally bringing one of your operatives home. Thoughts and......whatever. inskeep Good riddance best news of 2021. 🙏 He'll be forgotten by tomorrow morning. No great news. I won't celebrate his passing but I won't lament it either. I really don’t care! Do you? All I know is the world just got a little nicer to live in.

I am sick of the TV media calling him an icon. He is a predator of emotion of the vulnerable and the hate. Media Observation - 18hrs later, beyond a brief mention on local mews channels, one wouldn't know of the passing. CNN is covering Covid and issues in Texas, MSNBC, President Biden, Covid and Texas, far 24hr Limbaugh. Tells you all one needs to know about sources.

Can someone snatch that medal of freedom from around his neck he never did deserve it It’s spelled “Load Star.” Twitter: a place where people can be petty and disrespectful. Correction: 'Petty Peddler of Venomous Hate' In having his trophy wife pin it on hate mongering, divisive loudmouth Rush Limbaugh, Trump shit on the Presidential Medal of Honor.

👍 I am about as sad as when Adolf Eichmann was hanged. 70 years of wasted resources HAHAHAHA ... this made my day! It's really hard to find Indian food in my area of Hawaii, so I made a scratch chickpea curry tonight for dinner. Even toasted some up some garlic naan. Would love Indian restaurant recommendations in O'ahu 🙏

Finally, some auspicious global news. I'll tell rushie where he can put that thumb for eternity. Byeeee Rush they purveyor of inclusion is anti white. May he be judge the same way he judged others. Zero fks to give A stain of america Finally! Celebrate good times, come on! I’m just happy Rush lived to see a Black woman elected VP.

Obscene racist propagandist expires. GoodRiddance Good. “Conservative Lodestar”... is that another way of describing a homophobic, misogynistic, white supremacist, bigoted creep? Some leave the world a better place because of their contributions to it. Others make it a better world when they leave. He fell into the latter category.

👏👏 Good! Why do people say he was conservative? There is no evidence he had a conservative viewpoint based on his lifestyle. He was a fanatic, an ourright liar and a charlatan. The world is a slightly better place without him. May his soul rot in hell! No tears from me The college dropout with 4 wives who was a racist liar who disparaged disabled people and homosexuals. Nothing much to see here. CrookedGOP RushLimbaughIsDead

Yay Hope he’s in hell 🤷‍♂️ Sorry Satan, a real douche bag coming your way .... 🤔👿 What a miserable way to spend the one life he had to live. He made the world worse but at least he can’t hurt people any longer with what he will do, but instead only with what he did. I won't go low. So no comments He was a piece of filth and it’s a good day on this earth now that he is gone.

My mom always said ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.’ So...[crickets] 💕 Hahahahahaha good riddance! This man was a POS bye bitch! Hell has a special place for u One less racist creep on our planet🌎 “Good fucking riddance to that hateful piece of shit.”- hateful me Good The Earth is healing.

Fck Rush Limbaugh. Good can't say I'm feeling all that sad Good riddance. hmm i think a Chilean Malbec will do nicely What happens to his medal now? Took him long enough Let's hope the Medal of Honor can recover it's Honor for deserving recipients. Good riddance. Yay! Some are gone too soon, others not soon enough. He became rich sowing bigotry and hatred.

Oh. So. He’s getting more HEAT than Texas got today. He was a terrible person, who spread hate and incited violence on a regular basis. Good riddance. “Lodestar”, that’s pretty good...I’m gonna use that I don't wish cancer and death on anybody. But this guy.......sometimes sympathy is hard. WooooooooHoooooooooo

Hahahahahaha Yyyyyyyaaaaaaasssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking good Rush Limbaugh spread hate and vitriol for years. He cheapened the Presidential Medal of Freedom by receiving it. I won't mourn his loss.. One more bites the dust. Rest in terror, Rash Windbag, rest in terror Not shedding a tear. Just sayin.

Conservative? Try hateful bigoted radio whatever who cares? America just beat one case of cancer. You left out vile racist. May he RIP (Roast in Pain!) Good fucking riddance..... A bit of good news this week. Not that I liked him but did you have to use a pic Rush thumbs up and Melania clapping? I feel like this was intentional.

