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1/27/2021 9:19:00 PM

President Biden picked an unusual financial watchdog to run the Securities and Exchange Commission. Gary Gensler made a fortune at Goldman Sachs — then pushed through aggressive market reforms.

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Wtf PressSec Explain this Wallstreet TYRANT nomination of Bidens Wtf... the country is falling apart and the ONLY THING OLDMAN BIDEN TALKS ABOUT IS SOMETHING HE CAN DO VERY LITTLE ABOUT Joe Kennedy, the 'old man' was chosen to revamp the Stock exchange due to his ability to legally dodge its legislative rules and make millions.

Environmental Emily was awful this morning. Please have a counter. Market mechanisms cannot allocate anything important, our pandemic proves it. The Florida Bar Association is the biggest criminal organization in this country and its run by Republican COMMUNIST that refuse to uphold the Constitution Thanks Gov. DESALTS, RICK SCOTT, ASHLEY MOODY

So he is a 'I got mine, now screw you' type? Joe Kennedy did the same when he ran the SEC. He regulated the stock market by outlawing the very practices he used to make him rich. I hope GaryGenslerSEC does as well. Absolutely expected: Biden brings another walk street insider to run stock police. What can go wrong with that?