Yes the nation should celebrate this horrid monstrosity is burning in hell Rest In Pieces Rest in P**s! Let there be honesty and truth on the airwaves moving forward stopthelies truthfulcommentary A true patriot. RIP. If he reincarnated chances are he's going to be a minority. and? GoodRiddance Do not celebrate Limbaugh's death, mourn his life.

2021 seems to be shaping up nicely so far. Hitler was a LODESTAR for Nazis. In Black History Month too!! Heck yeah 👋 Finally some good news notsayinganythingnotsayinganythingnotsayinganything brody4761 FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 40 years too late to prevent his spread of toxicity, hate, racism and sexism. Only his friends care about this loss.

Rush Limbaugh raised over $47 Million and raised awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society over the last 26 years. He donated millions of his own money and last year was ranked 4 most generous celebrity giving 4.2 million to charity/foundations. He was a good person. Yawn Some peace and quiet finally.

Thank goodness. His brand of evil needs to go away. Yo, can we get that medal back? Bye. Great news! FUCK YES!!!! Aaaannnddd...the world is somehow a little brighter. That’s a really generous headline 🤔🤭🥳🤩 Meh It’s a great day in America 👍 That was another Trump mistake but their both were evil people ! When will his grave be available to piss on? Asking for evolution...

And right now he’s standing before his maker having to account for his decades of hate & justify it. That medal of freedom won’t help him now. Great...what’s for dinner? You misspelled 'Racist' God bless Rush Can we make this a national holiday? Sorry will not miss Rush Great news! No hard feelings here. Good riddance!

Celebrating this one and I hope he truly suffered until his last gasp. The world is a little bit better now. Still more work to do... I could never be a Democrat just based on the fact that I could never hate or wish people dead as much as they do. It's a disgusting display and yet we see it all too often from them.

I don’t wish death on anyone, but I won’t share a tear. It’s interesting that he died at this time during the downfall of the Republican/seditionist party Hey davidfolkenflik We see your WhiteWashing! Check this out for truth in reporting: So. For anyone sick of NPR's WhiteWashing of RushLimbaugh here is a responsible article:

Good choice of pics Hopefully he's buried with that medal 😂 good. Hopefully I won't ever hear his fucking name again. I hope they at least bury him with his behind sticking up out of the ground so folks have a place to park their bikes. Then he will have been of some use. The world is better without him. He did nothing to unify the people of this country. In fact, he spent a good part of his life spewing hate and ideas which divided us all. May he enjoy eternity in a hell to the end of time.

BrianKarem Rush who? “Conservative broadcaster.” You misspelled hate-spewing blowhard with a history of drug abuse. Really NPR? The only photo you could put up is the travesty of 45 giving him a Medal of Freedom? Screw that, disappointed doesn't begin to cover it. 1 down the world just got a lil bit better

Hell just got another demon. 👏 Two good things today!! Rush burning in hell, and some Tp building demolished. This is what’s called a “fairness bias”. Some stories have 12 sides. Some stories have 1. Journalism is cowardice, almost all of the time. Remember how Trump got it? Yeah, that was because of fucking nonsense like this. Pull your fucking finger out.

Later ASSHOLE !! I am a social conservative, on many issues, but this man's hateful way of treating women lost the Radio Station he was on a customer. I never listened to it again. Hell just got hotter A sad loss! Good riddance ! Piece of shit ! Gee, with tRump now out of office, it is doubtful that Mr. Limbaugh will be lying in state in the capital rotunda. Can we now have the inappropriately awarded Medal of Freedom back?!

I have never killed a man, but I have read obituaries with pleasure. He was a radical right wing pusher. Hope he’s wearing short sleeves due to the heat down there! Good riddance to bad rubbish. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍😬 GoodRidance Good riddance to a horrible POS I am deeply grieved.... that he had the opportunity to influence so many for so long.

Not happy about someone suffering and dying...I pray God will show him Grace... Good for the country One less mouthpiece spreading The Big Lie. Finally some 2021 news that’s not a disaster. He was a lode all right 🙄 'And I'll stand over your grave 'Til I'm sure that you're dead.' - Masters of War by Bob Dylan

inskeep To call Limbaugh a conservative is a misnomer he was an entertainer that played fast and loose with facts. His talent was wasted, his lack of decency overrode his talent. Bummer. If only there was a hell for you to burn in... Hell yeah Huzzah!! So, I hear Limbaugh died. Well, since I can't say anything nice I won't say anything at all.

Woo hoo Loadstar Yay! Rest in piss! Made a career being mean. Good riddance!! Ah, the world gets better everyday. Rush was a fixture at my grandparents house as a child. Even then I knew he was full of shit. I’m glad his brand of instigation and subversion is over. I'm sure he didn't care about all the family members I lost this past year, so I don't care about him whatsoever. My condolences to his family.

Awww, man. Now who will rile up the right over made up stories of villains and evil?! Good riddance to a truly evil man Good Day in the World He should feel right at home in hell. 👍🏼💯🏆👌🏼 May he rest in hell ADIOS MarfaRadio Now that’s some good news! 👍 Whitewashing a white guy who spread hatred of minorities and people of color. So glad I stopped donating to and member stations like KQED, so I know I'm not contributing to bullshit revisionist articles like this.

With respect to the old adage of not speaking ill of the dead, I have this to say about Rush Limbaugh: Good riddence. Finally Oh, he was a load star all right. Good. I fixed your headline BREAKING: Racist broadcaster Rush Limbaugh has died at the age of 70. Good riddance. Yeah I said it. Stand behind it. Okay now do Trump next.

Welcome home Rush. Such glorious news! Such a terrible person. I don’t care. What horrible shit bags on this thread. Shame on you all. I'm not sad. Meh NPR are you owned by Fox News now? I was disgusted to hear your fawning coverage of this death as if this creep hadn’t been on air spreading hate ever damn day! You could’ve mentioned his true legacy of intolerance and anti- diversity but instead you glorified him. Shame on you.

big asshole What's for lunch? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Good Awesome! Publix has avocados 5 for $5 this week. So shameful when he was given a Medal of Honor. An awful man. Mfw pissing on the grave “Conservative” is a misnomer for him. He was never anything but radical. One down and Dan Bongino Alex Jones Ann Coulter All of Fox TX GOP THE GOP Qs PBs OK Idiots No tears will be lost over that blowhard, the world is starting to be a better place

Bye Not losing any sleep, he was a piece of shit. inskeep Well, he won’t need a coat where he is. Couldn't happen to a better man! 😄 Don't normalize his hate and lies by calling him 'conservative.' inskeep thank you satan!! “Conservative Lodestar” You misspelled “Liar.” Don't let the door..... Who? And nothing of value was lost. Good riddance.

This is a delicious pho I had for lunch, highly reccomend! Who cares! He was a racist homophobic a$$hat. The least impressive Presidential Medal of Honor recipient in history. GRHS The world is a poorer place because of him. 2/2 Rush Limbaugh was already heading for self destruction. down and never apologized. Wrath: Dated Daryn Kagan for 2 yrs., now has an endless beef with CNN. Greed: Networth is over $500 mil, yet he has no children to give it to. Lust: Addicted to painkillers, married 4 times

Rest peacefully now, as I will now you’re not here rush. Rush Limbaugh was already heading for self destruction. Sloth: Too lazy to serve in the military, many deferments, couldn’t even finish college. Envy: Every week he talks about Bill Clinton, Hillary stayed, his wife left. Pride: After making fun of Micheal J. Fox, he doubled 1/2

Yeah...all broken up today... BrianKarem Good fucking riddance Calling him a “Conservative broadcaster” is like calling Jeffrey Dahmer a gourmet chef. The fact that he was a heinous bigot for decades might deserve the headline. 👏 Glad his physical life is over. However, his message of hate and bigotry lives on.

Best news, I've seen today. Good riddance! The man was a pig.. I’m sure he is burning 🔥 inskeep Ding dong... Ahhh, good. Good job. Just a poisonous character all-round. Hell welcomes Rush I think you mean “Conservative Hate Monger” — words have meaning. Don’t give that disgraceful human any shred of respect. He had none for most of us.

Ding ding the dick is dead and nothing of value was lost See you in hell Rush...keep a spot warm for me! Boo hoo. Can we get back that “medal of freedom” so it can go to someone who actually deserves it? inskeep Sing it high. Sing it low. Good riddance Unfortunately has been sitting outside the gates of hell since death after Luciferian attorneys filed a motion to have his soul reassigned to the Billy Graham Wing of Heaven for Insincere Christians

Cigars cause Cancer?!? Who knew... “How many of you guys in your own experience with women have learned that ‘no’ means ‘yes,’ if you know how to spot it?” Rush Limbaugh, 2014 Wow. I don’t care, do you? It's a start. BrianKarem Wow that was quick. Wish I could be at the 'Pearly Gates'* when he shows up (* I really don't believe in that, but if I did, I really don't believe he'd be going to heaven)

I really don’t care! He was human garbage and karma kept track! Good riddance! The tolerable left at its finest in comments. This man celebrated people who died of AIDS. Lol And? The world is less hateful now. RIP. Legend. Darn The hatred he sowed is now being carried on by another. Ahem..fascist broadcaster.

BrianKarem I’m not crying What a tragic loss.......for the Afterlife! 😂 And there was much rejoice to be had. Good. *Body of College Dropout & Famed Inflictor of Harm Finally Joins the State Enjoyed by His Soul for the Past Five Decades Fixed it for ya. what a beautiful day here in South West Florida BrianKarem Bye conspiracy theorist.

Wont miss him one little bit. He’s done more harm for this country then good One more spot in Hell has been taken. I refuse to comment. Even though there's a lot I wanna say. Man this Mexican food is slapping👋 “Just another dead doper, and a dirt bag” He won't be missed Good riddance to bad rubbish. If you're a smoker, today is a good day to quit.

Won't be missed Update on Rush - he's fitting in well at his new permanent home. 2021 is looking up👍🏼👍🏼✊🏼✊🏼 Thank goodness he will not speak anymore hate, lies and fear. RIP Rush. Nobody cares. Move on. rest in piss Yay! The daisies in the dell will give out a different smell because poor Rush is underneath the ground

Who remembers Rush Limbaugh on No Jumper? Lol... RIPMF rest in hell Death is always very sad and tragic but can’t say that for this one The American airwaves are better for this loss. May God have mercy on him, because history won’t. One down 😀 Lintball what’s the exception to the rule that nobody is all bad.

inskeep One down, several thousand to go! Let's get going! 2021 just keeps getting better and better. Good Smash that like button if Trump and McConnell and Ryan were still in charge ..... he would lie in state in the Rotunda ..... the same space his followers took by force a month ago while attempting to stop Congress from certifying an election ....

He going to meet his maker, The Devil Ding dong... Release the a$$holes and their commentary... Well anyway, in other news.... Rest in piss rip bozo remember, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. 'I have nothing to say' Lol Fulfilled his wish of making the world a worse place before he left

The hatred I am seeing here is heartbreaking and hypocritical, “Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” - Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. w BREAKING: Horrible human being has died. He had a talent for connecting with and inspiring other horrible human beings. See also: racist, misogynist, white supremacist, all-around bigot.

Anyone else feel like meeting at IHOP for the Red, White & Blueberry special? How long will it take for his death to be blamed on the radical left, Muslims, immigrants, LGBTQ folks, socialism, Antifa, Obamacare, white supremacy? Oh wait, not the last one! 🎶 Celebration time come on 🎶 🥳🥳🥳 Awesome! Ahhh, no more loud spewing rants of hatred, racism and lies...whew

BrianKarem Bye ✋ BrianKarem Conservative ... ahhh .. are dog whistles 'conservative'? Rest in be best. Good on ya, Rush! 👍👏 Omg I just remembered there’s a sale at Walmart Rush Limbaugh.... The guy who made Presidential Medals of Freedom worthless! One less liar. Ok.. Click on this. 👍🏻 Anyway, today is a good day to make stroganoff for dinner. We already baked banana bread this morning.

From AP: 'When actor Michael J. Fox...appeared in a Democratic campaign commercial, Limbaugh mocked his tremors. When a...advocate for the homeless killed himself, he cracked jokes. As the AIDS epidemic raged...he made dying a punchline. He called 12yr old Chelsea Clinton a dog.' 👏👏👏 He was a hateful individual

Hell gained another demon today 🙏 He's dancing in the Flames of Hell. BrianKarem The plague is slowly being removed from society BrianKarem “I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.” Mark Twain In lieu of flowers, why not make a donation to your local public radio station?

Good work TheTweetOfGod , Now do Hannity and Fucker Carlson. BrianKarem Hoping he will not lie in state at the Capitol that he missed on January 6. BrianKarem The most hateful public liar of my lifetime. I hope he enjoys his front row seat in hell. 🔥🔥 inutfast now you can love these sisters in peace!